PtW moving away to…

Hi everyone,

Good news, giantrabbit, who has been translating PtW for a while alongside with me and unofficial taking over the translations ever since chapter 375, has decided to officially pick up PtW.

New chapters will be posted on Moonbunny Cafe from now on. Please wait a bit for our cute and full of energy giantrabbit to settle there first. She will posted chapters as soon as she’s ready. As for the older chapters, it will gradually move there too.

So, with a bit of emotion, more nostalgia than sadness, that I hand over this project to giantrabbit. PtW was one of my first novel that I work on when I first start translating. At that time, I barely began to understand Chinese enough to read simple sentences with the heavy help of a dictionary. It took me at least 2 days to translate one chapter of PtW and now, it takes me 2 hours at most. After a bit more than one and a half year since I start translating, although I’m not one of the fastest or one of the best translator out there, I’m proud of the progress I made up until now.

That’s it from me. I’m out!