Sovereign of the Three Realms release schedule

Hello all!

It appears that many have been discovering STR lately (of which I’m elated about!). With that comes many questions about when a chapter will be released. So that the tlk isn’t flooded with questions of “when is the next chapter coming out” and “how many hours”, I want to quickly revisit STR’s release schedule for those new to the series.

Officially, STR is on a 3x a week schedule — TTS, with sponsored chapters on weekends. However, those of you who have been reading since the beginning may have noticed that the release schedule has been stepped up in the past two weeks to MTTS. That’s because I have more than a little bit of free time on my hands these days in preparation for my upcoming move to Taiwan, so I wanted STR to get more traction, and I hear that more frequent releases are the way to do it. 😀

Welp, today’s chapter will be coming a bit later in the day. For those meeting me for the first time, I’m also a professional translator who’s worked with a couple of video games. I need to hand in a few storyboards and the deadline’s today! 😀