RW Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 Answers

The curtains were shut and a fire was blazing in the fireplace, maintaining a comfortable temperature within the room.

There was a big difference between Anna and Nana’s day of adulthood, this time the latter was awake. In order to ensure that she wouldn’t become too frightened from the upcoming pain, they played some simple games to distract her, and so that she wouldn’t fall asleep during the whole night.

Even Roland performed some magic coin tricks, stupefying the onlooking audience. Especially Nana, who for the whole time was staring with big eyes at Roland’s hand. If it were ordinary times, she would have surely shouted that Roland should teach her.

The magic tricks of this age were still far from being a highlight, for now, it was more a small sideshow, like snakes dancing to the sound of a flute, breathing flames, crushing stone plates on one’s chest and the like. Compared with later generations of skillful diversion and nimble fingers, everything now was only amateur level.

Finally, Lightning began to talk about her sailing experience, when she traveled with her father between the islands and fjords. Telling of big whirlpools and beautiful reefs, and of hunting giant deep-water sharks and octopus. Although everyone knew that part of it was fictitious  she still had everyone’s attention, even captivating Roland with her tales – in his imagination, those sailing ships turned into huge armored battleships, which crossed oceans and discovered a New World.

As a matter of fact, there was a part in the historical timeline of this world he didn’t understand. The last written record of the past wasn’t older than four hundred and fifty years. Even the former Prince’s education within the palace did not mention the reason. But it could also be, that the former Prince just hadn’t paid attention during the lectures, thought Roland. Within Border Town’s library, there was nothing to find, so the only possibility was to win the war against Longsong Stronghold and look and ask there for more information.

When Lightning finally finished her stories about her adventures, Roland could no longer suppress a yawn, but when he looked at Nightingale, the latter only shook her head, indicating that there hadn’t been any magical change until now. Not having an accurate timing tool is so inconvenient, how can I determine the time we still have to wait? Roland thought in frustration and poured himself a cup of warm water then sat down afterwards to wait.

But gradually, everyone got the feeling that there was something wrong, it just took too long – Nana had repeatedly yawned, apparently only barely able to stay awake. Even Nightingale became anxious, so she touched the little girl’s forehead, while also closely gazing at the magic power within Nana’s body, looking for any change.

When Roland wanted to take a gulp of water, he discovered that the water was already emptied. So on the way to the kettle on the fireplace, he couldn’t help himself from looking through the curtains when he passed the window, only to discover, that it was still snowing. But when he had opened the heavy curtains a fraction, a touch of light fell into the room.

He was pleasantly surprised to discover, that the dark sky had already gained a glimmer of milky white.

“Everyone look!” Roland shouted and pulled open the entire curtain. Alarming everyone with his cry, they all rushed to the windows to see what happened. When they discovered the faint light in the sky, they realized that the new day had already arrived without them noticing.

So with this, in addition to Anna, Nana also went through the Demon’s Bite without any pain.


When Roland later returned to his room he discovered that there were already two people who were waiting for him.

Nightingale and Wendy.

Within their faces, he couldn’t discover any sense of sleepiness, there was only excitement.

“Were you able to confirm that Nana’s ‘date’ was today – no, last night?” asked Roland immediately.

“Yes, but at that time the change within her was only very subtle, I would have never thought that it was the bite’s critical moment,” answered Nightingale with certainty, “Your Highness, your assumption was correct! As long as we witches continue to release our magic, it will continue to grow, and the suffering of our body will be reduced. If we can maintain a certain amount of training every day, all the witches would have a great chance at surviving their day of adulthood!”

“Within the whole Kingdom of Graycastle, only in your territory can we witches display our abilities, in a sense, Border Town is our Holy Mountain,” continued Wendy, “I want to beg you to make sure that as many witches as possible know of this news, so that our sisters can speedily arrive in this sanctuary. I think every one of them will be willing to help you. “

“From the beginning, those were my intentions,” Roland nodded. “By the end of the Months of the Demons, the normal people and the witches will also have gained a certain degree of understanding of each other and been in contact. By then, I will arrange for people to spread the message – but, only as rumors. You must understand, that I can’t start a big advertising project to recruit witches, if so I would cause an uproar within the country, “after slightly pausing for a moment he continued, “this will only be possible if the Church is eradicated, or I gain the throne.”

“So it seems my best option is to help you ascend the throne,” declared Wendy and then without any hesitation she fell on one knee, reciting the oath of allegiance. Roland could clearly see, that her movements weren’t skilled, it just seems to be a spur of the moment. But he did not care about these details, he treated her exactly as Nightingale when he had accepted her oath of allegiance.

After she finished her plea, Wendy turned towards Nightingale and asked, “How was my performance?”

The latter curled her lip and said, “Barely passed.”

Roland helplessly shook his head, “So you two should get to bed early, during the whole night you weren’t able to close your eyes.”

“Your Highness, I have a request,” interrupting him, Wendy, who had just got up from the ground now she knelt down once again.

“Speak freely,” Roland put away his smile and seriously talked to her. The others act had made it clear that she had an important matter to discuss.

Unexpected Wendy told him “I want to, once more, go back to the Witch Cooperation Association’s camp.”

“Wendy!” shouted Nightingale and stared at her with big eyes, but she could see that within the latter’s eyes how steady and resolved she was.

“I do not know whether or not they were able to find the Holy Mountain, maybe they were, or maybe not. I hope you will allow me to go into the Impassable Mountain range after the Months of the Demons has ended. If Cara was unable to find the Holy Mountain, they may have gone back to the camp within the mountain range.”

“This will be highly dangerous,” Roland frowned, “Your leader attacked you regardless of your long friendship.”

“If she really had wanted to kill me, I would already be dead,” said Wendy. “She had summoned her magic snake ‘Pain’ instead of ‘Death’. ” I don’t know how many will come back with me, or even if only one will come back with me, but at least I can deliver this important message to my sisters. As long as they release their magic every day, they won’t need to suffer the terrible pain.” Speaking up to this point, her voice became very gentle, “Your Highness, as long as you continue to treat us witches with so much kindness, my life will be yours, so naturally I won’t throw it away so easily. I will protect myself. So please allow me this request.”

Roland fell silent and thought, when thinking about safety, I ought to refuse her request. But there is also a different meaning to this request – if I give her the chance to save more witches, she will happily follow my orders and take any risk. But if I refuse her, she might still be willing to follow the orders, but I may lose the possibility to gain more witches, and she will forever carry a scar on her heart.

“I’ll allow it,” Roland finally nodded, “but you will still have to wait for two months until the end of the Month of the Demons. You also won’t travel alone, Lightning will go with you. I will also give you firearms for self-protection, as well … a God’s Stone of Retaliation. Lightning can give you long distance support, and when you wear the God’s Stone of Retaliation during your meeting with Cara, her or any other ability won’t be able to hurt you.”

“Your Highness, please also let me go with her!” Nightingale pleaded.

“No, Veronica. His Highness’s safety is much more important than mine, he is the hope of all of us witches,” Wendy disagreed as she shook her head and laughed, “Take good care of him.”

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