Release That Witch Fan Art Contest

We want to start a fanart contest to celebrate the Chapter 100 and take the good opportunity the chapter offered itself. So do we have any Soraya’s within our readership, who want to present us with a picture of one of the two scenes described in this chapter or any other remarkable scene of the first 100 chapters?



  • Artists can submit as many pieces of artwork as they want.
  • All mediums are accepted. (Drawings, paintings, digital artwork, etc.)
  • No plagiarizing
  • Submissions must be related to Release that Witch.
  • Timeframe: October 17. until November 17.
  • Submissions have to be sent at [email protected] (no zip-files, exe-files)


  1. Place: three free chapter. Time of release is freely selectable
  2. Place: two free chapter. Time of release is freely selectable
  3. Place: one free chapter. Time of release is freely selectable
  4. Contributor has the opportunity to introduce themselves, add a link to their website, deviantart page, portfolio, or anything else to promote themselves.


I wish you all a happy drawing 🙂

*goes into a corner and prays ‘please have at least 3 submissions’*


Information about the Characters collected by mllhild. Thank you very much for your help!

– flaxen hair(pale yellowish-gray),
– blue eyes like a deep lake
– light dusting of freckles which were on the bridge of her nose
– thin body looked as if a strong breeze could push her down(day after prison)
and thats it for the main heroine

– twenty something
– light gray hair
– slightly pale
– lacking in physical exercise

Nana: 14-15 years old

always smiling and outgoing

– golden hair instantly cascaded down like a waterfall (long curly hair)
– aquiline nose and her sparkling eyes
– mature charm (shapely legs, slim waist)

Wendy: (should be the one from the cover image)(correction: the image is actually a sorceress from dragon’s crown)
– turned 30, but no wrinkles
– red brown hair, fells strait until her waist
– mature and charming facial features (big sister look)
– big breast

Cara the Snake Witch: nothing
Scarlett: nothing
Stone: nothing
Sherry: nothing
Red Pepper: nothing
Shino: nothing

– fourteen or fifteen years
– fresh and neat short blonde hair
– face full of high spirits
– long trousers tailored, rag-like coat with many pockets

– long green hair

Scroll: close to 40 years

Humming bird:
– small size
– symmetrical dimples on her cheeks and very delicate features (cute)

Soraya Zoen:
– brown short coils and a pair of slender eyes
– On top of her nose a small freckle
– 19 years

– tall, had brown skin
– her eyes and nose had the typical southern features = ???

– 16 years
– two ponytails and a delicate doll-like face

Mystery Moon: nothing

Barov: looks like Gandalf
Knight Commander Carter: personification of a male god
Liehu (Iron Axe): over 6feet, looked courageous and strong

Garcia Wimbledon
– gray hair with traces of silver
– long narrow reseda green eyes (opressive)
– slightly rough skin and not as white as other nobility

Gerald Wimbleton: nothing
Olivia Rose: nothing
Timothy Wimbledon: nothing
Tilly Wimbledon: nothing
Majesty King Wimbledon: nothing

Karl: around 35 years old, starting to get gray hear
Petrov: nothing
Ryan: nothing
Yarrow: nothing
Van’er: nothing
Brian: nothing
Greyhound: nothing
Knight Weimar (Sir Ironheart)
former Prime Minister Vic
Minister of Justice Lord Padro
Minister for Diplomacy, “Yoshua ‘Sir Bullet,’ Flynn
“Cold Wind Knight” Naim Moor
Duke Ryan
“False Leg” White: old, copper legs
Bishop Mayne: nothing
Baron Cornelius: fat?