SG Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: The drunk Shen Shaoqian

After the goodbye at the tombstone, I never saw Xu Weishan nor Hong Xiaobei’s ghosts and Kevin ever again. The three of them were like a meteor that passed by through my life; *whoosh* and it was as if they had never came.

Suyang resigned from his professor position. He stated that he thoroughly gave up on this creation. Then, he gave me a dirty look like a disfavoured concubine.

Was he blaming me?

Calmness returned back to our lives. It was comparable to water in a cup. There wasn’t the slightest ripple. Currently, Suyang could be classified as being in the lack of inspiration phase. Each day, he would idle at home doing nothing. As for me, I was fine as long as he paid my salary.

*bang bang bang!*

After a week of living like this, on one random night, there were urgent knocks at our door that shattered our peaceful atmosphere.

It was in the middle of the night, and I was in a deep slumber.

To be specific, “knocking” wasn’t the correct term. “Smashing” was more like it.

“Who is it…!” I irritably yelled. I staggered out of the bedroom and nearly stepped on Tom -who was resting by the door.

As I approached the door, the knocking suddenly came to an end. Then, I heard someone pressing the password by the door. The person attempted three or four times, but still failed.

Could it be that my unlucky body type was attracting something bad again?

My thoughts were scrambling through my brain. Were there any recent desperate criminals on the run?   

I held onto the wall as I carefully tiptoed closer towards the door.

From the peek hole, I could see a flushed Shen Shaoqian. He seemed to be foolishly enjoying himself as he continued to attempt different type of combinations.

I know he knows the password to the door…

How much did he drink?!

“Who is it?” Suyang also woke up from the noise. His annoyance index was clearly much higher than mines. His hands were gripping on his messy hair as he narrowed his eyes and stormed out of his room. There was a dark aura oozing from behind him.

I sighed, “It’s Shen Shaoqian! He’s drunk.”

After opening the door, the smell of alcohol confirmed my thoughts.

I waved my arm and tried to disperse the awful smell of liquor.

“Suyang yangggggg! You finally opened the door…..” Shen Shaoqian slurred as he pointed at the icy faced Suyang who was behind me. He displayed another foolish smile and widen his arms towards his direction. But when he wobbled by me, he suddenly tripped over the slippers and fell over head first.

It was quite comical. Except, he fell on top of me.

The scary thing was, Shen Shaoqian’s forehead forcefully smashed against mines. There was a loud bang when we collided. It was awfully embarrassing since this occurred right in front of Suyang.

“Women are all liars….” Shen Shaoqian mumbled. He seemed to treat me as a mattress. There was no indication that he planned to get up.

“Are you going to continue letting him lay on you?” Suyang crossed his arms and asked solemnly.

I crumpled my face and appeared hopeless. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to get up, “Shen Shaoqian is too heavy. Please get him off me. I cannot get up.”

Suyang shook his head and sighed very loudly as he walked over. Originally, I thought he was going to lift Shen Shaoqian up. Instead, he reached his hands towards me and warned, “This might hurt a little. Tolerate the pain….”

Before I could process the meaning of his words, Suyang had his two hands over my neck. Then, he pulled me as if I was a radish.

“Aaaaaaiiii! Painful!!!!!” I loudly screamed as I struggled, “Ah! Murder! Someone is going to die! I cannot breathe….”

“Lower your voice. I told you to tolerate it.” Suyang stated righteously.

“Why can’t you directly lift Shen Shaoqian off me? Why must you pull me instead?” I held onto Suyang’s arm; no longer allowing him to move. His actions truly boggled my mind. I was beginning to suspect that he wanted to get revenge on me.

He probably wanted to get revenge for what happened during dinner. We fought over the last piece of chicken wing and I won.

“He reeks of alcohol, I don’t want to touch him.” Then, Suyang was about to make his move again.

Wow, he even looks down on his friends! Humph!

“Don’t don’t don’t!!!” While my head was still intact, I must stop Suyang and teach him an easier method. “Go next to Shen Shaoqian and lightly kick and lift up a little with your foot. Remember, be light…..light….because it might hurt me accidentally.”

After listening to my suggestion, Suyang went over to Shen Shaoqian and placed his leg near his body. Then, he kicked him around his rib cage, and Sheo Shaoqian flipped over and left my body.

I should’ve known that Suyang wasn’t going to be obedient. His kick was not light. While Shen Shaoqian was turning, he hit against the cabinet nearby.

At least, I was finally free.

“Are you ok?” Suyang was only pretending to care. It was what he was good at. In reality, he doesn’t really care what happens to me.

But I still had to say, “You try getting squished by a 180 cm, 65 kg man and you tell me! Aiya…my waist….!”

I grumbled and held onto my forehead. Then, I went to the freezer to take out an ice bag to apply on my head.

With a face filled with concern, I went over to Shen Shaoqian’s side and lightly smacked his face, “Is he asleep? I heard him say something about women are all liars. Was he dumped?”

“How would I know?” Suyang replied.

“Aren’t you his closest friend? Despite being so drunk, he still came to you. That is ample proof that you’re …”

“Who knows? But it’s common if he gets dumped by women. Don’t worry too much about it. Go back to bed and let him lay here for the night. He will leave on his own when he wakes up tomorrow morning.”

“Here?” I pointed at the entrance of the door, “You’re saying to leave him here?”

“Yeah? Is there something wrong with that?”

“No..but isn’t the ground too cool?”

“Then you carry him? In any case, I’m not going to move him. The stench of an alcoholic… “ Suyang held onto his nose and revealed a look of disgust.

At this moment, I wondered if Shen Shaoqian and Suyang were really friends. Could their relationship be only one-sided?

“No! Actually, I agree with your suggestion. We’ll let him sleep here. Since it’s July, it should be rather comfortable sleeping on the ground!” I gave Suyang a thumbs up and faintly smiled at him. Since Shen Shaoqian created a scene and woke me up in the middle of the night, his punishment was to sleep on the floor!

After coming to a common understanding, Suyang and I went back to bed.

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