Star Rank Hunter

Star Rank Hunter

Credit and a million thanks goes to: ImmortalbutterflyTKB!

Written by: Chenci Landiao (????)

Translated and Edited by Craxuan and darklord5555

The universe. This infinite field of stars is the dream of every Hunter.

For the Hunters who run amidst the stars, the only limit they truly have is the universe.

Is there a limit to the universe? And where would this limit lay?

When the Shadow Hunter; a young man named Cillin obtains a strange chip by accident, he begins his journey into this endless field of stars.

Raws: Qidian

Chapter 1: Shadow Hunter
Chapter 2: Guinea Pig
Chapter 3: Change
Chapter 4: Genya’s Secret
Chapter 5: The Chip’s Ability
Chapter 6 – That Weird Uncle
Chapter 7 – Robbery
Chapter 8 – Vanguard
Chapter 9 – Sixth B Squadron
Chapter 10 – Unhappy Cary
Chapter 11 – What’s Going On?
Chapter 12 – Fearless
Chapter 13 – What Kind of a Monster is this Kid?
Chapter 14 – Pleasure to Work with You
Chapter 15 – Planet Seven Lights
Chapter 16 – The Twin Stars of Seven Lights
Chapter 17 – Arrival
Chapter 18 – ‘So Poor All That is Left is Money’ Family
Chapter 19 – Something’s Strange About That Guy
Chapter 20 – I am a Gentleman
Chapter 21 – You Have The Right to be Specially Recruited
Chapter 22 – Are You Sure That’s a Hoverboard and Not a Plane?
Chapter 23 – Hoverboy
Chapter 24: The Sickest Accommodation In Town (1 of 2)
Chapter 25: The Sickest Accommodation in Town (2 of 2)
Chapter 26: First Meal in the Dining Hall (1 of 2)
Chapter 27: First Meal in the Dining Hall (2 of 2)
Chapter 28: The Star Who Walks Out Of The Darkness
Chapter 29: The Young Master Lung With A Missing Screw In His Head
Chapter 30: Life’s Code
Chapter 31: The Humiliation of Twenty Rounds
Chapter 32: Caught By The Vice Headmaster For Skipping Class
Chapter 33: Quick, Bow To Your Master!
Chapter 34: We Have A Mission
Chapter 35: Preliminary Test
Chapter 36: Approach
Chapter 37: Sweeping The Station
Chapter 38: They Want Vengeance
Chapter 39: Big Black Mouse
Chapter 40: Hidden Danger
Chapter 41: The Hysterical Black Mice’s Leader
Chapter 42: Escaped
Chapter 43: I Overestimated Them
Chapter 44: Before The Curtain Falls
Chapter 45: Old Mo is About to Flip Out
Chapter 46: Solace
Chapter 47: Returning to University
Chapter 48: Theresa Kiara
Chapter 49: The Picnic Incident
Chapter 50: Sector Championship
Chapter 51: Followed By All
Chapter 52: Observe, And Realise How Much Your Master Spoils You
Chapter 53: Back Analysis
Chapter 54: Wronged Knight
Chapter 55: Knight and Shadow X
Chapter 56: The Double Combat Tournament Where Stars Shine
Chapter 57: Disappointing Match
Chapter 58: Act
Chapter 59: The Second Person To Wield Guns To That Extent
Chapter 60: Sniffing
Chapter 61: Induction
Chapter 62: Code
Chapter 63: The Hunt In The Forest Beneath The Night Sky
Chapter 64: Who’s The Trapped Beast
Chapter 65: Eerie
Chapter 66: Kill
Chapter 67: Instant Kill
Chapter 68: Integrated Warfare Candidates
Chapter 69: It’s Time To End This
Chapter 70: Arrival At Asteroid C-N976
Chapter 71: Tricks
Chapter 72: Everyone’s Got A Trick Up Their Sleeves
Chapter 73: Assignment
Chapter 74: Marking Red
Chapter 75: Inferior
Chapter 76: Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover
Chapter 77: They’re Playing With Fire
Chapter 78: All’s Fair In War
Chapter 79: Assassination
Chapter 80: Goodbye, Seven Lights
Chapter 81: Tang Qiuqiu
Chapter 82: A Grave Sin Indeed
Chapter 83: Back In The Team
Chapter 84: Arrival At The Planet of Hunting
Chapter 85: Cyborg
Chapter 86: It Speaks!
Chapter 87: Debt Settlement
Chapter 88: Wheeze
Chapter 89: Parasite
Chapter 90: The Two Pets And Their Misdeeds
Chapter 91: Secrets
Chapter 92: Operation Begin
Chapter 93: Jungle Hazard
Chapter 94: One Thing After Another
Chapter 95: Clash
Chapter 96: Cary’s Crisis
Chapter 97: Wheeze Is Great
Chapter 98: The Disgruntled Cat
Chapter 99: Energy Ores
Chapter 100: Red-And-Black Energy Deposit
Chapter 101: Absorption, The Chip’s Changes
Chapter 102: Rank A Genotype
Chapter 103: Jade Green Energy Ore
Chapter 104: Green Pearls
Chapter 105: The Planet’s Parasite
Chapter 106: Don’t Be Scared, We’ll Cover You
Chapter 107: Change of Plans
Chapter 108: What Happened?!
Chapter 109: Heaviness
Chapter 110: There is a Kind of Person
Chapter 111: Ransom
Chapter 112: I’ll Go
Chapter 113: I Am Cillin
Chapter 114: Welcome to My Kingdom
Chapter 115: Explanation
Chapter 116: The One Who Shot From The Back
Chapter 117: Who Are You
Chapter 118: Concerted Attack From Within And Without
Chapter 119: Bird of Paradise
Chapter 120: Eve of Hunt
Chapter 121: Cross Field
Chapter 122: Base Desertification
Chapter 123: Highest Kill Order
Chapter 124: Mental and Psychological Stress
Chapter 125: There is No Struggle; There is Only Despair
Chapter 126: The True Skull King
Chapter 127: The Skull King’s End
Chapter 128: The Man Who Sits On The Cross
Chapter 129: Lieutenant Commander?
Chapter 130: Return
Chapter 131: A Glimpse of Extraordinaire
Chapter 132: I’m Back Again
Chapter 133: Little Garden
Chapter 134: Realm of Dreams
Chapter 135: What is the Price Range for the Great Four’s Services?
Chapter 136: Mission
Chapter 137: Disguised Machines
Chapter 138: The Blue Sector, Zafia
Chapter 139: Hunters And What Not Really Are Infuriating
Chapter 140: If He Wants Money, Then We’ll Give Him Money
Chapter 141: The Mermaid Princess, Warsaw
Chapter 142: The Sea God’s Summon
Chapter 143: The Riot Begins
Chapter 144: Song of the Mermaid Princess
Chapter 145: Fish That Flies
Chapter 146: The Tamer Appears
Chapter 147: Tamers are All Freaks
Chapter 148: Meowfucker!
Chapter 149: The Fourth Power
Chapter 150: I’ll Kick Him Like This, and then I’ll Boot Him Like That, and then I’ll Beat Him Up Real Good
Chapter 151: Representing Everyone in Seven Lights to Beat The Shit Out of You!
Chapter 152: Three Years Time of Man and Things [Part 1]
Chapter 152: Three Years Time of Man and Things [Part 2]
Chapter 153: The Triphibian Flying Car Racing Competition of Acallela [Part 1]
Chapter 153: The Triphibian Flying Car Racing Competition of Acallela [Part 2]
Chapter 154: The Young Man Who Chases The Wind [Part 1]
Chapter 154: The Young Man Who Chases The Wind [Part 2]
Chapter 155: Flaring Spectator’s Grandstand [Part 1]
Chapter 155: Flaring Spectator’s Grandstand [Part 2]
Chapter 156: The Wolf King of ‘Dance Night’ [Part 1]
Chapter 156: The Wolf King of ‘Dance Night’ [Part 2]
Chapter 157: The Two Scourges: Dance Night ‘Wolf King’ VS Cyborg Cat [Part 1]
Chapter 157: The Two Scourges: Dance Night ‘Wolf King’ VS Cyborg Cat [Part 2]

Translated by: Craxuan
Edited by: darklord5555, Deyna

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  • Nicklas Dantes
    • Ismail Mohamud

      eh it just looks cool

  • Patrick Yamato Chan

    Is there any chance of romance in this novel?

  • Thom Meredith

    top shelf stuff. i appreciate that this was your choice to pick up. thanks

  • PenguinHawk

    Just caught up and have to say its definitely one of the best sci-fi novels I have read.

  • Craxuan

    My boss a.k.a volare picked it. What else can I say? 😀

  • V(=^・ω・^=)v

    I have to say…the first 4 chapters hooked me! Tbh I should’ve waited for it to have 20+ chapters but since it’s my first time on this website, why not?! Anyways i can say it’s good so far, I’ll edit it if it loses my interests, but so far…GREAT!!

    • Craxuan

      Thanks! The next chapter will be released tomorrow, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

  • cookiehunter

    wtf space marine cover?