SUL Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The wheel of fate began to turn that day. Last night I dreamed about Emperor Li excitedly writing at his desk with a brush. I felt like a meat hanged on a bamboo stick, where people applied soy sauce on with a brush……

I pulled the quilt over my face to let those ugly images disappear. When I felt like I was out of breath, I lifted the quilt and sat up.

No! I can’t surrender to fate. This is a waste of the evil me. This is a waste of my memories of my  previous life in immortal realm. I need to fight against fate.
I bit my finger, pulled a long face and thought about the future. Is there a way to get rid of that bastard Chu Kong?

Suddenly, a light flashed in my mind. The play that Emperor Li is writing is seven lifetimes of love. If in any of those lifetimes one of us died early and reincarnated early while the other person waits for his demise……. If that is the case, we don’t have to avoid each other; we’ll naturally miss each other in every lifetime.

When I figured this out, I ran to the mirror and gave the me in the mirror a kiss.
The identity as the daughter of the prime minister gives me a justified reason to be lazy. I didn’t want to give up on this kind of life. Then…

I looked at the me in the mirror and laughed: “Dear Lu Hai Kong, for our happiness in the next six lifetimes, can you go die, ah?”

After days of detailed planning, I excitedly ran to the General’s mansion. Now that there’s no one, it’s a good opportunity.

Lu Hai Kong lay calmly in the cradle. Compared to a few days ago, he’s more beautiful now. Soft white skin, long thick lashes. I couldn’t help myself from poking his pouting lips. He woke up from my poking. He looked at me with those big watery eyes. My heart quivered and I stood there shocked.


He yelled and with his small hand full of saliva, he pulled at my braid.


He pulled so hard that my scalp hurts. It made me think of the red dressed, hateful bastard.

I kept myself calm and put my hand around the child’s neck. The soft and fragile feeling made me think that I don’t need to use strength; touching it a few times and it’ll break. He’s after all not that rough skinned young man…

I was soft-hearted again, when I looked at his innocent eyes. How can this poor thing know why I’m holding his neck? He let my braid go and grabbed my finger instead. Like last time he brought my finger to his mouth. Sucking on it like it’s the happiest thing in the world.

He kicked to show his excitement.

I also wanted to kick. Little brat, don’t be so sweet ah! With you like this, how can this big sister bear to kill you, ah?

I was fighting the inter-turmoil in me when the wet nurse and a group of people came in.

“Oh, why is the daughter of the prime minister here?”


I coughed to calm myself.

“I came to look at my little husband.”

Everyone laughed. Suddenly the wet nurse caught me off guard: “We’re going to bath the little young master now. Miss Song, do you also want to stay?”

“No. I’ll…”

I took my hand back and Lu Hai Kong began to cry. I looked at him. After a while he cried harder. Tears were streaming down. He looked so miserable that I couldn’t help but look in horror.

I was scared out of my wits. In Heaven I haven’t seen anyone cry so miserably. Subconsciously, I put my finger back in his mouth. The moment my finger was in his mouth, he quieted down. Laying there with a happy face.

The wet nurse smiled and said: “This is good. Now the young master can’t be without Miss Song.”

I looked at these foolish humans.

Next, I was forced to see the naked Lu Hai Kong bathing. I didn’t get any dirty thoughts. It rather looked like aunt washing pigskin. No matter what, I wasted an opportunity to kill Lu Hai Kong, just because of my soft heart.

Every day from then on, I went to the General’s mansion. I saw Lu Hai Kong every day but the wet nurse and the servants were always by his side. They didn’t even give me a chance.

I was wondering if I should let the child grow a little. Then I can go play with him alone and get rid of him.

This wait took five years. Every time I looked at Lu Hai Kong, my eyes will shine with a hidden meaning. Seeing me looking like that the General and the General’s wife will joke: “Has this child been poisoned with Hai Kong’s poison? She’s always here. No need to rush. You’ve gotten a life time with each other.”

A life time is too long. I only want to seize a day and get rid of him. Then I’ll be at ease.

When I was ten years old, I was really wild.
Father Song gave up on me completely. He didn’t care about what I do anymore. It has its advantages. I even got the name 混天魔王 (hun tian mo wang, the ruckus devil) in the capital.

On Lu Hai Kong’s fifth birthday, I finally found a method to fool the wet nurse and the servants. I sneaked out the General’s mansion with Lu Hai Kong. I realized that there weren’t many opportunities in the General’s mansion. But there are many opportunities outside. Like the edge of a slippery river, a fall from a tree. I can create and find  opportunities everywhere. I rubbed my hands in excitement. Lu Hai Kong was following me closely.

“Yun Xiang, let’s go back. Father said that there are many bad people outside. It’s unsafe.”

From young, this little child has been taught to follow the rules. When he goes out, there are always a bunch of people with him. He’s never been outside alone. Seeing all those people at the market, he tensed.

I was plotting where I can cause him to have an “accident”, when he pulled my sleeves: “Yun Xiang, let’s go back.”

“Shut up.”

He obediently closed his mouth and uneasily looked around.

“Yun Xiang.”

He called me pitifully and stuck his hand out. I subconsciously held his hand.

Suddenly I remembered what I’ve gotten to do.

“Brat, do you want to go to Tan Zhe temple?”

The temple is on a mountain. On the road to the temple there are not many people. The road is small, narrow and slippery. It’s most suited for a child to climb and fall.

He thought for a moment and said: “It’s too far, it’s unsafe.”

“Nothing to worry about. We’ll be back soon.”

He stubbornly shook his head. I sighed: “Since today is your birthday I wanted to get a talisman for you. I heard that the talismans at Tan Zhe temple are really effective.”

I let go of his hand. A face full of disappointment: “It’s alright if you don’t want to go.”

“Yun Xiang…”

He hesitated for a moment, grabbed my hand and said: “We’ll go.”

My disappointed face turned into a happy face. I dragged him with and said:

“Alright, let’s go.”

Chu Kong, ah, Chu Kong, don’t blame me for being heartless. This is the best for us.

Don’t ask me why I don’t go die instead. Suicide is a heartless thing. I’m a soft-hearted person…….

To go to the temple, we need to past the center of the capital. Lu Hai Kong has never been here before. He found everything interesting.

“Yun Xiang, what’s that?”

I looked at where he’s pointing.

“Tanghulu ( candied fruit). It’s hard and sweet. It isn’t tasty.”

Lu Hai Kong’s eyes shined brightly: “It’s for eating…”

I felt that this could be Lu Hai Kong’s last meal. In these circumstances I shouldn’t be saving the penny to buy Tanghulu. So I generously took out my hard saved money from my purse. Amongst a pile of coins, I found a penny. I went to the man, who was selling Tanghulu.

In the past, having so much money was impossible for me. Now I’m someone who can buy Tanghulu whenever I wanted. How ironic is life…….

While I was thinking, a man bumped into me. I fell onto the ground. Lu Hai Kong panicked and held my back: “Yun Xiang, does it hurt? Does it hurt?”

I shook my head and realized that my purse is gone.

I remembered the days in Heaven, where I bitterly needed to save money. A “weng” sounded in my head. That’s my hard saved money! Want to steal it and steal it. That’s more detestable than the Chu Kong, who broke my fan.

“You…!” (She was actually swearing here)

I stood up, rolled up my sleeve and yelled: “Stealing money, I hope that you get constipation for life! Thief, don’t run!”

After I yelled, I chased after the thief. I didn’t care if Lu Hai Kong, who has shorter legs, can’t keep up with me.

The thief didn’t expect that a ten year old girl will dare to chase him. He had a guilty conscience and sped up his pace. There were many people on the market. The thief couldn’t get pass them so fast. I, with this small body, caught up with him. After going through reincarnation my power were gone. But I still have my fist. I coudn’t  go against someone with martial arts, but against a thief, my fists were enough.

The thief was a middle aged man. His body was bigger than mine. A quick beating would certainly not do. So when I was chasing him, I snatched a rolling pin from one of the bread sellers. I took two steps back, looked down. I heard “dang”. The thief moaned “ying” and was on the ground, hands on his crotch.

I threw away the rolling pin and from his pocket, I got my purse back.

“Humph, you dare to steal my money? Have you prepared to die?”

I counted the money and found that there wasn’t a penny missing. With a contented smile I said: “Lu Hai Kong, let’s go buy Tanghulu.”

I didn’t get a reply. I closed my left eye and saw that I was surrounded by strangers.


I was dumbfounded. Lu Hai Kong, where are you?

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