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Chapter 5: Hell Class

Wu Cuihong coldly made a ‘heng’ sound and said: “Tang Zheng does not work hard to learn, for the past half year his grades severely dropped, and his test scores are last in the whole year.”

“What, he has been last for the whole year?” The old man said with shock, he stared wide-eyed, incredulous. Tang Zheng’s heart hurt, the fact that he has always been hiding has been revealed, why is the old witch so harsh? This was the equivalent of drawing a blade across his grandfather’s heart.

Wu Cuihong was not the least bit understanding of the grandfather and his grandsons feelings saying: “He not does not study, his character has a problem, today he even dared to steal the class fee, these kind of people not being expelled by the school is already considered doing the best they can.”

“…Stealing class fees?” The old man looked at Wu Cuihong, foolishly, as if he was listening to the bible.

“That is correct!” Wu Cuihong replied firmly, as if she saw it with her own eyes.

Tang Zheng’s lungs felt like exploding, this was simply slanderous, when did she ever act the part of a teacher.

“I did not steal it!” Tang Zheng loudly refuted.

Wu Cuihong stared at him in contempt and said: “Of course you wouldn’t admit it, but if it wasn’t you then who else could it be? Heng, you don’t need to quibble, seeing as your family is poor, Qiao Fei already said he would step in and pay the class fees so as to avoid the classes lost. You should look at the distance between you and Qiao Fei. Seeing as you are no longer in the class to drag the class down and act as a burden, it can be considered a heavenly gift…”

“Shut your mouth!”

“Shut your mouth!”

Suddenly, two voices simultaneously rang out, the grandfather and grandson duo’s face were both red, especially the old man’s who was angered to the point of trembling. The old man stared at her and said: “You smite others, my houses, Little Zheng, would never steal money, it is true that we are poor but poor people also have their integrity.”

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