Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 159

An alcoholic reunited with his true love!

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    Thanks for the chapter etvolare and Kidyeon!

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    Elder Ning didn’t speak, only got up lightly and walked in front of the mirror, as she looked at herself in the mirror’s reflection and sank into deep contemplation.

    One had to say that, although Shi Xiaoyao appeared crude, he was actually quite a particular person. He was quite efficient. as he obtained a fourth ranked noble’s position for Jiang Chen the next day, and also gifted him a large manor within the nobles’ section.

    This was an unexpected joy.

    Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that a jug of Nine Magnificence Dew Wine would be worth so much. Shi Xiaoyao had resolved his issue of a noble’s identity as well as a residency.

    This efficiency was seriously high.

    Vice Director Yang Zhao was another person who was highly efficient. He’d utilized almost all channels in the past two days, and had finally gathered all of the items on the list within the two days.


    Considering you’ve kept this sort of spacing for different point of views already. I felt like pointing out that this might of been a nice edition too?