The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Take responsibility for one’s action

Liu Qingmei simply could not believe her eyes. Her voluptuous body was being tightly hugged just like that, and in Tang Zheng’s embrace to boot!

But Tang Zheng was not satisfied with just this level of skinship. He let out a satisfied moan as both his hands fondled her body.


Liu Qingmei let out a sharp squeal and used all of her strength to try and break free from his hold, only to discover that his two hands were like pincers, rendering her incapable of escape.

“Tang Zheng, I will kill you!”

She suddenly realized that she had been once again deceived by Tang Zheng. This was all a long premeditated plan to take advantage of her.

She angrily waved her fist and beat at Tang Zheng’s body, but sadly her attacks didn’t even tickle him! Moreover, the more she struggled, the more vigorous Tang Zheng moved. Both of his hands started moving towards her head as he actually kissed down on her lips!

Oh lord. He actually kissed Liu Qingmei’s gentle lips as if he were a thirsty man who found water, wantonly kissing on!

This lasted for a few seconds. Liu Qingmei felt as if she were in a dream. This can’t be for real! She was actually being forcibly kissed by her student, and this was her first kiss too!

After all these years, there were many young men who wanted to get intimate with her, but they were all rejected. As of today, she was actually being taken advantage of by a student. Moreover, it was by her own student!

She started to feel regret. How could she be so stupid as to give him supplementary lessons. Did her brain turn into tofu?

She had no means to escape Tang Zheng’s evil clutches nor did she have any method to escape, so she could only continue on like this. She did not know that, at this moment, Tang Zheng was not awake and was acting purely on instinct.

He only wanted to seek the method to gain more yin energy, and that would naturally include more intimacy. As a result, a more concentrated and dense stream of yin energy poured into his body, stabilizing and slowly balancing out his frenzied yang energy. This resulted in his temperature slowly returning back to normal.

At the same time, Liu Qingmei’s body temperature was also dropping, but it was because of her dread. Could it be that, today, she was destined to fall to Tang Zheng’s evil grasp? Even so, she was not someone who would just accept her fate. She immediately blew up like a volcano.

A palm fiercely slapped against Tang Zheng’s cheeks, leaving her palm prints on his face. But Tang Zheng acted as if he did not feel it, and his tongue pried open her lips, snaking into her mouth.

Liu Qingmei suddenly felt a wave of dizziness as a strong wave of male scent crashed into her, causing her heart to pound crazily. In the depths of her heart, there was a hint of a weird emotion that bubbled up unbidden.

The emotion she felt was very weird, immediately causing a reaction within her body. In that moment, she actually enjoyed this feeling and thought that this didn’t feel so bad.

Even though Liu Qingmei was older than Tang Zheng in this area, she was not more familiar than Tang Zheng, who has experience kissing with Fang Shishi.

So, Tang Zheng was like a fish returning back to the sea as he continued seeking more of her nonstop. Without knowing when, a hand was grabbing at her upper body.

At this, Liu Qingmei felt her heartstrings tremble with the desire to leave again, but to no avail. Moreover, after a long period of intense kissing, her breathing was ragged, her eyes were blurry, and her cheeks were red.

Gradually, she lost all sense of self and fainted.

As the sky let out the first light of dawn, a ray of light penetrated the window and shone on the spacious bed. Tang Zheng opened his eye in a daze and discovered that his whole body felt comfortable.

“Ai, wasn’t I at Teacher Liu’s house last night when the yang energy exploded? What happened after that?”

He still hadn’t come around when his hand suddenly touched upon delicate skin, causing him to feel shocked. This wasn’t a male’s skin, as that should have been coarse… this is definitely a woman!

Still in shock, with his eyes wide open, he finally got a clear look. A beautiful long figure entered his vision, attracting all of his attention.

His heart started beating like crazy as if it wanted to leap out of his throat. His throat became parched as he found it extremely difficult to even swallow water.

This figure was simply too stunning! One of his hands were still on her body, feeling incomparably wonderful, but the key point was… this body belonged to Liu Qingmei!

He felt as if an explosion went off in his brain as his mind went empty. He sat there for a good period of time. Just what happened yesterday and why would I do something like this to her?

What do I do now?

How will she look at me?


Suddenly, a coquettish sound rang out and Liu Qingmei opened her eyes, scanning her surroundings when she saw Tang Zheng’s hand on her beautiful white skin. In that moment, her eyes stared blankly and stupidly.

But in the next moment, she let out a loud scream and a leg was sent flying, straight out kicking Tang Zheng off the bed. Her face immediately turned beet red and a boundless killing intent began to fill her gaze.

“Tang Zheng, you big pervert! I will kill you!” She bit her teeth and frantically grabbed at her blanket to cover her charming and enchanting body.

Afterwards, she hid in the blanket while staring at her own body. Her clothes were not completely removed, but the button on her shirt was completely unbuttoned and everything that should not have been revealed was revealed.

She then hurriedly checked her lower half. Her pants were still there albeit a bit messy. It was only then that she realized that there was nothing abnormal about her body, allowing her to let out a breath of relief. She inwardly rejoiced at wearing pants and not a dress, otherwise the result may have been something that she could not bear.

Even so, this result was not something she could just accept as her body had been violated, and that was unforgivable.

She sneakily revealed half of her face as she stared at Tang Zheng sitting on the floorboard in a daze.

Tang Zheng was indeed lost in a daze as, even if he had the ability, this was the first time he found himself in this situation. Moreover, he did not know what happened last night.

“Tian Chanzi, come out. What exactly happened?” Tang Zheng roared with a bad feeling in his gut.

Tian Chanzi gave a weird laugh, heihei, and said, “Little brat, you finally thought of me. You took advantage of someone else, yet you are not satisfied and are even angry?”

“How can I not be angry? Just what happened last night?”

“Your yang energy exploded and your true qi was boiling, causing you to enter a half-dazed state. Are you saying you don’t even know what you did?” Tian Chanzi teasingly said.

“If you know the answer, then why are you asking me?’

“In reality, I too am also not clear on it. I only know that you were tightly embracing that teacher of yours and kissing her nonstop. In the end, you brought her to the bed, and then what happened afterwards I do not know. The reason is that if I do not know what happened, then I can not be considered a culprit, hence why I hid myself. So, you tell me. How I would know what happened?” Tian Chanzi had a hint of enjoying the plight of another’s demise on his face.

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or to laugh. He knew that there were many people who desired Liu Qingmei, and Tian Chanzi himself had urged him many times to take her down, but he never did. Never would he have imagined that something would happen between them by accident.

He hurriedly checked his own body. Good, his clothes were still on, so this shows they did not take the last step. Even so, the situation just now escalated everything, so how should he proceed to clean up the situation. More importantly, what did Liu Qingmei have in mind?

Will she accuse him of failed rape?

After all, it could be said to have been just that, but he really did not have the intention. In reality, he gradually came to understand that yesterday’s event was the accumulation of many accidents. The main cause being the need to absorb yin energy.

He was feeling a bit vexed, because even though a pure Yang body constitution could allow him to achieve twice the results with half the work, the key fact was that its side effects were simply too great.

Liu Qingmei looked at him not saying a single word, as if the one who had suffered a great injustice was him and not her. This caused her anger to soar to great heights as she loudly roared, “Tang Zheng, scram out for me!”

Tang Zheng, still in a daze, stood up and looked towards the raging Liu Qingmei and said: “Teacher Liu, I…”

“Shut up!” Liu Qingmei roared, “Scram out for me!”

“Then I will be in the living room. If there is anything you need, please call me.” Tang Zheng did not have any desire to run away. Moreover, when it came to matters like these, he may be able to hide once but would soon after be caught. As a man, he must take responsibility for his actions!

He threw caution to the wind, and no matter how Liu Qingmei wanted to deal with him, he would accept. He drooped his head, walked out, and lightly closed the door.

It was after Tang Zheng left that Liu Qingmei climbed out of bed, her body trembling, as she lowered her head to look at her body. She tried to recall the events of last night and only remembered how Tang Zheng tightly embraced her and fiercely kissed her. After that, she fainted and her memory drew a blank.

“This animal with a human’s face and a beast’s heart.” Liu Qingmei spoke through gnashed teeth, squeezing each word out. She took off her clothes, wanting to go shower in order to wash the traces of Tang Zheng from her body.

But the shower room was outside her room, so she hurriedly put back on her clothes and brought along a new set of clothes as she entered the living room. Seeing Tang Zheng standing there, she angrily roared without looking, “Scram out of my house.”

“Teacher Liu, I… I’m sorry.” Tang Zheng pitifully said.

“A single apology and everything is fine? What you did you know best. Don’t think that just saying you’re sorry will cut it. You just wait for me.”

“Teacher Liu, no matter what punishment you have for me, I will not complain.” Tang Zheng said.

“You still dare complain?”

“I do not dare!”

“Get out, get out. I feel annoyed just looking at you.” Tang Zheng was driven out and Liu Qingmei charged straight towards the shower room. She allowed the warm water to fall over her head and flow over her entire body while scrubbing nonstop as if to remove all traces of Tang Zheng.

At the same time, her mind gradually calmed down. In this kind of situation, it would not solve anything even if she were to go ballistic,, so what should she do?

Call the police?

She immediately abandoned this notion as she did not wish for a third person to know about such an embarrassing situation. Even so, she could not just let him off. He must be punished!

After she finished her shower, she wrapped herself in her towel and looked into the mirror at her beautiful mature figure with elegant curves. This was an incomparably wonderful sight!

She never thought that there would be any man who would enjoy this beauty, but yesterday night, she fell into the evil grasps of Tang Zheng. This thought caused her anger to once again bubble forth, and only after a few deep breathes did she manage to suppress her rage.

She hurriedly dressed up and walked up to the door, opening it….

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