RW Chapter 197

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Chapter 197 Preparing for the Enemy

On the next morning, Roland was informed that Lightning, on one of her routine patrols, had discovered that there was a large force slowly closing in on them. .

“What, they have more than 1000 people?” Hearing such a large number startled Roland, wasn’t I told that it was only a 50-people strong envoy?


“En, goo,” Maggie added, “there aren’t many people that are riding on horses, only six!”


“The people who are walking… how are they dressed and equipped?”


“They seem ordinary, most of them don’t possess a helmet or armor. They’re wearing normal linen clothes instead,” Lightning reported, “Furthermore, they all have different kinds of weapons, but there are hundreds of people who are carrying short spears on their back.”


With such a poor level of equipment, does that mean they are civilians or serfs who were forced into serving? Roland questioned this, during this era they had no specialized militia training, this was also the reason why the militia usually only belonged to the logistic team and handled the food and supplies of the Knights. While they were also sometimes used as cannon fodder, as a target for the enemy’s arrows.


If Timothy wants to use military force to dispose of me, it should be impossible that he doesn’t know about the explosive fight between Border Town and Longsong Stronghold. That time, Duke Ryan’s coalition of more than two hundred Knights could not even touch the town’s edge, not to mention that crowd of mercenaries who would have to run on both of their legs. Knowing about the fight’s process and eventual result, yet still wanting to attack Border Town, this can only mean that they have confidence that they can break through the intensive row of gunfire.


Roland could not help but think of the church’s pills.

Previous he had already guessed that the Church was supporting Garcia and himself at the same time, but whether they also favored Timothy was still unknown. If that troop was in possession of those pills, the situation would be entirely different.


For a short time they would be able to reach the speed of a running horse, while also not being afraid of pain, meaning, the gun line would actually face an impact of more than 1000 “Knights”, and as long as one person managed to rush into the lines, they could cause significant casualties to the First Army.


Fortunately, the First Army now was no longer the First Army of two months ago.


With the revolving rifle, although until now only 100 had been replaced, the firepower they could deliver went far beyond that of the previous flintlock army, especially after he’d provided the gunners with a special ammunition loader. As soon as they enter into a scope of 300 meters, the enemy would have to face a constant stream of attacks.

Furthermore, after the fight with the stronghold, the artillery force has also been expanded. From its original size of four to its current size 20 groups, each was equipped with a modified version of the 12-pounder field cannon, doubling its range, its effective range was increased to over a kilometer.


However, Roland soon thought of another problem.


“Have you noticed if anyone of those soldiers that were walking was wearing a God’s Stone of Retaliation?


“I didn’t dare to get so close,” Lightning said, then pointed at Maggie. “But this fellow, after she had turned into her eagle form she could see them many times better than I could.”


But the latter also shook her head, “Haven’t seen, they might have hidden it in their clothes, Goo!”


“If it’s like this…” for a moment Roland pondered about it, “How about you take Nightingale with you. If you only carry one person while flying, you can still reach a height of ten meters, right? You will follow the Redwater River, Maggie will fly in front of you and take responsible of being on guard, as for the possibility of coming across a ship, Nightingale will step into her world of fog,” he said, then he looked at Nightingale. “When you are close enough to the enemy, you will observe them from distance. Find out if the troops are carrying God’s Stone of Retaliations, however, without my permission, you will not attack.”


“Yes,” Nightingale and Lightning said simultaneously.


When the three were ready to go, Roland stopped them one more time, “Remember, safety first, the most important thing is that you protect yourself.”


“No problem,” Nightingale said with a wink and smile.


When the witches had left, Roland felt a little uneasy, wasn’t the last sentence too much like raising a flag?


But he also became aware of a major mistake he had made, which was, that his intelligence control within the Longsong Stronghold was too weak – if it weren’t for the messenger sent by Petrov, he would only become aware of the enemy after it had already hit his door. Once a street fight broke out, the First Army would lose its advantage of firepower, and it would be difficult to get the advantage back.


I’m too young, too simple, Roland thought, after the war, this has to be changed, not only our intelligence system, Petrov should also be placed in my own staff.


In the following time, Roland sat restlessly at his table, even when it was time for lunch he wasn’t in the mood to eat. Only when Lighting, carrying Nightingale, flew in a fairy like manner into his room was he able to breath out in relieve.


Maggie closed her wings, dropped on Nightingales shoulders and chirped in a high voice: “Doesn’t exist goo, doesn’t exist goo!”


“They have no God’s Stone of Retaliation?”


“Most of them don’t possess them,” Nightingale said, taking off her hood, freeing her golden flood. “I have observed them from the front to the end, and I could only detect three to four black holes from the ranks of the militia.”


“Very well,” Roland said, immediately forming a preliminary battle plan. “You all should be hungry by now. In that case, go to the dining hall and order whatever you want to eat from the chef.


“Honey-sauce barbecue, Goo!” Maggie chirped, spread her wing and flew ahead.




East of Border Town.


Van’er glanced at the stone masons and workers who were busying themselves at both sides of the road, “In the end, what is it that they are building?”


In the beginning hundreds of people had dug out several huge pits in the ground, and they then built a brick wall at the edge of the pits, he thought that the walls would be connected, cutting off the road this way, so he never expected that they would actually be built around the pit.


“Don’t worry about it; I only know that there is finally another enemy we can beat,” Jop said excitedly while setting up the cannon on the right spot.


Indeed, how satisfying that would be. Last time when we had defeated the Duke’s coalition, His Royal Highness had personally awarded us members of the artillery group with a bronze emblem… No, that’s wrong; it was a medal. The Longsong Stronghold’s wall was depicted on the front of the medal, while the back was engraved with the year and their accomplishment. It was an exquisite production and had led to a lot of envy from the others within the firearm squadron.


And as if that wasn’t already enough honor, they had also been promoted, Van’er was now an artillery captain, and was in charge of ten artillery groups. The Rodney brothers, Cat’s Claw and Jop, were promoted to team captains, with three of them transferred to newly formed groups, where they were in charge to teaching the newly enlisted gunners how to operate the cannon.


However, the most inspiring was, that the Prince, His Highness has honored his promise, and had assigned a piece of land, which laid east of the town, at the foot of the Impassable Mountain Range, to him. Even though it was only a forest for now, but on the ground there now stood a stele, symbolizing that this piece and the rights to it’s use belonged to him.


So when they had learned that an enemy wanted to invade Border Town, the First Army suddenly began to boil, everyone was fully motivated, and hoped to gain some merits within the battle.


When the evening came, and the day’s drill finally came to its end, Van’er wiped the sweat from his forehead, and sat down on the shelves to take a little rest. During the whole afternoon he had gone from one artillery group to another, checking whether the new recruits were following the rules and execution steps when firing, he had yelled so much that his throat was nearly on fire.


“Drink something,” Jop handed him a leather flask.


“Thank you,” Van’er twisted open the lid, drinking thirstily.


“I think I know what they’re going to build,” said the former, raising his lips, proudly.


“Is that so?” He gave the leather bag back to Jop. By now the brick wall has been piled up to half a person’s height, roughly surrounding the pit in a hexagon. However, on each side of the wall, 30 – 40 centimeters over the ground, they had left open a long and narrow cross, which slightly resembled a window but appeared to be a bit smaller. “It won’t be a house.”


“Calling it a house, wouldn’t be wrong, I just went and asked a mason,” Job nodded, “he told me that this was something His Royal Highness, the Prince had come up with, when the firearm team hides themselves within they can fire while being half buried in the ground, not having to worry about anything. But they also have a unique name; His Royal Highness called it a bunker.”

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          All unit then will open fire after most of the enemy trooper had reached the center of the firing line. the sudden collapse of high number of soldier in right, left and center should cause major morale damage to enemy combatant. After brief time of engagement, to preserve what its left after enemy morale have collapse completely, general retreat should be sounded by enemy commander. Even if they try to be stubborn and charge into hail of gunfire, they will perish completely without even touching the main line of defense, because you know “Hail of Gunfire”.

          • Kuq Ku

            Gurkha with just their Kukri would make quick work of a Bunker, I think your 10 man idea could be used for sure, having roaming 10 man teams of destruction would be scary as all hell, especially when you know what your up against, Psychological warfare is just as effective as bullets.

            • NickC

              I don’t believe a melee unit of any sort has successfully fought a field battle against a regular firearm unit since the invention of smokeless powder.

              • Kuq Ku

                Gurkha had guns they also had kukri which in close combat was used and proved very deadly against an armed enemy when circumstances allowed, I didnt mean to say thats all they did, charge at bunkers with just their Kurkri

              • Nnelg


                And in case you don’t consider terrorists ‘regulars’…

                There’s also hundreds of battles in and between the Sino-Japanese wars where Chinese provential troops with nothing but swords and spears had to fight off the (admittedly also outdated) rifles and tanks of the Japanese, and the end result wasn’t a one-sided slaughter… Too bad it’s nigh impossible to find more information than that in English.

                • NickC

                  Of course terrorists aren’t regular firearm units. They’re exemplary examples of irregular units.

                  Also, “melee units” don’t have machine gun support fire, rifles, grenades and tanks, among other things. It is with some incredulity that I’m reading a passage that reads: “Millett spotted a Chinese machine gun to his left. He ordered a BAR to fire on it. Another soldier spotted eight Chinese squatting in a hole just ten yards from Millett. The captain ran to it, firing his carbine and throwing grenades. The enemy died. ” and you want to consider that a melee unit charge.

                  Calling a small squad action fixing a bayonet to their guns no more makes you a melee unit in a field battle than a bomber crew armed with pistols is a light infantry skirmisher battalion.

                  Besides, “melee unit”, you also don’t know the meaning of “field battle”. Never in history has a squad charging a house or trench been considered a field battle. Field implies area to maneuver, in the military sense, and battle implies combat well about the squad or fireteam scale.

        • DudeForDuke

          This is true. With so few of Roland’s soldiers having multi-shot rifles like the revolver rifle, you need to rely on lines of infantry still to keep up the rate of fire and bring enough to bear on an enemy formation. With a flintlock, you just need to have men and more of them in formation to make up for the lack of sustained fire.

          Once he gets the army armed with suitable repeating rifles, however, he can start utilizing modernish maneuver warfare/small unit tactics.

          • Nnelg

            No matter how advanced the weaponry, a regimented firing line will maximize its effects on massed soldiers well above and beyond what small, disparate units can accomplish. Until the enemy changes *their* tactics significantly, breaking Roland’s army up into smaller chunks is just giving them a leg up in “divide and conquer”.

            • Nnelg

              Thinking of how a single GPA soldier could kill hundreds of ordinary men armed with modern weapons so long as he only had to deal with a handful of them at a time, I was about to say that a good example would be action/horror movies like Aliens or Predator: if the soldiers just had massed their firepower together and moved as a single entity, they coudn’t be picked off one-by-one and anything they collectively fired upon would without a doubt be destroyed.

              That led to a strange idea: what if the attackers at Rorke’s Drift had not been Zulus, but Xenomorphs? I can’t help but feel that the results would have been the same…

      • madstack

        IMO, Roland’s problem is much simpler. He’s inexperienced, lacks a teacher or reference material for warfare tactics, he’s too deep in his own comfort zone and he’s an engineer. The last two being his biggest problems. I think he’s set if he gets around those two.

        Conversely, his biggest strengths are technology, he is unpredictable and is often underestimated. None of those will stay relevant for too long, since everyone has a decent information network except him.

        • Jo Viljar

          Well not like he is likely to find a good teacher either since nobody there would have any experience on how to best make use of the power and technology Roland has access to

          Though it could still be useful with a teacher mostly for understanding and knowing the enemy (but even that might not be all that useful since Roland’s way of fighting is so different that the enemy is also likely to act in ways that they usually wouldn’t… either that or they are fools who would quickly fall to Roland’s firepower)

          • Kuq Ku

            I wouldnt necessarily say thats true, trench warfare was used in WW1 and thats some old skool strats, they used obscure languages that the enemy wouldnt know to communicate with so deciphering it would be more difficult for them, I dont think old skool strategies are dated or unusable, just modified and used differently.

            The Art of war and other Old skool tactics still have relevance even today.

            If he finds someone like Sun Tzu, Rommel, Hannibal, etc Id say hed have a really great start. Ive said this before, but he really needs to go out and recruit talented people.

            • Nnelg

              Let’s not get someone quite *that* talented; if Roland’s attempting to revolutionize a monarchy as the King, he doesn’t want a Napoleon arising…

              (Hang on… Didn’t l’Empereur start off as an *artillery commander*?)

              • Kuq Ku

                Ana will skewer the upstart before his short ass poses for a painting on a horse for a Old spice commercial.

                • Nnelg

                  God’s Stone of Retalliation. Guaranteed to stop any* witch in their tracks!

                  *extraordinaries excluded

                  • Kuq Ku

                    Would be a bit like throwing a boulder with magic gravity does the rest, just like the momentum of surgically sharpened metal pins to impale those protected by God Stone

            • madstack

              Well, it took us a million or so of dead to realize trench warfare is the way to go. I agree that he himself should not be an army commander, since he clearly has neither aptitude nor desire to be one.

        • Kuq Ku

          He needs the Art of War magically transported to him via Amazons magic drones.

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  • Puru.The.Great

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    War oh yeah!

  • Maxi King

    wait 1000 enemies? if rolands shooting squad is 100 people that would be 10 shots each…

    • Lum Wei Le

      U forget that is if all the bullets hit and said bullet hits a different enemy each time without hitting other people’s target.

      • Maxi King

        yes also the chance of missing, bullet penetration, misfire, cannon, the actual amount of rolands troops, pills, panic, air currents, etc

    • SanitaryCockroach

      Cannons guys, cannons.

    • mllhild

      expect it to take a lot more than 1 bullet to stop a doped soldier.
      Also the procentage of fatal or even effective hits is going to be rather low.

  • kkl

    try to maintain his low amount of knight that his sister kill… he use commoner+drug to fight his war and they always died in the end. worst strategic ever as they r not like china with their huge amount of population

    • Inbetweenbooks

      apart from the part where he is using his brothers people, and drug them to be loyal to him, meaning that no matter what, it’s not him bearing the cost…

  • Neruz

    Well unless the entire militia is drugged, which is possible given the pills they seized last chapter, they will break on the first contact with Roland’s Redcoats.

    If they are drugged, they will get chewed into mincemeat instead of breaking.

  • Ymir


  • Easykill

    Test subjects for if Nana can cure the dependency!

    • mllhild

      Good idea!

    • Kik Heirtothestar

      Nana’s magic will evolve for sure XD

    • madstack

      That sounds a bit dangerous.

    • Kuq Ku

      As terrible as this sounds, but yes they will need that, and to experiment on them as well, will Nana be able to do that? Can Nana be a Mengele?

      Roland needs a medical team Drs, researchers, etc. people that can do that.

    • Kilian

      The question would be if Nana can fix (mental) diseases as she does with injuries. The drugs which they have taken are actually creating a disease in the body (used up lifeforce) and not just an injury like taking an arrow to the knee. On top of that there is the mental strain of losing that much power which is faaaaaar more heavy a burden than just withdrawl effects of normal drugs. In traditional Xianxia and Wuxia genre’s there have been heavenly medicine which can add to your lifeforce but till this moment in this world there have not been such medicine. Losing almost all your lifeforce would be the equivelant of being an 85 dying man. His cells just can’t reproduce anymore to keep up with the dying cells.

  • Kuq Ku

    Sounds like they Enlisted the Locals of Longsong… thats some shitty shit they did, force fed them pills no doubt and forced them to fight against Roland, here peasants go forth and kill my enemy or face my blade. These guys deserve all theyre going to get, but those people 🙁 their deaths are guaranteed if the Pill was used on them 🙁 what a way to conscript new recruits to bolster their forces 🙁

    Roland make sure you crush them hard, its a shame you cant stomp on them for a very long time.

    • mllhild

      The mercenary/milita force already was 1500 strong when they did attack LS, so they probably didn’t added the locals.

      • Kuq Ku

        Oh I need to re read it, I thought they recruited the rest from LS as they were so craptastically geared and armed.

  • fgundam

    LOL the pills may be a variable but the witches themselves are also a variable since chances are that they are not equipped with the witch resistant stone and can be wiped out by Nightingale single handedly if she goes back and forth killing and resupplying.

    • mllhild

      Actually her just killing the 10 or so Knights and destroying the pills stash would disable the army completely.
      Fun thing is that Nightingale can see the GSoP and the Pills from inside her fog. So its like them sitting ducks. 20 bullets and 2 or 3 sacks of black powder is enough to do the job.

      • SanitaryCockroach

        You always played the thief style in RPGs, didn’t you? XD

      • Inbetweenbooks

        it’s still dangerous for her to do it like that, she is forced out into the open if a guy with a stone comes close to her, and they run as fast as horses but with faster acceleration…

        That is, if they can react.

        but yeah, take out the scouts to blind the army, and lobotomizing it by assassinating the commanders is always a valid strategy…

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      They always seem to extend the cliff the moment you get pumped for an action scene.

      • Ah, right 🙁

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    ( Teaser ) it seems timothy soldier doesn’t know Roland weapon yet the …..

    • They’re too confident with the pills. From what I can tell, these thousand soldiers aren’t the usual knights, but mostly militias. Not sure whether they’d provide them all with a pill, but if they do, I can understand how they can be quite confident. Well, it’ll be their demise though. Roland’s army had gotten an upgrade in terms of weaponry and numbers, and they already secured materials for ammos. Hah… actually, I’m still a bit skeptical. Sure, the cannons can just blast them away, but since these pills didn’t exist in Roland’s world, or at least he wasn’t aware of anything as close to it, I can’t help but consider this as an unstable variable. And an unstable variable, regardless of how small, can always lead to unexpected result.

      • Rico Sebastian

        don’t forget the witch also one of roland trump card so ….

        • Lmao, I nearly forgotten that the witches can help in this.

          • What was this novel about again… 😉

            • Some random actress trying to NTR someone’s husband ( ̄へ ̄)

              • SanitaryCockroach


        • Easykill

          He has few battle capable witches though? Useful in the right places, but still relatively insignificant in comparison to his actual army. As if a couple modern tanks or something are mixed in.

        • ArchEyeTech

          However their range is limited.

          The only actual combat witch is Nightingale and with her dual pistol can go a longer range.

          • Nightingale should be able to bring Anna to wreck havoc. But I don’t think Roland will let Anna go deep into the enemy’s line.

          • Herloct

            Let anna create a net of thin black fire fiber. As long as nightingale get rid those using god stone, everyone who pass the net would become a mere meat

            • ArchEyeTech

              That will work so long as the enemy, who swallowed the pills, lose their sense of danger.

              They be like stampeding bison herd heading straight for the cliff.

      • mllhild

        As we know from the last chapter, the duration of the pills is rather short.
        The first time it lasts for 15 min.
        The second and third time the effect is even shorter.
        This makes it a short power boost to break the lines of the enemy and cause the army to route.
        But this means that it has to be taken right before the battle. Remember what happened last time when the Dukes army tried to position itself to attack?

        • The pills can null their pain receptor. So unless they have their legs broken from the shrapnel attack, I’m pretty sure they’ll still advanced forward. I’m sure it will also null their fear, so they may not care with the damage they received. At the off chance there are some who haven’t gotten their legs broken from the attack, they can advance forward as meat shield to protect the others behind them. Of course this scenario will depend on whether they have the time to take their pills, but that’s precisely why these pills are unstable variables. And of course, even if this happens, they’ll only be able to harm minority of the First Army, but hey, Roland didn’t have any casualties during their fight against Longsong, so it’ll be pretty sad to have even one now, right?

  • skaviouz

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    • mllhild

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    • FanChan

      they are also feeding the commoners the churches pills


    I wonder just how many revolving rifles Roland build… All ~600 soldiers and trainees going to be armed with them?

    • Wrandral

      He just needs his shrapnel canons and that mob will be shredded so bad that they won’t be able to advance even if they’re drugged up.

      • MOHLT

        yeah, I certainly hope he has atleast 10 cannons or so now.
        edit: 20! even better

    • ArchEyeTech

      If thats the case then it be like Iwo Jima.

    • mllhild

      He still hasn’t managed to make a way to mass produce the ammunition needed for the revolving rifles.
      Making tight fitting shells, the igniter inside, and a fitting bulled is quite the challenge if you don’t have a proper hydraulic press and quite some time to test for stable and reliable igniter production.

      • MOHLT

        He is still able to produce 100 bullets a day, or more I believe? He should have few(+10? maybe) thousands of them stockpiled somewhere(could have been used up in training of course).

  • MangoGuy

    RIP Church’s fake lapdogs~

    • MOHLT

      Atleast those fools removed 1 future problem for Roland!

      • MangoGuy

        or maybe those dogs will bite a bit before going down? Find out in the next release of RTW!!

      • Wrandral

        You mean the church and their reserve of pills or Petrov getting too big for his breaches?

        • MOHLT

          church, Petrov is smalltime anyway.

        • Jo Viljar

          Petrov isn’t really a big problem for Roland
          As Petrov is greedy and interested in personal gains and have little loyalty… however that isn’t that big of a problem as he knows of Rolands power and he has bigger possibility of gains if Roland becomes king and comes into power rather then anyone else

          So him betraying Roland might happen but most likely won’t happen unless he is forced to or see gains in doing so

  • Atamahead027

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