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Chapter 107 Asking for his intention

After dinner Roland returned to his office to continue to copy down all the primary mathematical knowledge from his mind onto paper.

He wasn’t gifted with an extraordinarily retentive memory, and also not to forget that his memory would decline over time. Because of his former job, he had often used mathematical and physical knowledge to get the job done. But his knowledge about other subjects such as History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and the other classes, had in the years degraded back to entry level. Therefore, even if it was a little early, he still wanted to write down all of his knowledge, so that other people could at least learn from it.

Each time when he filled up a piece of paper, he gave the letter to Scroll, letting her read it. As long as she saw the content, it was equivalent to permanently preserving his work. Unfortunately, Scroll’s ability was only being able to remember everything, even with all the content it didn’t mean she was able to self-teach herself high school mathematics knowledge. So whenever Roland had time, he would explain to her the knowledge she had previously read.

Of course, with regards to lecturing others, Roland liked it very much and thought that it was an interesting job. Especially when he at first saw the confused look on Scroll’s face, then when her expression would turn into one of concentration only to suddenly turn into a look filled with realization. Whenever he saw this look he would feel a sense of accomplishment. However, Roland clearly knew that it also had to do with the target of his lessons.

Although Scroll was already nearing the age of forty, but the aging of her face had been greatly slowed by her magic. The skin on her cheeks was still tight and had a healthy touch of red, her hair was tied behind her head, giving her a mature and capable look. The tiny crow’s feet in the corner of her eyes didn’t damage her overall aesthetic appearance, instead, it brought out the impression of someone with a stable temperament. If she were to be placed in a movie, she would definitely give off the impression of an elegant and versatile teacher. Now, when he was able to stun this “teacher” with his knowledge, the sense of contrast felt quite good.

Roland was silently asked himself, in the end, what is magic in this world?

Magic is everywhere, whether one is in the depths of the Northern Slope Mine or in the Impassable Mountain Range. In the barbarian wasteland west of us or in the east within the Sea Wind Region. A witch would always be able to cast her incredible magic. If I look at the magic to be the same as energy, then the witches are the same as an electrical instrument. But the magic power obviously has many more possibilities to offer than electricity would have, it was more like it was the “origin” of all energies.

For example, Wendy had said that Cara was able to summon four different kinds of magical snakes, namely: death, pain, petrification, and nothingness. Each of them had a different kind of venom. Another example was Nightingale, her ability to enter into the fog would almost distort space.

The witches’ magical abilities varied so much, that other than being related to the origin of the world, Roland couldn’t think of any description more appropriate.

To give a definition of the origin, someone has to look at the universe and its rules. In my former world, Einstein determined the four fundamental forces of the universe and put them into a theoretical framework, the so-called grand unified theory. In other words, what he did was to find the origin of the universe. In case someone found the rule to the universe, could this rule then be applied in every universe?

Coming to this point, Roland couldn’t help himself from questioning, if he returned to his former world, would there also be the same power, yet, because they had no witches who could access this power, the power got just ignored by the people?

No matter what, at the moment Roland could only think about it. After all, with the current level of technology, he couldn’t analyze this power closer.

So promoting the industrial revolution and promoting the standard of civilization, was the most important work for him.

Maybe one day, the power could not only be used by the witches with their direct access to the origin – converting it into a kind of energy, that could be used for a variety kind of effects at the same time, just thinking about it made him feel totally excited.

“Your Royal Highness? When Scroll saw the Prince lost in thoughts with an intoxicated look on his face, she couldn’t stop herself from speaking out.

“Well,” Roland said, slowly coming back from his thoughts, after embarrassingly coughing twice he glanced at the burning candle and told her, “That was enough for today, come back tomorrow.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Scroll bowed once, but when she was already on her way leaving the room, she unknowingly slowed her pace.

When Roland even after half a minute didn’t hear the closing sound of the door, he raised his head in confusion. Seeing that the other one was still standing in the doorway he asked. “Was there anything else?”

“Your Highness…” Scroll hesitated for a moment but then she said. “I want to ask you a question.”

“Ask freely.” Roland nodded and put his quill down and instead raised his cup and drank some tea. There was really no problem with the witches, that was, if someone searched for it, someone could point out that they weren’t confident enough. They were just the same as rabbits, slowly sticking their heads out of their hole, always ready to flee back into it even if the grass was only moved by the wind. It would be better if they weren’t any longer so afraid and would act more freely.

Roland’s estimation was that her question, would be the usual kind of, why are you willing to host us? Aren’t you afraid of the threat by the church and the likes? Nightingale and Wendy had asked him this kind of question so many times, that he couldn’t count it any longer. But since Scroll was in such an earnest mood, he naturally had to give her a seriously answer. So that they could experience his honest comrade like treatment, giving them the feeling of being surrounded by a warm spring breeze.

“Is it… possible that you would ever marry a witch?”

“Pfft,” Roland nearly sprayed the tea out of his mouth. “Uh, why would you ask that?”

“I…” Scroll opened her mouth, but in the end, she was still unable to answer him.

To marry a witch? When thinking about this question, the first person appearing within his mind was Anna. From the time he met her in the cage, and he saw her pair of lake like blue eyes, she had left a deep impression on his heart. Before their awakening, witches are just ordinary human women, but afterwards, their ability made them superior. And the same could be said about the appearance of their body, both were superior to that of an ordinary woman. If he were to place them in modern society, they would definitely become the focus of everyone’s attention. So, is there any reason why I should hesitate? That not being the case –

He looked at Scroll and replied with a smile: “Why would I not?”


On the way back to her room, Wendy rubbed her sore shoulders.

My chest is just too big, it’s causing nothing but trouble. Especially when I have to stay on the roof of my small sheet on Little Town. I have to raise my hands when I summon the wind, but when I do, I also have to bend backward, if not I will lose my balance.

Compared to the first test trial, Little Town had gotten a number of improvements. For example, she had gotten a simple shed at her workplace, both to block the wind and rain, but also to avoid the sun’s exposure. Another improvement was the tree bark which was now fastened around the hull, it was used to reduce the incoming collision force when landing at port. Also, both sides of the ship were now equipped with two cement blocks, to make things easy for fastening the ship with hemp rope.

And after nearly a month of training, her ability to control the wind had gotten substantial better. Now, regardless if the ship was stable or not, she could always control the degree of the wind, letting it blow fast or slow. She had also learned to use the already existing wind to adjust her own magic consumption, so that in the end she would be able to summon her wind for a longer period of time.

Nightingale who came home before Wendy had already finished her bathing and was now sitting in pajamas on the bedside waiting for Wendy’s return.

But when Wendy saw her, there seemed to be something strange, Nightingale had an irrepressible smile on her face

“What kind of good thing happened to you?” Wendy asked. But the later shook her head without saying anything, with only her smile growing even deeper.

Wendy curled her lips, after their talk some nights ago, Nightingale’s mood wasn’t very good, but after the creation of the new card game it had somewhat improved again. But today, how was it that she was full of smiles? Where had the expressionless Shadow Killer from Silver City gone?

Without getting an answer, Wendy took off her clothes and stepped into the bucket filled with hot water. Most probably, she had won a good card today.

TN: Today we learned three things

  1. The card game is the excuse for everything
  2. Nightingale is the ultimate stalker
  3. It’s time for Roland to introduce modern underwear like any other good MC

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