The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus Chapter 53+ ENTERTAINMENT

Heyo! This marks 6/6 of this week! THERE IS ALSO A SHORT PAGE DUBBED  “HUNGRY’S FUNNY MISTAKES” where our beloved editor chose a few choice… “errors” to show the readers as a celebration for reaching the 50 chapter mark! It’s nothing much but hope ya enjoy!

Chapter 53: Expulsion Crisis (Unedited)

Hungry’s Funny Mistakes

Beefy speaking:  Mwhahaha, enjoy these for there are more to come at our next milestone. Sadly Hungry has been doing well these days and these funny edits aren’t as numerous anymore :crying_cat_face:(edited). I mean really, last time I added a good 1 was for ch 36…17chapters ago.

TL: Hungry

ED: LtBeefy

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Note: I still have some more Tests coming up next week so the chapters for that week will also be coming towards the end of the week. After that my tests will be finished till finals and we can resume a normal schedule. :heart: LtBeefy