SG Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: What happened?

“Get closer!” Suyang commanded. I had to practically twist my entire body to face him. I gave Suyang a dirty look.

He seized my wrist and intertwined his right hand with my left. Then, he pulled me towards him as he placed his left hand gently on my back. My knees were crushing down on his legs, and my whole body leaned forward without my control.

It was such a close call! If I hadn’t managed to stop in time, I would have kissed him.

“Mm?” Suyang crooked his head at me. There was silence.

“W-what’s wrong?” Suyang was staring attentively at my face. I was a bit afraid. Were there something on my face? My hair was a mess? Did I have gum in my eye? Or snot coming out of my nose? Hmm maybe I should…

While I was guessing restlessly, Suyang calmly uttered a line, “It failed….aiya, so painful!” Then, he released my hand and pushed me off him as he held onto his legs and rolled around on the blanket grimacing in pain.

“You ok?”

While he was rolling around, Suyang shot me a tearful glance as he threw his cell phone at me, “Take a look!”

It was a clip of a drama doing what Suyang had attempted. The male MC and the female MC had their fingers intertwined. Then, the male MC pulled and the female MC spun in his arms and sat on his lap. It was as if they were dancing!

“Pssssh!! What are you watching online? Dramas are fake! You can’t tell at your age?”

After his failed act, I gave Suyang a dry response each time he opened his mouth.

“Are you cold? If so, we could….”

“I’m not cold. Let’s wait for the sunset.”

“Are you hungry? If so, we could….”

“I’m not hungry. Let’s wait for the sunset.”

“Are you tired? If you are still sleepy….”

“I’m not tired. Let’s wait for the sunset.”


Finally, at approximately around 5am, a glimpse of the Sun appeared at the ends of the ocean. The entire sky was gradually turning red.

The sudden redness gave the bitter cold surface a trace of warmth. It cut through the gloomy darkness that the sky and water both possessed.

This was the first time I had ever seen a sunrise. I was so astonished that I couldn’t say a word. All I did was continuously shook Suyang by the arm.

From his flabbergasted expression, it was most likely his first time watching a sunrise as well.

I adamantly stood up and rushed towards the tide. Then, on the beach, I screamed at the top of my lungs using my sharp, bright voice, “Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!”

First experiences were always the most fascinating. I no longer cared if I would get hurt or not as I took off my shoes to experience the ice-cold ocean water with my barefeet.

“So cold!” The moment I came in contact with the water, I was welcomed by the piercing chilliness.

I decided to persist, and slowly, I began to get used to the frigidness.

“Suyang, what are you doing?! Why aren’t you coming? The ocean water feels so relaxing!” I turned around as I shouted at him.

The moment I turned around, there was a flashing light.

Out of nowhere, Suyang pulled out a camera, and pressed on it a few times.

“Why are you taking pictures?! Beautiful moments need to be experienced with the eyes, not photos!” I ran towards him and made him put the camera away. Then, I dragged and forced him to take off his shoes as I shoved him into the ocean.

“So cold! So cold!” The chilliness of the ocean water caused Suyang to jump up and down as he swiftly ran back to shore.

“Hahaha! Look how terrified you are!” I giggled as I held onto my stomach on shore. Just as he said, today, he wasn’t my boss. Rather….for the time being, he was my man.

Suyang smiled and ran towards me. He looked like a MC from a manga; even the Sun was no comparison to the warmth he could bring me. I failed to live up to my expectations because I was unable to control my attraction towards him. It wasn’t until now that I realized I was such an irrational woman. The closer he came towards me, the more I felt like I was under a curse. I was unable to restrain my emotions as I placed my hand by my mouth.

“If only time can pause at this moment, how great would it be. Just us two….” I yelled.


I had a dream. It was a salty and lemony dream. In my dream, Suyang and I experienced the most romantic moment of our lives.

His every sentence, every movement continued to circulate around my head countless of times. In addition, I kept reflecting and pondering on those touching moments.

The starry sky, the embrace, the sunrise, the water….all those beautiful memories affected my normal ability to think. Based on my intuition, I said words that shouldn’t have been spoken…

“If only time can pause at this moment, how great would it be. Just us two….”

The tone was filled with hope and regret.

I do not remember what happened afterwards. As expected, it was a dream. That was why I only recalled the best parts.

I opened my eyes as I groggily stared at the shining white ceiling above me. My head was spinning and I noticed I was surrounded by a bunch of ghosts. They were watching me like I had created a scene. I slowly blinked. What the heck happened?

I disregarded the ghosts. The ghost nearest to me was standing by Suyang.

“You’re awake?” Suyang was by my side. His voice was filled with concern, “Do you feel better now?”

This wasn’t home. Suyang was wearing the same clothes he had worn in my dreams. So, what happened was real?!?

Did I get drunk from the ocean breeze?

“This is the hospital? Why am I here?”

“How do I know? You were fine. But then you suddenly fainted. The doctor says you might be anemic plus overly exhausted due to the lack of sleep. Now that you’re awake, I feel much more relieved. I’m glad you’re okay. If you died, it would have been my fault….” Suyang gave me an awkward smile, “I guess, women do need their beauty sleep to function.”

I shook my head as I pushed myself up, “It has nothing to do with you. I’m fine now.”

I’ve been alive for 25 years. I was never anemic! Why would I turn anemic all of a sudden? And it purposely happened on our date…..what a let down!

“What time is it now?” I looked out the window. The Sun was red. It was quite similar to what I saw earlier. I probably took a short nap.

“It’s already 4:30pm.”

“What?!” I couldn’t hide my disappointment as I sadly wailed. I was actually unconscious from sunrise to sunset? What a waste of our date. My heart was aching.

I sadly gazed at Suyang. He had a kind expression on his face. “Boss, don’t look at me like that! …..I was wrong!”

Suyang was still smiling. I didn’t understand why he was so happy until he opened his mouth, “What did you do wrong? Plus, I already got what I wanted.”

“What do you mean?”

“When we were at the beach, I obtained inspiration. Also, watching the sunrise with you gave me a lot of happiness.” Suyang gently patted my head, “So, starting from next week, you can quit school.”

“Really?!” My eyes lit up. I excitedly grabbed onto Suyang’s hand to confirm, “Really?! I can really quit school?! I don’t have to pretend to be Bai Silu anymore?!”

Suyang nodded.

While I was happily celebrating on the inside, Suyang saw through my lazy thoughts. He calmly stated, “Don’t assume you can slack off. You’re still responsible for three meals a day. In addition, you have to tidy the house at designated times. Also, you must have chocolates prepared in the fridge at all times. These are your duties as my assistant. So don’t worry, you won’t have time to do nothing.”

As Suyang was speaking, a fat female ghost wearing a hospital gown who was double the size of me secretly placed her hands on his shoulders as she pouted her lips. She was about to kiss Suyang’s face from the side.

“Shoot!” I smacked the hospital bed as I warned her with my voice. I angrily glared at the female ghost. How dare you make such an impudent move on my boss? Watch me get a Taoist priest to extinguish you!

The female ghost looked at me, then back at Suyang. Her line of vision never left him. She looked like she was reluctant to part.

“How dare you say ‘shoot’ to me?” Suyang jokingly knocked me on the head as he smiled, “I’m just telling you to do your job and you’re mad?”

“No. Uh…” Suyang misunderstood and thought I meant it towards him. How should I explain? I began to sweat, “Boss, I don’t think you’re looking for an assistant. I think you’re looking for a nanny.”

“Up to you. You can call yourself whatever you want.” Suyang took a peek at the window and stared the sky above. It looked like he was calculating something, “It’s getting late. Can you walk?”

“Where are we going?”

“Home, obviously! We’re in a city that is two hours away from home, Goldfish!”

Damn it. I gave Suyang another opportunity to insult me. I bit my lips as I squeezed out the words through the crack of my teeth, “I. can. walk.”

Suyang went to handle the hospital discharging procedures and I went back to the car before him.


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