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Chapter 204 Tilly Wimbledon

For a moment, the two of them enjoyed the warm atmosphere, until Ashes’ attention was drawn to a bunch of jewel-like gadgets in front of her, curiously she asked, “What are these?”


“Come,” Tilly patted the place next to her body, “I’ll show you something interesting.”


Ashes followed her suggestion and sat cross-legged next to Tilly, seeing how she put a white silk glove over her hand, which had a crystal ruby embedded on the back of the hand.


“This is… a tracking Stone?”


Tilly didn’t give her an answer. Instead, she just smiled and reached into the open air, suddenly, a flash of lightning jump from her fingertips, hitting the ground, issuing a crackling sound, followed by smoke rising from the ground, finally leaving behind a palm-sized black mark.


Ashes couldn’t believe her eyes, “You have a new ability…”


Tilly Wimbledon was an extraordinary, her magic was only usable on herself, manifesting in her unsurpassed intelligence, making it impossible for her to have her magic manifest like typical witches’ abilities would. The lightning flash just now meant that she now possessed a whole new ability, something which should have been impossible. A witch could never have two kinds of primary abilities, this was common sense that all witches were aware of.


Tilly took the glove off and handed it to Ashes, “It is not that I have a new ability, rather it is because of this stone.” She smiled, “It has the power to change how your magic works, and make your magic to even show an effect totally opposite to your current one.”


When Ashes rubbed the jewel on top of the glove, she became shocked to her core; she immediately knew that Tilly hadn’t lied to her, which meant that from now on, non-combat witches would also have the ability to fight, significantly enhancing the witches’ ability to resist the against enemy. “How many of these stones do we have?”


“There’s only one,” it seemed that Tilly already understood Ashes thought process, “in addition, it’s also not that easy to use. You have to accept magic as something that actually exist; then you have to fill the stone with this magic and only then you can release it.”


For a long time Ashes painstakingly meditative wished for it, but no trace of light could be seen.


“Do you believe me now?” Tilly said teasingly, “We extraordinary have it better than others, we can sense magic, for other witches it is much more challenging, it’s taking our imagination and comprehension to its limits. As a matter of fact, I have already tested a lot of witches, but only two to three out of one hundred were able to comprehend it and release the lightning early enough.


“Are you mocking me for being slow-witted?” Ashes took off the glove and threw it to the side.


“Pretty much,” Tilly raised her eyebrow, “At that time, I merely used…”


To stop her, Ashes kissed her, only permitting her to croon for a bit… when they finally separated, the latter took in a long breath, “Well, not so stupid after all.”


“And what is with those other stones?” As if wishing to continue, Ashes licked her lips. Only in the presence of the 5th Princess, was she able to fully relax, “Could it be that they all possess a different kind of capabilities?”


“Yes, they show a different result,” Tilly confirmed, a blush had still not gone from her cheeks. “However, they still won’t allow the ordinary person to possess witch-like abilities, only people with magic power can arouse it.” She paused, “Which left me with a question.”


“What is your question?”

“What exactly is magic?” Tilly said slowly, one word at a time, “For a long time now, the witches abilities were manifold and varied widely, showing a high degree of uncertainty to it, and in the perception of an extraordinary, witches were also different. But with this strange stones, magic becomes completely be the same, through it, any witch can release the exact the same ability. Therefore, I might have been following the wrong lead previously, magic itself is perhaps one type of omnipotent power, but us witches can merely manifest one of its forms.”


“Then these magic stones?” Ashes asked.


“They can only release, but they cannot gather magic. It is not clear whether they are human-made, or formed from nature,” Tilly said regretfully, “According to legend, they were unearthed from within the relics. At present, the greater part of them have already spread within the folk; I only managed to collect this much… I heard that an ancient ruin lies in the eastern part of the Seawind Region, I really want to go and take a look for myself, maybe I could find more information about magic and some intelligence on the forgotten history there.


Several of the words, Tilly had used, left Ashes unable to make sense of what she was hearing, and furthermore, Ashes also reluctantly had the thought, In the end, as long as we are able to live, who cares about what had happened 400 years ago.

“It is better you don’t. Right now, the Seawind Region is the most dangerous region in all of the Kingdom of Graycastle.”




“Before I set off from Port of Clearwater, I’ve heard the sailors chatting about that Garcia Wimbledon’s Black Sail Fleet being dispatched, with the Seawind Region, which belongs to Timothy,  as its destination. Directly hitting his camps from behind the frontlines.” Ashes explained, “When the martial law had finally been lifted, I took the next opportunity to leave the harbor. If my information is correct, I am afraid that the Seawind Region has already been turned into a sea of flames.”


“They are still fighting each other,” Tilly looked a little worried, “This way, the Church will take advantage of it and start an invasion. If we cannot unite, Graycastle will fall. The same as had happened to the Kingdom of Endless Winter, we will be swallowed by the Church.


This sentence started Ashes, and was instantly noticed by the 5th Princess, “What is it?”


“Nothing,” she sent her a wink. “You look just look somewhat similar to Roland Wimbledon. Furthermore, he even said the same thing to me.”


“Oh? Did you see him?” Tilly’s interest was picked. “By the way, you didn’t tell me anything about the trip to the West!”


“I had heard news that the Witch Cooperation Association was in Border Town, but Shadow should have already told you of this,” Ashes embraced her counterpart, “The results that I had discovered, was that the so-called Holy Mountain they had supposedly found, was a hoax created by Roland. He took over the Witch Cooperation Association and was secretly recruiting the witches… “

Afterward, she told Tilly what she had heard and seen during the week she had stayed in Border Town, “And at the end, he also said to me, that we have to unite, if we want to resist the Church. If they ever attacked us here in the Fjords and we could no longer stay, we are always welcomed in Border Town.”


“Well…” Tilly thought for a moment, and then suddenly said, “This man is not Roland Wimbledon. He has been replaced by someone.”




“You said he had gathered a great number of witches around him, right?” What I guess is, that among them was a witch who took control of him, or simply changed her appearance to match his.” Tilly said bluntly, ”I’ve grown up with Roland, it is clear that compared with my two other brothers and my third sister, the thing he was always the worst at was to cover up the truth, even if he were to tell a lie, the lies would still be full of a hundred loopholes. It is impossible for him to disguise as another person.


As for the weapons you said they could use to fight against the God’s Punishment Army, they are only proving it… An individual may hide his true character, but he cannot fake scholarly knowledge, the court mentors never taught him those things, so how can he know it?” Tilly stated, “The people that are born into the world aren’t born with knowledge, so he is certainly not my stupid and annoying brother.“


“Is… it’s like that?” Ashes frowned.


“Nevertheless, it is still necessary for me to get in contact with them,” Tilly sighed. “After all, Roland Wimbledon is still my brother. Even though he might be ignorant and incompetent, that doesn’t mean that he is hopeless. Compared with the others, he was the most harmless. So I hope, that the witches of the Witch Cooperation Association haven’t already buried him in the earth.”


“I do not think they’d do that,” Ashley thought of Wendy, “I also left Maggie with him, at the end of the month, she should come back and bring us news from Border Town.”


“That it the only way, after all, our current focus doesn’t lay here,” speaking until here, the 5th Princes freed herself from the embrace and went to the garden, and said, with open arms, “Now that you are back, the cleaning program can finally be implemented. I want no traces of the Church to be left in the Fjords, only then will the Fjord’s truly become the home of the witches.


The sun shone from behind Tilly’s body, making it appear as if she was covered by a layer of gold. Her long gray hair caressed her cheeks like golden threads, her face was full of confidence, as if there didn’t exist any difficulty that could strike her down.


“I wish to devote my life to you, honored Queen of mine.” Ashes vowed, with a smile.

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      Or it will be wrecked by the church and Roland will gobble them up in his country

  • Kuq Ku

    I guess 😛 or maybe the elves home.

  • Herloct

    So her power is infinity gauntlet!? 😱

  • Gatsby Francisco

    F5 INTENSIFY!!!!

  • Chiki Amara

    Nobody notice her new sword?

    And ohh.. wondering who will pay their visit first…

    • Aldrich Castillo

      her old sword was covered when it wasnt in use… could be the same now

      • Chiki Amara

        Enn.. posibly..

  • Neruz

    So the questions are:
    Is this legit?
    Will it last?
    And how will Roland get involved?

    I hope it does last and Roland gets involved when the Church clamps down on trade, forcing Tilly to look elsewhere, but I can’t tell what level of ‘dark’ this author is going for.

    • mllhild

      This will probably develop when Roland is forced to go against Garcia when she cuts of trade up the river.

      The reason for his involvement will probably be that his main trade partner is the woman living in Graycastle who comes from the Fiords. And so to show that he can protect the merchants under his future rule he has to helo them keep the trade routes open.

      Cutting of supply to the Witch Island by hands of the church is not possible. Reason being:
      1. They aren’t so many witches that they would need huge amounts of food
      2. The witches can get food from the Fiords as well(which will soon be beliver free after Ashes visited it)
      3. The main sea power is Garcia who is hostile to the Church. So she will be favorable to everything that hurts the Church. As well as the fact that Garcia wants the throne and having Tilly as secret ally would only be helpful to her.
      4. With the amount of witches there I expect some of them to be usefull to boost agriculture, therefore they may very well be soon self-suficient in terms of food

  • mllhild

    Now we are finally going into magic-tech!

  • Kuq Ku

    Maybe they could become like Atlantis? eventually becoming a submerged city? oh maybe Roland can show them submarines lol a bit of Jules Vern. Id love to see artwork of their city, I can fully imagine BT, but Im pretty sure Tillys country 😛 would look fantasical and beautiful 😀

    Compared to the man made ones like these

    • Herloct

      It would look like The Hobbits village in my mind. 😅

  • fgundam

    as i see it their paradise wont last long if the truth about witch’s not being able to have children then they will all die out instead of increasing in population so allying with Roland will be a better idea for acquiring new population that do not fear witch.

    and for some reason i think his sister is a reincarnated or soul transferring witch like Roland from what i get from this teaser.

    • BannedDueToRudeness

      can rule 101: MC is the only one who got his soul transferred. Unless it is DE

      • Clau Sal

        DE what is that ? I read some novel with two person with souls transfered

        • Kaminzo

          Desolate Era. About a dude from earth that dies young and is transferred to a world of cultivation. Also the MC in DE is a special case, the other immortals only reincarnate into the same world.

          • omarct .

            You are wrong. In DE the main character is not transferred anywhere. He reincarnates just like everyone else, but instead of reincarnating into a higher being because of his good deeds, something goes wrong and he reincarnates into a normal human but with all the memories of his previous life including his time in the netherworld.

      • Ale Cole

        Well, in DE you’re not a real character if your soul isn’t transferred.

    • mllhild

      Aren’t you forgetting that there are constantly new witches being born around the kingdoms? They will all flee towards there, keeping the population from declining this way.

      • dis ward

        Thing is its difficult for witches to even migrate to them as long as the churches influence spans the world. As for now they need to rely on people like Ashes to migrate the witches into the island which is incredibly inefficient as well as dangerous for both the new witches and the ones who help them. If Roland didn’t exist, the church would most likely have entire control over the three nations eliminating the chances to almost zero for new witches in Tilly’s island and having them die out over time.

        Edit: Another thing is the church is stepping up its game to grab new witches by taking children as compared to before they were quiet in their activities to taking in new talent.

        • mllhild

          They are taking more children now. but they were taking children already for a long time. Only now the collections are more frequent.

          • dis ward

            Meaning less new witches. Isolation is all wrong and just the same as Clara.

  • Jens

    if Roland ever has a problem with her he just needs to bombard the outer wall with his cannons and a good portion would probably just be flooded

    • Kuq Ku

      He wouldnt do that, hes not Garcia or Timothy

      • belegorn

        agree, but still its a big flaw at least from the little we know atm

        • Dragrath

          Well with proper knowledge of levies and dams it should be generally stable as long as maintenance is preformed and precautions are taken against storms. The Netherlands is built on a similar concept for instance. Now they would need to watch out for decaying infrastructure or unaccounted subsidence or they risk the circumstances of New Orleans particularly in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

      • Gatsby Francisco

        PLZ DONT FORGET Roland still has alot of powerful weapon on his disposal just breaking 1 or 2 walls is nothing for him. Unless if they dare to threaten his Kingdom Border Town or know as Western Territory well after all Ashes has been hated by all witches in Border Town ridiculing their Savior and Future King also Roland never yet call himself as King for his battle is not over yet unlike all his brother and sister’s they already proclaim themselves as King and Queen are they stupid?

        • Kuq Ku

          Id expect that kind of thing from Timothy and Garcia, not Roland, if they threaten him he retaliates against those responsible, but he doesnt destroy their towns etc, look at the Duke did Roland destroy LS? no he didnt instead he used it, took the people from there to help build up BT.

          If they threatened BT or Roland, then it is possible that a war would happen, but look at it from a different perspective, why create more enemies when allies are much more productive and beneficial for both sides.

          • dis ward

            People change and you can never say Roland will ALWAYS remain the same with the war knocking on his doorstep. He didn’t even attempt to save the civilians who took the pills instead allowing them to die in the cells and heading back to his city. I personally think it was the smart thing to do but that doesn’t make it the morally right thing to do.

            Also you seem to forget the case of Clara and how she went insane for the search of the holy mountain. Who is to say the same thing can’t happen to Tilly and Roland would need to knock some sense. All I’m saying is don’t make assumptions a character wouldn’t do something because they can always surprise you.

            • Kuq Ku

              I dont know why Roland didnt try to help them with experimental techniques, Nanas powers might not work, nor would he expose her to any danger regarding treating those under the influence of those pills, its been said before that the pills were like God stone, so Im not sure what couldve been done by Roland anyway, he did feel for them, because they were forced by Timothy to fight against him, the blame for that lays with Timothy and the Church, and as Nightingale said “That’s the reason why you will wreck
              the Church, to end the dispute, so that people no longer have to kill
              each other for such senseless reasons, right?” Nightingale asked with a
              smile, “No matter if they are ordinary people or witches, under your
              rule, they will all live a happy life. ”

              I realize its naive to assume that he wouldnt do that, by that I mean preemptive strikes against Tilly as a precaution of future attacks, or even a defensive measure if conflict arises between them. He has only acted defensively when protecting his lands, and not actively forged ahead to dominate his siblings, at least not yet, he did contemplate going against the Duke, but the Duke had already forced that fight by initiating it first.

              From what I can see, Roland is happy enough to let progress and development take priority in bettering the living conditions of his people, and protecting them, when he has sufficient resources to fuel his war machine and able bodies, he will make his move, watching his siblings vie for control, doing the work for him, while he prepares himself for any upcoming conflict

              I think Tilly would be smart enough not to invite another enemy unnecessarily, although she may feel considerable distrust towards Roland who has transformed into something unrecognizable, she may opt to be be neutral towards him till she understands his capabilities, and may even try to infiltrate them with one of her own, someone capable of hiding their intentions from someone like Nightingale. But if a diplomatic exchange takes place, she may not need too, but allowing Roland the same kind of intel into her own operation might not be desirable.

              • Chiki Amara

                Am aware and realize this too.. but hope some arc will explain this.. that riland sure will make emptive measure agains tilly side..

                If not.. kinda some loophole.. but i hope its doenst happen..

                But you have good opini..

            • Chiki Amara

              This can be twist of plot.. but either fine with me.. as long as BT and all life within it did not have tragic accident.. especially for the witch..

          • Gatsby Francisco

            Well what will you do if your Lord being made as a fool like what ash did? Ignorance excuses no1 well Veronica was pissed same for Anna and Nana and the border town witches.

            • Kuq Ku

              I wouldnt say they were pissed, Id say they were unwilling to listen to her, as for her behavior towards Roland, the old Roland had it coming lol, but that isnt to say its worth being killed for, no doubt insulting Royalty wouldve carried a heavy penalty, but he can see beyond such petty trivialities, what he wanted to see was her potential, he also hoped she would be encouraged by their setup and willing to concede that the Witches here were protected.

              Ashes tried but failed to lure any witches, including someone who owed her life to Ashes, that being Wendy. Ashes finally accepted their resolve, leaving BT after recovering from that duel and receiving Nightingales warning.

              Unfortunately Ashes is a love sick meathead, who lacks the capacity to understand the finer points to the overall plan concerning the future for Witches, she only sees Tillys way as the right way, she isnt necessarily wrong in that regard, but like all things plans may not go as intended.

              As for the other siblings wanting the throne, it is their right according to the King (fake or not, the order is valid till the deception is discovered and proved) The siblings are only following through with that decree.

              Garcia was successful in taking down Roland, however the real one was replaced by a reincarnator who is far more capable..

              I would have to say that if Roland was insulted, the warning Nightingale gave was sufficient response.

              • Chiki Amara

                Enn.. nice point of view..

  • BannedDueToRudeness

    The existence of the city depends on the old man getting them some essentials because they cannot get everything on the island..That is risky because if old man is caught,then they would be in the middle of the sea with nothing to fall back on!!

    • Inbetweenbooks

      well, they would have fishing. But yeah, if that soil ain’t farmable, they are vulnerable. Also, they better have a good well on that island, or they can face a Alcatraz situation…

      other than that, a certain plant life witch or her products would have been godsent… maybe something that can be traded, a produce that is valid for 2-3 generations, and can grow from saltwater and rocks…

      • BannedDueToRudeness

        Yeah..Not to mention we don’t know if they have any flying or water type Pokemon..I mean witches.

        • Inbetweenbooks

          They do, altough their flying type is on an exchange program right now.

          • BannedDueToRudeness

            Nah..More like set free. Or maybe a trade is gonna be completed?

      • BannedDueToRudeness

        I think it was mentioned somewhere in the past that no two witches can have the same ability…

        • mllhild

          No it wasn’t, its only that its unlikely to find two with exact the same ability.
          Nightigale mentioned that she had seen several witches with fire manipulating abilities, but none as powerful as Anna. (that was pretty much at the beginning of the story)

          • Neruz

            It’s just that the abilities are so massively varied that two witches are highly unlikely to have the exact same ability; given that their abilities seem to be affected by their perception of the world ala Anna’s fire evolutions after learning basic physics, the odds are that even two witches with the same ability would diverge due to personal differences.

      • Aurega

        Would be easy to get water from seawater if they have a witch capable of boiling water,

    • Krosan Wayfarer

      No they just need to buy sometime before their base can run full operate.

      • BannedDueToRudeness

        For witches,the time they got should be sufficient

    • leacherfag

      The old man has lightnings father

      • BannedDueToRudeness

        hmmn..that is a bit of a plot hole if a dead man turns up!!

        • Chiki Amara

          His death not confirmed yet… Once mentioned that greatest explorer not easy defeated by some storm..

      • Mirari

        Lighting’s father will appear soon, but not this old man

  • Sangalanga

    I imagine Nightingale would love to have one of those stones. For professional purposes of course.