Recruiting translators!

Hello all!

Those of you who are Age of Lazurite, Tower of Glass readers may be super sad face at how the updates have been coming. Me too. Me too. Unfortunately, with my two main series and my gigs translating computer/mobile games on strict deadlines, my poor side project gets dumped by the wayside more than I’d like. Thus, I’d like to recruit anyone who’d like to help with the series! Please be comfortable with the level of Chinese used within the series if you’re thinking of joining. 😀

Alternatively, if you’d like to be amongst the first translators to join volaretranslations, I’d like to recruit folks to do short stories, novels with <200 chapters. Perfect for anyone who wishes to dip their toe into translating, I’d like to make volaretranslations a hub for short stories or stories with plots that are off the beaten path. Please, Chinese novels only! That way if life happens, I can step in and pick up the slack for a bit. 😀

Don’t be shy, send me an email!