The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus Chapter 17+ Announcement


I bring with me the third and final chapters of the week.

Chapter 17: Baseless Father

Translator: Hungry

Editor: LtBeefy

PS: WELL if anybody reads this far then here it is, so I since I want to know your opinions about this novel I’m going to hold a little special. I went to novelupdates yesterday and found out that this novel already has 8 one star votes and only 38 five star votes QQ (while CEO has like 14 one star and 321 five stars). ANYWAYS, back to the special, currently there are 53 votes total and if a *HUNDRED* (was gunna be 150) people rate it (just rate as you would) then I will release one chapter as my thanks to you readers ^__^ (no matter if the vote is good or bad, also reviews would be nice that’s up to ya’ll). THANKS FOR THOSE WHO READ UP TO HERE IF ANYONE DID!! XOXO