Release That Witch Fan Art Contest Votes

Release that Witch Fan Art Contest Voting

The time is up and it is now your job to vote. But let me first say, I’m very grateful for every submission I received. I could never draw as good as you did. Thank you very much for your hard work.

– Everyone has three votes
– Begin: Now
– End: 11.30.2016 12p.m. Server time
– Only the best picture of all your submissions will count for the ranking
– Submissions will still be accepted but you won’t get any additional time for the voting

1. Place: three free chapter. Time of release is freely selectable (maybe the new cover for RtW)
2. Place: two free chapter. Time of release is freely selectable
3. Place: one free chapter. Time of release is freely selectable
4. Contributor has the opportunity to introduce themselves, add a link to their website, deviantart page, portfolio, or anything else to promote themselves.

The Witch by Charlie V.


End of an Era by Aaron F.


Leaves by lkn


Carter by lkn


Roland by lkn


Roland by Akbar S.


Anna by dek y.


Nightingale by Jan D.


Leaves by Luong C.


Nightingale‘s long attention span by mllhld


Nightingale by mllhild


Leaves by mllhild


Scraps mllhild


Garcia 1 by mllhild


Garcia 2 by mllhild


Chibi Anna by mllhild


Anna by All Y


Fire Witch by JetonS


Witch by JetonS


Leaves by JetonS.


Nightingale by sakra-rose


Anna by sakra-rose


Anna color by Ghost Sadasda


Anna b&w by Ghost Sadasda


Roland by Gaspar


Lilly and her rival the fridge by Luong C.


Anna by elisse



Anna and Roland by All Y.


Wendy by Annekh R.


Anna by Gaspar


Anna by enna


Anna by enna


Nightingale by Saya A.



Which picture do you like the most?

The Witch by Charlie V
End of an Era by Aaron F.
Leaves by lkn
Carter by lkn
Roland by lkn
Roland by Akbar S.
Anna by dek y.
Nightingale by Jan D.
Leaves by Luong C.
Nightingale’s long attention span by mllhild
Nightingale by mllhild
Leaves by mllhild
Scraps by mllhild
Garcia A by mllhild
Garcia B by mllhild
Chibi Anna by mllhild
Anna by All Y
Fire´Witch by JetonS
Witch by JetonS
Leaves by JetonS
Nightingale by sakra-rose
Anna by sakra-rose
Anna Color by Ghost Sasdasda
Anna b&w by Ghost Sasdasda
Roland by Gaspar
Lilly and her rival the fridge by Luong C.
Wendy by Annekh R.
Anna and Roland by All Y.
Anna by elisse
Anna by Gaspar
Anna by enna
Lightning by Luong C.
Nightingale by Saya A.



Should the winner become the new cover?


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  • borgus

    I hope theres going to be another one of these
    I was kinda late on reading RW chapters
    Because after chap 3 i waited for a bunch of realese to compile and just finished reading it all last week

  • Estagon

    Anna by Gaspar for the win! It should be colored and then replace the cover, in my opinion.

  • Tremble Before Me

    this thing is destroying my imagination of the witches.., goddamit..

  • Симеон Димитров

    imho the 4th place deserves a slightly better reward.

  • Gege

    Just a suggestion here, but can it also mention the date of the art submitted. At least we could get consolitation that maybe the low vote because of the time difference. 🙂

  • Xester

    I really liked Anna by Elisse. Out of all of the non chibi art, it had the most aesthetically pleasing proportions along with presenting a very captivating posture. I felt it conveyed Anna’s worshipful nature perfectly. Pity it didn’t get more votes.

  • Nantoka

    Both Gaspar’s ( especially Anna’s ) and JetonS’ Witch are the best imho.

    Anna by Sakra-rose and the other two from JetonS are good too.

  • if it was for the cover, I wonder if we could use a donation button and commission an illustration from Hews, I think maybe he’ll do it

  • Syemer


  • Psychronia

    Great stuff.
    I have to say, my image of the main characters are a bit different. I don’t remember the written descriptions for them, but in the fanart Rowland looks younger than I imagined. Also, are Anna and Nightingale actually blonde? I imagined Anna’s hair to be reddish brown and Nightingale’s to be fairly dark.

    • The char description are found here, , and I also agree. My vision of Anna would have been a red head, brownish red, or orange.

      Roland is in his twenties, pale skin with light grey hair. (Something like the mc in DanMachi.)

      I try to keep my drawing as close to the character description as much as possible, unfortunately my skills are pretty much lacking from the vision I want to draw.

    • mllhild

      I always tough of Anna as having black hair, and still do even after I did collect the information about the characters. I just find the that the combination of green(flame), blue(eyes), yellow(hair) too much color leading to them canceling out each other. Also black hair would make her eyes stand out a lot more and the thing the author mentions most about Anna are her eyes.

      As for Nightingale I had already an impression of her as blond due to her description(appearance and behavior).

      Cara the Snake witch. Is there anyone who didn’t had the image of the Witch who controls shadow snakes from SoulEater? (just google: soul eater anime snake witch)

      Well, for Leaves… she became Miku Hatsune the instant I read she dealt with plants(aka leek) and had hip long green hair.

      • Psychronia

        Oh, you know what? I just realized I was subconsciously attaching Anna’s appearance to another fire using “Anna” from the fantasy hero manga Helck.

        Roland’s misleading appearance makes sense though, since he obviously behaves much more maturely than his appearance would suggest. I still expected an appearance more fitting of his former “bastard prince” image though. Maybe long hair with a smarmy smirk.

        As for Nightingale, I think there’s been some dissonance regarding her nature in my mind. Now she’s portrayed as a young girl who’s helpful and loyal the the point she’s slightly obsessed. When she was first introduced though, she gave off more of an air of a “playful oneesan/shrewd manipulator”.
        As a result, the initial impression of her being beautiful but slightly unsettling stuck around while her personality changed.

        Leaves’s portrayal was also a bit different from what I had in mind-not in appearance, but in atmosphere. The art didn’t give me the same feeling of insecurity and helplessness I associated with her. Though to be fair, that applies to pretty much every witch except Anna, Wendy, and possibly Nightingale.

  • Bajnor

    I cannot vote for Anna by Gaspar ;(

    • Yea, it has that nice natural look, that you forget it’s a drawing =)

    • Roxerer

      Now, it should be possible.

  • daniel gonçalves

    anybody can tell where is the link to post a draw that I did. I know the contest is over, but I like to show you guys. thanks.

  • Gege

    Some comments ;
    Anna by All Y : I think more suitable for Nana (looks younger/childish?)
    Roland by Gaspar : Looks awesome, but late entry makes it lack the vote, yet.
    Garcia 1 by mllhild : Looks too old?

  • Furqon

    Unfortunate there is no more picture.

    • Gege

      I think Roland by Gaspar is the latest entry. yet.

  • fahmi hasan

    Roland by ikn is great, though
    We need more dank meme

  • fahmi hasan

    I always imagine Anna controlling 1 or 2 thread of fire processing some metal for rifle parts while wearing welding helmet, and some kind of safety suit.
    Too bad no one draw it.

  • I’m loving the fact that more people are joining in and showing off the artwork. Don’t care who won as long as we get those extra free queue! lol

  • Anna by dek y is good, but if i should say, it would be better if you add some light and add more color rather than just a sketch..

    then Nightingale by Jan D, this is an awesome piece of art man, but in my opinion it lack the feel of maturity since Nightingale is always depicted to have such aura around her, combined with Anna head from dek y, that is the perfect image i had about anna since shes just what, 17 18 yo right? else, this is seems fit for Nana maybe, just make it little shorter tho..

    and lastly Witch by JetonS, cool man, you really had the talent for this… by far this one is my favorite, this is really descripting all the witches by general. Beautiful, etc etc, just add some colours man and boom, perfect image for the cover is born flawlessly…

    that aside im giving my vote to you three..

    and i wonder why many ppl chose the chibi version? if it was used as cover pic, i didnt really think it will fit tho, but if the purpose is just feast for the eyes, i highly recommend it…

    but who am i to judge? its up to you guys~

    • Joe

      I agree Witch by JetonS is the best , only need to color

  • Midnight2630

    What is the Mother of Dragons doing here?
    But the real one is the Breaker of Chains not such a slave lover (Fake~)

  • I drew Lily in bathing suit just for fun. Since it’s not part of the theme of the novel, I’m not entering it into the contest, lol

  • Juzual

    Awesome works. I like Leaves by Luong C. the most. It has nice mood. Too bad I haven’t finished mine on time. Maybe I will find motivation to finish it one day. I spend on this quite of my time so I will post it here even If it isn’t finished 😉 It is Anna trying on her Witch outfit for the first time.

    • Roxerer

      If you want, I can still add you to the list, but the others will keep their advantage.

  • Does anyone have the link to the character’s descriptions?

  • MangoGuy

    wow good one all artists!! you sure got buzzing!!when will the results be out?

  • Gaspar

    truth be told, I was scared of my poor quality in arts so I didnt post any work (sorry, Im a coward) but after looking at others valor to post their work Im moved! Im gonna post my works today or tomorrow, sadly, only concept art, Im no good with scenes and perspectives, sorry!

  • Jan D.

    Reuploaded mine outside, you can’t even read the text here :p
    And damn, how could i not draw Carter as a male god xD props to ikn

  • Tetsuki

    Should we be able to see the results? I can’t see them atm.

  • Kuru-Kuru Phantasma

    How do I vote? It just gave me a yes or no question.

  • Michael Otton

    any Idea on why I cant vote?
    It just show the results, but it does show the cover question as a poll?

    • Roxerer

      Do you use a browser with AdBlock? When I use One, I also can’t vote.

      • Michael Otton

        I do but I disable it for translation sites and for some reason when i came back to the page it started working ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and as a note I did try refreshing the page, and reopening it but it just decide to work now