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A big, big thanks to Jonathan Huffine and Anonymous for sponsoring these two chapters! Queue is cleared.

A few of you guys have complained about not being able to directly access the chapters, and frankly I have no idea why; however, I’m going to try to fix it by releasing the chapters about five minutes before I release this post. Hopefully that will fix the problem. If the problem persists, please keep complaining and I will continue to try and find a solution to the problem.

Here are Chapter 56 and Chapter 57!

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  • Still got problem for chapter 56

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    mybe u should post 1 chapter per hour? the errir comes everytime u post mor then 1 chapter.

  • Link to chapter 56 not working

  • Struggles to access Chapter 56 T^T

  • Struggles to access Chapter 56

  • You guys should really address the criticism this series is facing on NU (that the series is a rip-off of Martial World).

    As you guys have read ahead you can actually help people clear their misconception. Otherwise the negative reviews would affect potential readers.


    • etvolare

      What would be even better and in greater amounts is if all you wonderful readers could pipe in as well. 😀 As eloquent as Beehugger is, he’s only one guy. He has a lot of readers, so it’d command more attention if all of you write reviews as well. 😀

      • true that us readers can help but then ppl will always compare the many similarities unless we can mention any main plot-line derivation but then we ( or at least i) do not know any major diffrence in main plot line so far it is that the SW mc uses a sword and MW mc uses spear true there are other difference but at least main diffrence mentioned like there is no harem ( do not know just example) .

      • The problem is that we haven’t read far ahead. We can’t talk about main plot line or other future things. So a reply from a reader who has read far ahead thanks to raws can answer the criticism 🙂

  • Looping links. 56 to post

  • Even weirder. Previous chapter link from 57 leads here despite being the very same that leads to 404 from this one.

  • Lel

    It’s weird but half the time 56 link takes me to 404 and other half it takes me back to this page.

  • I’m not sure if this helps or not but, on 56 that does not work the title in the tab becomes ‘Han Shou’s Little Skeleton’ did you use some kinda copy paste thing to make your post and pull something from GDK?

    • Nevermind… I’m an idiot this morning… I see what it is. Ignore me being half asleep…-_-;

    • etvolare

      Naw, that’s just the standard 404 page I set up.

      • Yeah I noticed it after I posted. It was meant to be a quirky 404 page and I totally didn’t realize it at first. I’d only been awake about 10 min or so lol.

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    chapter 56 link not working

  • Thanks for the chapters!

    Although, Chapter 56 is missing. 404 not found.

  • 56 is inaccessible, but 57 is accessible. weird.

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  • Still showing error 404. Thanks for your efforts to rectify the issue.

  • Chapter 56 is giving a 404