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Chapter 76 Holy Mountain (Part 2)

“Sisters, it’s the Holy Mountain! We’ve found it!”

Cara screamed and showed the whole world her happiness. Many witches foolishly stood in their places, shaken by the spectacle before them. But, there were also others who jumped around and began crying out in sheer joy.

Scarlett, however, frowned after looking at the city and muttered, “Is this really the Holy Mountain?”

Leaves, hearing this, leaned toward Scarlett and whispered, “Why do you think this? Is something wrong?” Deep down she had the same question. After all, this city in the sky didn’t look the same as described in the Holy Book, where it was said to be golden, splendorous and majestic. This city with its spires also looked spectacular, but it was entirely built in grayish black, and looked bleak even during the daytime. In addition, there was also a red fog above the city, which strongly resembled a blood mist.

“There was something … it squeezed itself into one of those holes,” Scarlett spoke again with a dry voice, “I couldn’t see it clearly, but it definitely didn’t resemble the gods…”

Leaves could feel all of her hairs begin to stand up. Within the Witch Cooperation Association, it was Scarlett who had the best eyes and could see clearly at this distance. So hearing her say this gave Leaves quite an uneasy feeling. Unfortunately, Lightning had also left with Nightingale. If not, she could have flown near the city and taken a look.

“Sisters! The Holy Mountain is waiting for us to take it,” Cara raised her hands into the air and shouted euphorically, “With just a little bit more effort, we will soon find the Eternity!”

Then, she immediately urged Stone to carry her further. Leaves personally didn’t want to move forward, but in the end, she still took the first step. She thought, two weeks ago, everyone found out what would happen if someone disagreed with Cara. I’m afraid at this point, there is nothing which will be able to stop her from moving forward!

Their marching speed increased by a steady pace. After leaving the foot of the mountain, the snow had unexpectedly reduced and the surrounding temperature had also picked up. This is the legendary forbidden lands, the land on which no human had ever set foot before. However, now Leaves could see footprints stamped on this desolate land. If Lightning was here and saw this, she would be very happy, right?

When she looked back and saw the mountains towering behind her, she couldn’t believe they were able to cross this barrier. Leaves guessed that it was only because of the impassable Mountain range that the demonic beasts couldn’t flood into the hinterlands. Are they only able to attack from the north because that’s where they can pass the mountains?

No matter what, if we really find the Holy Mountain and don’t need to drift any longer from one place to another, then I will also be satisfied …  thought Leaves as she sighed softly. To tell the truth, when Nightingale came back to the camp and told everyone about her life and future in Border Town, Leaves was enchanted. When Nightingale asked Wendy and everyone else if they wanted to leave together with her, she couldn’t help but want to step out and shout her name. But in the end, she wasn’t able to cross the threshold within her heart and was unable to leave the shadow of the past behind.

Leaves shook her head, don’t allow yourself think about the past, instead, focus on keeping pace with the others, don’t fall behind in this desolate land.

Soon they discovered something strange- regardless of their speed, the city seemed to retreat as fast as they moved forward.

After an hour of marching, “The Holy Mountain” was still suspended in the clouds, neither growing nor shrinking, it seemed just like … they hadn’t gotten closer at all..

“Respected Mentor, please order a rest, our sisters are getting tired,” said Stone. During this period of marching, the people who had to carry Cara had changed several times, but she was clearly the one who had to bear her weight the longest.

“No! How could we stop now!” Cara thoughtlessly rejected Stone’s suggestions, “This is a test by our gods, sisters, if we don’t show them our strong will, we will never be able to arrive at the Holy Mountain! We can never stop! We must continue up to the very doorsteps in order to enter the Holy Mountain directly in front of us!”

Seeing that her persuasion had failed, she couldn’t do anything else other than move forward.

Under no circumstances were they allowed to stop, even during two waves of demonic beasts they had to go forward. During the second wave, they even encountered two hybrid beasts, on which Leaves’ shackles didn’t work and without them she was unable to stop the monsters’ assault. A sister who was caught off guard had to pay the price for the group*s overconfidence. She got her neck cut by claws and her blood was spilled over the ground.

When they finally were able to kill all the demonic beasts, they discovered in horror that the sky had gradually darkened. Apparently nightfall would arrive soon. The city in front of them was still visible, but its outline had became more and more blurred over time, seeming as if it gradually disappeared.

According to their past experiences, they had to find a suitable campground and build their camp, but in these desolate lands, the surroundings were completely different compared to the mountains. When looking around, all they could see were flat plains infested with demonic beasts. There wasn’t a single place of safety where they could rest overnight.

“Respected Mentor, we have to withdraw to the foot of the Mountains! Let Scarlet lead us with her red eyes, with her help we might be able to reach the mountains by midnight,” pleaded a witch.

“No!” Cara shouted, “We have spent the whole afternoon walking with nearly no pause just to reach this place. Now when we have already consumed more than half of our stamina, we can no longer maintain the same speed and return. Sisters, we only can press on further! We can truly find the Holy Mountain, and there we can settle down to rest. “

“Then what should we do with Sherry?” asked a witch as she pointed to the ground where Sherry, showing no signs of vitality, laid.

“We have no time to bury her,” Cara shook her head, “Keep her here, the earth will accommodate her.”

Leaves sadly closed her eyes, again another of my sisters is gone, if I were only a little more powerful, she wouldn’t have to die in this desolate land, without a tombstone to tell of her life.

During that time when many sisters couldn’t decide whether they should move forward or retreat, Stone suddenly exclaimed, “Look at the sky, the city is gone!”

Hearing this, Leaves immediately opened her eyes looked up to see the night sky hidden behind a wall of gray-black clouds. The city had disappeared, just as if it had never existed.

Everyone was rooted in their places, and a terrible silence began to befall them.

During the whole time the sun had been up, the city had never vanished …

Leaves suddenly felt a horrible feeling as though her brain were struck by lightning; she remembered the tales told of adventurers, about those fantastic sceneries seen on the sea. Her whole body began to shudder, and she could only whisper, “We have been cheated…” Soon, she shouted, “We have been cheated, that wasn’t the Holy Mountain! What we saw was only a mirage!”

“Mirage?” Cara abruptly turned around, looking somewhat grim and asked with a terror-stricken voice, “What is that?”

“It is something which Lightning often mentioned within her stories. A phenomenon which was often encountered during a sea voyage, but also seen on land, only much rarer. We have seen nothing but an illusion; the real city may be very far away from us, it is even possible that it isn’t in front of us at all! “

“Does this mean that it at least exists and didn’t just disappear?” Cara asked with little hope.

“This …” Leaves took herself some time to answer, “I do not know.”

At this moment, Scarlett suddenly shouted, “Be careful! Something is coming!”  with a horrified look on her face, she stared towards the left side of their group.

“Is it a demonic beast?” asked Windseeker as she entered her battle stand, “How many?”

“No …” Scarlett answered and took two steps back in fear, “I don’t know what that is …”

After her voice died down, a shadow suddenly appeared from afar, and directly struck Scarlett with lightning speed. Although Scarlett had been able to clearly see it in the darkness, she was still unable to dodge it– it was just too fast.

Almost within the blink of an eye, it had struck Scarlett on her chest and pierced directly through her, even nailing down some other witches behind her. When it finally stopped, several witches had been impaled, and everyone finally saw what it was.

It was actually a spear.

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