Sovereign of the Three Realms Chappie 12… might be late.

Etvolare was traveling along.  Upon an epic quest.  This quest was that of the epic proportions of recognizing mt. tai!  However… she failed… so she decided that she would take some off time.  She has gone on vacation, and we, after frantic searching, were only able to find this, highly immoral, piece of text, left over from her quest.  There also was a note saying she would return upon the eve of the 27th, to “Translate a lot”, whatever that might mean.  Finally, there was a note mentioning some profound piece of text, ‘Blood Hourglass’, but again, we have no idea what that could mean.

Fair ye good travels on these cold winter nights, and a merry Christmas to ye all!

  • Bluechocolate

    On the 12th chappie of Christmas my true translator sent to me: one immoral text, and a notice of vacation leaving us all perplexed.

    • etvolare

      LOL! That was excellent, thanks for the laugh! I’m back and Ch 12 coming today! 😀

  • TamalliGuy

    Screw you guys, if it wasn’t for the fact that i got interested in what is the highly immoral text is, i would never have known that it’s the new chapter! xDD

    • etvolare

      Oh dear, Kidyeon, readers don’t like your humor. XD

      • Kidyeon