Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 74

I caught up to the queue I caught up to the queue I caught up to the queue.

I had to say it three times because I was so excited. 😀

  • P49

    Just wanted to say your teaser for chap 75 said World Cat day but that isn’t today it is National Puppy Day today.

    Great job on the translations though I like both GDK and SOTR

  • AlwaysLate

    Yep yep good work etvo and thanks as always
    WW accounts are difficult

  • Gin

    Thanks! I’ve read this at Wuxiaworld but I took the time to appreciate your work here. I find it easier to reply here than to make an account there. Lol

    • etvolare

      Aw thanks for the kind words Gin! I’m so very happy that you’re enjoying my translated works. 😀