Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 51

Happy Friday everyone!

This was Thursday’s regular chapter, so sorry about the tardiness! As our lives get back to normal, we hope we won’t be late for our release schedules again. I’m still eyeing the sponsored queue and am keeping that in mind!

Please note that this is the chapter in its unedited glory, Kidyeon is out of commission for the next day but I really didn’t want to release the chapter even later!

I had a few questions about what game I’d just finished translating — I work with primarily indie Taiwanese game studios, some bigger and some not as big. The one I’ve just finished is called Fausts Alptraum, and while the Chinese version has been released in its entirety, the English version isn’t out yet. It’s rather dark humor, but wonderfully done. If this type of game is up your alley, please feel free to bookmark it and support it when it comes out. The developer isn’t charging any money for it, can you imagine that?! O_O