The Strong, The Few, True Cultivator on Campus ANNOUNCEMENT


I am home and to end the ‘special’ I would like to announce that we have 5 sponsored chapters coming up+ 2 free ones, so there are 7 chapters in total!!! Please look forward to them ^___^

PS: Here is a list of the sponsors with their contributions: St├ęphane Lannette (1), Sindre Schmidt (2), Graham Bunyan (2), Brent Hopkin. If you sponsored but aren’t on the list shoot me an email with the receipt and I will fix it! Sponsors will be acknowledge once more with their chapters! Everyone please give them a round of applause! I also want to personally thank you all sponsors on behalf of the team and the readers!

PSS: <3 I love you all and thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, and sponsoring. Also, shoutout to MissereMeow for your love filled comment!

PPPS: Currently, $8 in queue!