SS Chapter 89, 90, 91

Apparently you guys don’t like cliffhangers. A big thank you to Kyle Greenwood and a big, big thank you to James Cullen who have sponsored these chapters! I really appreciate the enthusiasm that you guys have for the novel. A not so quick note after the chapter links.

Here they are: Chapter 89, Chapter 90, and Chapter 91! Enjoy!

So far I haven’t placed a restriction on how many chapters I release per week, but recently, due to real life and also the sudden increase in sponsoring, I haven’t been able to keep up my stockpile and maintain a nice buffer between chapter releases and how far I’ve translated. At the current rate, I’d be out of chapters in like two weeks. Thus, I’ve decided that, while I will keep my promise of releasing within 24 hours, I’m going to limit the amount of sponsored chapters that I will release each week. Currently I am thinking a maximum of 6 (subject to change). All chapters that get sponsored after the maximum chapters per week will be released at the start of the next week instead, Sunday. For example, if seven chapters are sponsored on Friday, six will be released within 24 hours and the last chapter will be released on Sunday morning. As of right now, we are at 3/6. I will continue to try and release 3 regular chapters per week.

Thank you for being understanding and reading through that wall of text. Trust me, it’s not that I want to decrease the amount of chapters that I pump out, but I simply haven’t had the time recently to translate as much due to homework and job searching.

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  • sylver

    when you first started, didnt i tell you when sponsors starts coming in that you won’t know what to do! i was right and great job on your translations!