Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 14

Play me once, shame on me. Play me twice, shame on…

It’s still a couple minutes to go before my birthday’s over! Pardon the slow update today, I had too much to eat and drink and got way. too. sleepy. That and the author somehow decided to go ham in this chapter and make it uber long.

I’m debating lowering the price per sponsored chapter down to $40 until we get further into STR, based on some reader feedback I’ve received. Still musing…

This chapter is also pre editor attention. So please excuse the typos and my tiredness.

  • Amaelzaekil

    It’s actually “Play/Fool me once, shame on you, Play/Fool me twice, shame on me”.

    • etvolare

      Haha yes I know, just didn’t finish it because I thought everyone understood it.

  • Maou

    your birthday.m if so then Maythe Force be with you… jst kidding.. Happy Bday and Advance Happy New Year bro.. thNks forthe chappies..

    • etvolare

      Thank you! And.. I’m actually a girl. 😀

  • In-come

    Happy celebrations to you and enjoy the year to come.