[STR] Cleaning up some terms and names

Hello all!

Now that we’re 40 chapters into STR (almost 50 by the end of the month, gosh!), we’ve (rather I’ve, so as to not put words in Kidyeon’s mouth) decided that some cleanup and standardization of names, terms, etc. is long overdue. We’ve also had some extremely helpful advice from a reader in pointing out what some typical wuxia terms are translated as. One of the perils of reading as I translate is that my translations don’t make 100% sense later on in the grand picture of things! What does this mean for you, dear readers?

It means that nothing really will change. Chapters 1 -10 have been looked at, extensively TLC’ed and reposted. Some names were capitalized inconsistently, a typo here or there because I grew up with zhuyin (Jiang Chen would be spelled as ???  ??, and that doesn’t even have tones in it yet) as opposed to pinyin (Jiang Chen), a few anachronisms judicially edited, etc etc. The bigger changes are laid out below:

  • Wudao = martial dao.      Dan dao = dao of Alchemy.       Dan = pills
    • I was against this for the longest time and didn’t originally translate dan as pills because I *hate* the word pills. Makes me think everyone is a druggie and I think the word is so unsophisticated. Dan is so much more sophisticated than a little caplet full of chemicals. Anyways, that’s my personal rant but since this is the gold standard in translating… Pills. It. Is. *dies*. I also rather dislike the word “alchemy” (me and my weird little pet peeves), but again, since this is the gold standard… This also turns into the biggest change all around because wudao vs dao of Alchemy didn’t make much sense, so all the other dao’s had to be changed as well.
  • Hall of Healing isn’t really the quasi religious organization like I thought, therefore all religious titles are being changed. Bishop = Hallmaster, Deacon = Administrator
  • Long Juxue’s Great Argus constitution turns out to actually be “Azure Phoenix” constitution. I blame my lack of knowledge of the the original Chinese word and unfortunately went along with what Google spat out. Apologies! ><
  • Xuan fatty is now fatty Xuan. Just a change here to make more sense out of it from an English sense.


I believe that’s it, and deeply sorry for the mental shift people will have to do, especially with regards to martial dao and the dao of pills. I wanted to make this mass update before we get even further into the series, and for those just discovering STR now, congratulations! You have nothing to worry about. 😀

*bows in apology all around*