SS Chapter 95

Wow, it’s already October. Time really flies by when you’re panicking and trying to put your life together. This is the third regular chapter of the week.

And I have two announcements to make: First, I want to say thank you so much to Khuja who has so kindly started to edit Sword Spirit chapters. So if you think that the translations become easier to read in the future, you’ll also know who to thank. Secondly, due to my crap-tastically busy schedule, I am not going to have time for the next week to release chapters. I just have too many tests, interviews, and homework. I’m terribly sorry. I’ll try to release 6 chapters next week along with any sponsored chapters, but there will not be anymore uploads starting tomorrow, October 2nd, until October 8th.

Thanks for being understanding, and here’s Chapter 95. Enjoy!

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