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  • Gege

    Woohooo, Thank you for the chapter.. Does it still could continue? Can we still granted extra chapter release per 200.000 clicks? Does that mean the next target is 1.600.000?
    Whats the click limit? 2.000.000? Or it still could go on for each multiplication of 200.000?

    • mllhild

      I think its gonna be 200.000 clicks since it should probably be related to ad revenue.
      Considering that this novel in
      – on 5000+ reading-lists of NU
      – you go Nu -> release page -> chapter -> teaser = 3 times to the page
      – some keep checking by refreshing the teaser page if something new came out
      Altogether I’m guessing 20.000 clicks per released chapter.
      This would lead to 1 extra every 10 chapters or every 2 weeks considering that on average they get around 1 donation chapters per week.

      • Gege

        Uh, yeah….
        I think….
        But I’m not questioning about whats the click for (ad revenue). I just want to know if the translator team is still giving away the extra chapter release per 200.000 clicks or the promotion is already over? 😉