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Chapter 208 “I’m truly a fool”

After wrapping her wet hair into a towel, Lily went back to her room.


Although she had previous accused the Prince of excessively pursuing pleasure, she had to admit, this bathroom thing was indeed… fantastic. Standing underneath the shower and enjoying the ice-cold well water that was washing over her body, sweeping away the sticky and hot feeling of the scorching sun, gave the body a sense of being reborn after a busy day.


However, being so carefree after the shower, she felt a hint of a guilty conscience. During the whole day, she had never restraint herself, instead she had given her sharp tongue free reign. But she now had to ask herself, whether or not she should go to His Highness and apologize.




“What?” Lily lifted the hair glued to her front head.


“You obviously do not believe in that ball theory, but now you are the first to evolve your ability,” Mystery Moon kneeled on the bed, with her upper body upright and her hand pointing at Lily, “You are a huge liar!”


Lily rolled her eyes, “Eh, I still do not believe that everything is formed out of small balls… how could that be?”


“But Nightingale sister had said that your magic has condensed.”


“That has nothing to do with those balls,” She shrugged her shoulders and climbed into the bed grasping Mystery Moon’s hand. “His Royal Highness said that to evolve your magic you don’t have to accept the theory of the balls, as long as you are able to understand your own magic deeply, it is possible that a fundamental change can happen to your magic.”


“Really?” Mystery Moon pouted.


“Anyway, that is what he’d said.”


In the Witch Cooperation Association, Mystery Moon had never been taken seriously, which resulting in her constant lack of self-confidence, was what Lily thought. Which was the complete opposite to how they treated me, after all in times of food shortage having the ability to preserve food is very important. But now I can finally understand your feelings, because since we’ve entered Border Town, my ability had become like chicken ribs, completely useless.

She had constantly been afraid of being kicked out of the town, but the result was contrary to her concerns. His Royal Highness, the Prince, although he never assigned any additional task to her, his attitude to her and the other witches wasn’t much different.


Perhaps that was also the reason why Mystery Moon had changed, from being cautious out of a feeling of inferiority, to now becoming more and more daring. More than half of her cowering was because Cara had never actually paid any attention to her, even going so far as banning her from using her ability in the camp.


“That…” The Mystery Moon frowned, “How will I ever be able to understand my ability, ah? His Highness had said that the magnetic fields are invisible, even the microscope aren’t help with it, ah.”


“Don’t ask me; I also don’t understand mine,” Lily yawned, “In fact, I only know how my ability looks like, but what His Royal Highness said about those cells, bacteria, fungi… I don’t understand any of that. He also said that he would write a textbook for me,” she confessed helplessly, “Spare me, I can’t even read the words.”


“I also want to become more powerful,” Mystery Moon rolled over the bed, ”I also want to do more things for His Royal Highness ah!”


Lily sighed, you’re obviously older, but you’re behaving as if you’re even younger than I am, really now… “Maybe you should go and ask sister Anna.”


“Ask her?” She suddenly stopped rolling.


“Yes, you are afraid to even waste the tiniest bit of His Highness time, so the next best thing would be to go ask sister Anna,” said Lily, “Within the whole town, with the exception of His Highness Roland, she is the one who will know the most.”


“But Anna is very busy too, I heard that all the machines in the town are manufactured by her,” Mystery Moon said hesitatingly.


“So you have to find her and ask during her free time, like after dinner, or ask her to help with heating up the bath water, or even just invite her to take a bath, don’t you have plenty time to ask?” The little girl made some suggestions.


“What you said… seems to be quite reasonable,” Mystery Moon’s eyes lit up.


“Then let’s get some sleep; we have to get up early tomorrow.” Lily finally untied the towel around her hair, and wiped away the hairs that have fallen into her face. Then finally, she laid her head on the pillow. “You’re the one who’s going to blow the candle.”


“Well, okay.” Mystery Moon climbed to the end of the bed and blew the candle out, “Goodnight.”



The next day, Lily did not go as she usually did to the kitchen or wheat warehouse to practice her ability, but instead sat down at the table and began to learn how to use the microscope.


This was the new task given to her by His Highness. Before the arrival of the textbook, she should fully understand the types and shapes of the various kinds of cells and fungi and record their differences. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t write, painting pictures would also be sufficient.


And according to His Royal Highness, Anna was also trying to enlarge the microscope’s magnification, in case she could achieve a magnification effect of 400 times, then she could see even the smaller microorganism and bacteria.


In the future, her practice content was no longer to keep food fresh. But to try to diversify the body of the mothers and their replicas. Regarding this point, Lily had some problems with comprehending it. Fortunately, His Highness had given her some ideas on what to practice, such as commanding them to mimic the appearance of a single cell, or to use her consciousness to destroy or improve the cells. Of course, this would only be possible if she had a full understanding of all kind of the microscopic life forms. Although Lily did not know if she could achieve this, she at least had to try.


What’s more, exploring the unknown world was an interesting thing in itself.


She’d worked on it until the evening, at which time Mystery Moon returned with a dejected expression.


“What happened?” Lily asked curiously, “What did Anna say?”


“She had said a lot,” Mystery Moon threw herself onto the bed, “but I could not understand a word of it. She said that the magnetic field is everywhere and that the reason the compass can indicate direction was because we are inside of a huge magnetic field. Does that mean that my ability is of no use at all? Not to mention the principle of the magnetic field, and the interdependence between moving charged balls and magnetic forces, and that the magnetic field can produce electricity… does all this mean that if I cannot understand the ball theory I also can not progress?” She mumbled softly. “Say, am I too stupid?”


“Somewhat,” Lily bluntly answered.





Wendy was delighted that another sister of the Witch Union had gained a new ability.


And Lily’s evolution increased also increased the enthusiasm of the other witches, this evening after the end of the course, several people stayed behind and constantly pestered Scroll with questions, even Maggie, after hearing that she could increase her ability by learning, just squatted down on the chandelier and listened honestly.


There was only one person who was exception.


When she went to the back of the room, with her “Natural Science Theoretical Foundation” book under the arm, she saw Nightingale lying on the table, focusing on something else.


Wendy knew that whatever it was had nothing to do with learning.


So, she asked, “What are you doing?”


“Distributing fish, do you want one to eat?” Said the Nightingale, while letting a fish dangling out of her mouth, “I just got them from the kitchen.”


“So many?” Wendy was surprised to see the table piled up with golden brown grilled fish, from where a delicious honey odor assaulted her nostrils.


“Well, the chef saw that I came every day, so he just baked all the rest, anyway, this food can be contained for a long time.” She took out a small bag and put the fish into it. On top of the table already laid five or six similar bags, each of them stuffed to the state of bulging.


Wendy suddenly understood what Nightingale was doing; she was preparing rations. The Witch Cooperation Association always had to be prepared to leave the town at a moment’s notice, so they always had to have enough rations and to distribute among themselves, and they would carry their rations within those bags. Along the way, no matter how hungry they became, they could only eat their provisioned rations, in order to avoid a situation where their amount of food became insufficient. But since their arrival at Border Town, with its stable supply of regular meals, together with regular afternoon tea, none of the sisters had continued with it.


Of course, for Nightingale, rather than preparing food, it would be more appropriate to call it preparing snacks.


“Do not you read the book?”


“I wouldn’t understand it anyway, just alone from hearing those theories and theorems my head already becomes dizzy,” Nightingale swallowed the dried fish, then laughingly said, “Moreover, my ability is already enough, it doesn’t matter to me if I won’t be able to further evolve it.”


So, it was like that.


Compared to her former self, at present Nightingale’s eyes are sparkling. Within them, there is no reluctance or hesitation, only her incomparable nature. Lost people cannot make such an expression, Wendy thought, Nightingale must have found her goal.


Whenever Nightingale has decided on her goal, her firm side,which came from her noble background, would show itself; this was also the case when she had faced Cara.


But Wendy did not ask about it, because she truly believed that she would one day see the answer with her own eyes.

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