Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 123

There actually wasn’t going to be a chapter today, but… I happened to see something and decided to release one in celebration! 😀

  • ambi

    Thanks for the chapter etvolare, Premonition, and Lem0nPEEL!

  • nelus

    Thank you for your hard work and the new chapter.
    but something was bothering me about this chapter, and i can be wrong though.
    There was this part:

    “he allusion of spitting blood from the mouth originated from that banquet at the Soaring Dragon manor, when Jiang Chen had reposited against the heir of White Dragon, Bai Zhanyun.”

    Should it be white tiger instead of white dragon?
    If i’m wrong, you can just ignore this reply of mine, and i’m wishing you a good afternoon (here in the netherlands am i living with the time of 4.42 pm)
    greetings from the netherlands

    • nelus

      I can be wrong though, but my reply is for the 1% chance that i’m not considering the fact that the most chinese novels that i read contain the azure dragon, black tortoise, vermilion bird and the white tiger.
      but your the one who can actually read and translate chinese, so i give this cuestion of mine for your own to decide if i’m right or not.
      anyway, i apriciate all the hard work you made for us up to now

    • etvolare

      T_T hot damn. I and two editors missed that. Man oh man, thank you nelus!

      • nelus

        Lol, and here i thought that it was just me haha
        Just keep up the good work you guys always make and don’t worry about the small stuf
        things like this just keeps me awake and allert (and reading great stories are always entertaining)
        and thank you guys for all those amazing stories you’re translating, because those make my day