RW Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 Accompany

Wendy opened her eyes and discovered an unknown ceiling above her. The ceiling was made of gray brick, and had cobwebs hanging from wooden beams along with an  unlit chandelier. Slowly, the scene turned from fuzzy to clear until she could see every detail.

It isn’t a cold stone roof or a narrow tent, she thought, right, half a month ago we were forced to leave the Witch Cooperation Association. Who knows, perhaps under Cara’s leadership they have already found the Holy Mountain?

She took a deep breath. Though it wasn’t as clean and fresh as the air within a cave, the warm air and the cozy atmosphere made her very comfortable. Her body was wrapped in a soft and velvety silk and laid on a mattress out of several layers of soft cotton blankets, so when she laid down, she slightly sank into it. Even if she stretched her whole body, her toes wouldn’t be exposed.

She felt a little guilty that she wanted to do nothing other than stay in bed. Even so, she had stayed here for only half a month but here her heart was at peace, something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Within the castle, no matter how late it was, no one would ever disturb her. For example, right now. Wendy turned her head and gazed out of the window, seeing that the sky was still gray, even somewhat dazzling. It was probably 10 a.m. Within her last years of wandering, she had never been able to sleep so peacefully. She would be woken by any small noise. She even had to prepare the food for rest of the day before daybreak out of fear. The whole time they had to live in fear that the church might discover their current whereabouts. Also, no one could guarantee that they would outlive their next Demon’s Bite.

Even during their time walking through the Impassable Mountain Range, she was always busy with doing chores. She would help with drying foods or herbs, with drying her cooperation sisters’ laundry, or cleaning the camp and so on …

Even so, Wendy didn’t mind doing it. Every time when she saw her sisters smiles, she felt very happy. But now, living such a lazy life, she discovered that she herself couldn’t resist enjoying such a life.

   No, I can’t be this lazy any longer. She patted her cheeks to motivate herself to crawl out of bed. After all, when she had lived in the church’s convent, the nuns would often warn that lazy people wouldn’t receive the blessing and protection of God.

In a little while, I will go to the garden and practice my wind control. By the way, every time she remembered that the Prince required her to train her magic, she couldn’t keep herself from laughing. Such strange and eccentric requirements –  for example, after he saw her ability, he had told her that he hoped she would be able to blow the wind over a distance of more than ten meters. However, there had never existed a magic power that was effective at such a distance. When she told him that she wasn’t be able to do it, he didn’t get angry. Rather, he came up with a strange idea: she should stand on top of a stool, and use her power to rise up and down. When Wendy tried it, she discovered that it was actually feasible. Seeing the test results, His Royal Highness was very satisfied, so besides asking her to train more, he also asked her if she was afraid of heights.

   It was exactly like Nightingale had said, Roland Wimbledon is an elusive person, but he is also a prince who deeply cared for us witches. Thinking up to this point, Wendy gently sighed. There really is a Prince who doesn’t hate witches! Respected Mentor, you were wrong!

When she put on her clothes, she felt that they were a little small around her chest area – even so, Wendy had already become accustomed to this kind of strange clothing, she just wanted to find a needle to change its size, but before she could, someone knocked on her door.

“Come in.” said Wendy.

It turned out that it was Nightingale who opened the door and came in, leaving Wendy a little startled, but Wendy smiled and said, “Is His Highness still in bed? If not, you shouldn’t have the free time to visit me.”

 “What are you talking about? Ah, I’m not by his side all day long.” Nightingale said, embarrassed, as she raised her basket, “I brought you breakfast.”

Usually, the maids were the ones responsible for delivering breakfast. In addition, after bedtime, Nightingale would often accompany the Prince to chat, so it was quite hard to see her at all. Wendy smiled from the bottom of her heart, I just woke up, but she was already here to deliver food, she certainly had slipped in several times.

   “Now tell, what’s the matter?” asked Wendy while she took a cheese sandwich from inside the basket and put it into her mouth.

   “Well …” Nightingale came over and set herself on the bed, “Today Nana will go through… that day.”

   Wendy was speechless, since it was Nana’s first time going through the Demon’s Bite, it wouldn’t be as violent and long as on the day of her adulthood, but still, it couldn’t be guaranteed that she would be safe. The younger they were, the less pain they would be able to endure. Wendy placed the basket on the nightstand and went to Nightingale’s side, patting her shoulder to comfort her and told her, “Didn’t His Highness say that as long as we release our magic every day, we will be able to minimize our suffering?”

   “But that is just a speculation.” Nightingale contradicted.

“At least it sounds very reasonable,” answered Wendy, “Didn’t Anna safely pass through it? Even so, it was the most difficult of Demon’s Bite, it was the day of her adulthood, yet she suffered no harm. This was exactly what you’ve seen with your own eyes.” she paused for a moment, then asked, “Where is Nana?”

   “At the moment she is in the Medical Center,” When it came to this, Nightingales mouth nearly sprang open, “I heard that her father, Sir Pyne had bought a huge amount of hares from hunters, which have been sent to the Medical Center so she can keep practicing until tomorrow.”

“She has such a nice father,” Wendy exclaimed a little enviously, “I can’t remember the time when I was a kid … that is a very strange thing, it’s just as if my memories are a blank sheet. There is no father, no mother, the first thing I can remember, is my staying within the convent.”

“It seems that I’m a little more fortunate than you.” Nightingale teasingly exclaimed.

“Well, you were really lucky.” Wendy sat herself beside Nightingale and took her into her arms, asking her, “Are you nervous?”

“…” For a moment, Nightingale kept silent, but then she gently nodded.

   Wendy certainly knew why the other was so tense. Today wasn’t only a crucial day for Nana, no, it was also the day in which could become the turning point in all of the witch’s history. If Nana was able to survive this bite, it would mean that witches could thoroughly get rid of the shadow of being the devil’s servants, turning Border Town into the long sought for “Holy Mountain” – maybe one day, all witches will gather here. They will be able to live a normal life no difference with ordinary people, no longer having a need to wander around and try to avoid the Church’s witch hunt.

   “There is no use in worrying about it, we just to have to laze around the whole day and accompany Nana.”

   “Laze … around?” Nightingale stared at Wendy in disbelief.

   “Yes well, who told you to tell me the news so early? It makes me nervous too,” Wendy simply said, “Since I’m no longer in the mood to practice, we could also use this time to visit Nana. Wasn’t something like this written in the contract? It is called paid leave.”


   After eating dinner, Nana’s room was full of people – Anna, Lightning, Nightingale, Wendy, naturally also Nana’s father, and Roland. Having to face the battle soon, Nana’s face was full of insecurity, “Well … will I have to die?”

“Of course not!” They all shook their heads.

   “It’s your first time, so the demon bite won’t be as strong,” Wendy took her hand and spoke encouragingly, “Just put all of your spirit on the thought of holding on.”

   “It hurts, you’re breaking my fingers!” Sir Pyne held his daughter’s hand, “You have become very strong during your time within the Medical Center, I, your father, am very proud of you.” The little girl nodded, letting her gaze wander over the crowd before finally focusing on Anna, who stepped forward and kissed her on the forehead, “You will survive, right?”


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