SS Chapter 60, 61

A big, big thanks to Anonymous!

Mini-rant after the links.

Here are Chapter 60 and Chapter 61! Enjoy! And I hope the links work!

Okay guys. If one of the links doesn’t work again, I’m just gonna quit…

…scheduling posts. I’ll just post them on the scheduled days. They won’t be as nice and precise at 8am at that point, but hopefully that’ll resolve the whole link can’t be found, 404 nonsense. And if that still doesn’t work, I’ll just rip out some of my hair in frustration, spit out some blood, or whatever. Also, school starting again really won’t help my schedule. Wah.

So I checked the links once I created the chapter pages (both properly scheduled at 8am) and while chapter 60 showed up as 404, chapter 61 actually came up with the page. So I’m mildly confused.

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