Red Packet Server Chapter 208

For those of you enjoying the novel, please do consider leaving a review on the NovelUpdates Page. Seeing pretty much only bad reviews really saddens me, and in my opinion, it really doesn’t do the novel justice (and all the bad reviews also tends to turn away potential readers ._.). What’s more, there are plenty of people that compares it to CCG, but it really is a completely different tale, AND the plot has only just begun. So yeah, it would be nice if you do help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Anyways, here’s today’s red packet!

Oh, one more thing, there are going to be times when you look at the chapter after reading the teaser and go “What!? How are these even related!?” I do this on purpose, there are going to be some chapters that teasers just don’t really work for, in those cases, I will still write up a teaser, but instead of just teasing the next chapter, it may also include some foreshadowing of the future.

Translated by Selutu
Edited by Khuja

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