SS Chapter 34

Hi guys, so there’s been some confusion about some of the notes from the author. Whether it’s at the beginning or the end of the chapter, anytime there is a P.S., that means it is a note from the author. I like to not alter the original too much, but if you guys prefer if I do a (AN: …) or if you want me to completely exclude the postscripts, that’s fine too.

Also guys, I don’t have an editor (I do my best to edit myself), so if there are specific parts that you notice that aren’t correct, please write them down, and I will correct them ASAP. If not, please don’t expect me to comb through all of the previous chapters. I’m still busy with translating ahead (up to CH 74 now) and other things, so unless there’s something concrete that needs changing, I probably won’t bother. Sorry.

Regularly scheduled chapter (3/3)

Chapter 34! Enjoy!

  • You could draw a line between them??? That would be probably the absolute easiest method.

  • please completely exclude the postscripts… would save you time ^^ ty

  • Given that PS means post-scriptum that is “after the (main) text” and that the author notes are often before the text itself, and that you may wish to put a TN someday… You really should use AN instead.

  • Thank you for the chapter. To do TL and ED and PR All by yourself is not easy.. Dont worry so far you had done better than i am.