Star Rank Hunter Chapter 175 [Part 1]

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Chapter 175: Which Force is It? [Part 1]

Cillin regarded Scarlet Wind’s problem as a matter of great importance. He had said earlier that he would give Scarlet Wind two choices to whether become a man, or a dog.

Different choices meant different ways of training. Right now Scarlet Wind was nearly a blank slate excluding its current abilities and nature brought by its genes. He would pass the choice of which development path to follow to Scarlet Wind himself. If Scarlet Wind were to regret it in the future, he could only blame himself. One would be encouraged to make progress only if the decision was their own.

Scarlet Wind had self-learned very quickly, and his intelligence was obvious to all who saw him. The genes and brain he inherited gave him quite the sizable amount of talent that many people did not possess. Even if he had started slow, he would be able to catch up pretty soon.

Man, or dog?

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