The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Explosion

Song Donghua looked as if someone was choking his throat as he immediately lost all ability to talk. His previously calm and aloof expression revealed a hint of awkwardness.

The waitress looked at Liu Qingmei as if they saw an alien as how could there be someone on this earth who doesn’t like government officials? She wanted nothing more than to marry one such character but she just didn’t have that kind of life.

Tang Zheng gave Liu Qingmei a profound look, unable to cover up the praise in his eyes, as she actually had such character which was rare.

He then turned to look at Song Donghua, who has yet to give his reply, only to see his expression undergo a few changes before he recovered his calm and said: “This matter can still be discussed.”

“Tang Zheng, let’s go.” Liu Qingmei did not even give Song Donghua a chance to explain himself but she was not a three year old child so how could she be tricked by his stalling tactics. Moreover, she grabbed hold of his weakness to know that everything he did was futile and so that he would give up once and for all.

Tang Zheng gave Song Donghua a deep look and hurriedly followed, leaving Song Donghua to send them out with his eyes. Song Donghua’s expression gradually became gloomy.

This is the first time he was so completely rejected by a women in his entire life and it was also the most awkward. So, this memory will forever be unforgettable to him.

But thinking once again about Liu Qingmei’s background he felt great unwilling so how could he possibly give and let this shortcut escape? Wouldn’t that simply be a great pity?

His gaze fell on the distant Tang Zheng’s back and he felt his heart move and he inwardly thought: “Since he treats this student with such importance then maybe I will be able to use his as a starter between the two of us?”

But he thought about Tang Zheng perfunctory attitude and once again hesitated. Even so it was not in his personality to be indecisive for long so he decided to do it as Tang Zheng was simply a destitute student. So, thinking about the benefits he may just be able to use Tang Zheng as a chess piece.

Tang Zheng sat in front of Liu Qingmei and listened to her teach, her tone was as if nothing happened within the Western restaurant.

Until break time, he finally could not resist his curiosity and asked: Teacher Liu, why do you hate government officials?”

Liu Qingmei coldly looked at him and said: “Politics is to complicated. I do not like it. In the future you should not enter the field either.”

Tang Zheng smiled and said: “To be a government official one must have connections and background whereas I have neither so why would I consider it?”

Moreover, he is a person who likes his freedom so being a government official does not suit his personality.

Liu Qingmei also seemed to realize that she had groundless fears and said: “Song Donghua is a very hateful person. Just like a housefly that pester ones to no ends.”

Liu Qingmei did not think that her desire to save Tang Zheng brought about such trouble. She looked intensely at Tang Zheng and said: “If it wasn’t because of you I would not have provoked him.”

Tang Zheng knew what she was referring to and gave an apologetic smile. Then said: “In reality I am partly responsible but the main culprit is teacher, you, has to much charm.”

Liu Qingmei knitted her eyebrow and said: “You dare laugh at me?”

“Dare laugh at you? Why would you say this? I am speaking from the bottom of my heart. Could it be that teacher, you, do not think you have charm? See everyone who takes your attention always pays great attention!” Tang Zheng was indeed speaking the truth. But within his words was a playful jab at her causing Liu Qingmei to not know how to feel.

“You sure are glib tongued. No wonder Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi would fall for you.” Liu Qingmei mocked.

Tang Zheng felt great embarrassment as how did the topic become this. Moreover where was he glib tongued? He was just about to change the topic when suddenly the true qi within his body started to stir restlessly.

He was extremely shocked. What is happening? He did not have any time to ponder when Tian Chanzi suddenly clamored: “Oh sh*t! I long since warned you little brat that you should have taken care of one of those girls and you just wouldn’t listen. Now today, you will suffer.”

“Stop trying to be suspenseful! Just what is happening to me?” Tang Zheng said without any good attitude.

“You, little brat, has been cultivating diligently and have likewise made good progress. Now your true qi is three inches and four parts but you have not been absorbing much Yin energy. So now you are having a backlash caused by excessive Yang energy.”


“Right, take a look into your meridians. Doesn’t it look like your true qi is boiling? Well, that is the first sign of bodily explosion.”

“Then what the hell do I do now?” Tang Zheng did not think that things would happen so quickly. He only felt that his body was becoming hotter and hotter, causing his cheeks to turn bright red.

Tian Chanzi did not have a chance to reply when Liu Qingmei discovered the oddity and said: “Tang Zheng, what is happening to you? Why is your face so red?” She thought that he was shy but he did not seem like a bashful person.

“Teacher Liu, I am feeling a bit uncomfortable. I will go home first.” Tang Zheng stood up and suddenly felt a dizzy spell. His legs gave way and he suddenly fell towards Liu Qingmei.

“Tang Zheng, what are you doing?” Liu Qingmei stared with wide eyes. She loudly berated as she thought he was trying to take advantage of her.

“Teacher Liu, I…” He hadn’t finished his sentence when he suddenly fiercely fell towards Liu Qingmei.

Liu Qingmei really wanted to avoid but did not have enough time. Tang Zheng’s more than hundred jin body weight landed heavily atop her.


The two fell onto the sofa with Liu Qingmei on the bottom and Tang Zheng on the top.

“Tang Zheng hurry up and get up. Otherwise I really will get mad.” Liu Qingmei’s icy cold voice rang out with a bit of killing intent.

But Tang Zheng acted as if he did not hear. His eyes were closed as he laid on her body. Their two bodies were pushed tightly against one another with the key point being that Tang Zheng’s face was burried in her chest.

Liu Qingmei’s breasts were very magnificient as they were undulating like two mountains completely and tightly wrapping around Tang Zheng’s face.

Oh lord. Liu Qingmei has lived for twenty years but never had a male been in such intimate contact with her. Moreover, with this kind of position it was simply to ambiguous.

Liu Qingmei was really angry now as this emotion burst forth. She wanted nothing more than to skin Tang Zheng alive.

So he has always been acting waiting for a chance to explode into action. To action dare scheme against her. Did he think that she was only a teenager in her teens? That she would be frightened by such tactics?

Seeing Tang Zheng not move, Liu Qingmei finally exploded as she pushed against his two shoulders and angrily roared: “Scram!”

She exerted all her force to push Tang Zheng away and with a ‘peng’ he landed heavily on the ground.

Liu Qingmei panted loudly as she was not the least bit modest. She only felt boundless fury and immense regret. Why did she have to be cheated by this thing with a human face but a beasts heart? This was simply too bitter!

“I must make him regret living, to dare make plans on me! I definitely am not that forgiving!” She decided internally.

Ai, how come he is just laying there and not moving?

Suddenly, she discovered that he was as still as a wooden puppet. Even when he struck heavily against the floor there was no reaction.

Just what is happening?

Could it be that he was still acting? Heng, I was previously tricked by you. Do you think I would be deceived again? Do you take me for a retard?

“Get up!” She kicked at Tang Zheng but discovered that there was no reaction.

“Do you still want to continue playing with me? Then I will fulfill your wish.” Liu Qingmei was usually really calm and collected but this time she could not retain that calmness as she savagely kicked out at Tang Zheng again.

Can he still keep up the act like this?

She was filled with doubt as she stared dead at Tang Zheng’s body discovering that there was still no movement from him. The part of his face that was exposed was as red as a scalding iron.

She felt her heart thud. Could it be that was not acting? She hesitated for a bit before carefully squatting down by his body to check.

“His body is actually releasing so much heat. This is definitely not a normal persons body temperature. It is like he is a hot stove!”

She was frightened. Could it be that he was running a high fever? Since it’s like this then he must be immediately sent to the hospital otherwise his head might be burned silly.

At this moment, she clearly realized that she had wrongly accused him. He was not trying to intentionally take advantage of her but was really sick.

Liu Qingmei has never seen such sickness and could only assume it was some abnormal disease. At this moment, her anger immediately vanished as the desire to save someone took up its place.

She grabbed ahold of Tang Zheng’s hand, ‘si’ and unconsciously sucked in a cold breath of air. It really was scalding hot! So much so that it burned her hand!

Just what is happening to him?

Even with a mirade of thoughts no explanation surfaced and nor did she have the time to ponder carefully in this dangerous situation. She could only exert all her force and bare the pain from the scorching hot touch to try and support him. She reached one arm around his waist to lean his weight against her as she took one step at a time towards the door.

At this time intimate contact was impossible to avoid as skin was pressed upon skin and invisible to the naked eye was pure Yin energy flowing quickly from her body into his.

Liu Qingmei did not notice at all as she only thought of one thing and that was he is really heavy. So much so that it was difficult for her to walk.

“He is not old yet his body is so heavy? I wonder how he grew up.” She panted as she walked, while also silently cursing.

As the two were about to reach the door, Tang Zheng suddenly let out a soft cry. Liu Qingmei stopped her step and stared at him, asking: “You are awake? Just what happened?”

Tang Zheng did not reply her because his eyes were still tightly closed but his red face revealed a hint of satisfaction.

Right, satisfaction.

Liu Qingmei froze on the spot, at this life or death situation he actually dared to feel satisfaction?!

She was really wrongly accusing him as the true qi in his body was boiling and all the Yang energy was gathering up for the final explosion causing his body to undergo extreme changes. This change was so sudden that he outright fainted showing the severity of the situation.

But when Liu Qingmei supported his body, putting their two bodies in intimate connection. This allowed her yin energy to flow steadily into his body. When compared to simply absorbing yin energy from the air, skin to skin contact providing much dense and concentrated yin energy by who know how many times. Moreover, Liu Qingmei also possessed a Mysterious Yin Body Constitution so it providing relief to Tang Zheng and hence his light sigh.

Seeing that he did not have any further reaction, Liu Qingmei did not understand the situation so she decided to hurry up and send him to the hospital.

Just as she was about to leave the door, she suddenly discovered that her body was tense. Tang Zheng was actually tightly hugging onto her as their body pressed even closer together as if they were going to merge together!

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