PSA: Come chat with us!

In case the big blue button on the right sidebar hasn’t slapped you over the head enough, volaretranslations has a discord channel, set up by our Kidyeon! It’s a whole ‘nother world, come hang out with us for fun and laughter, and recently, really intense Zen discussions (looking at you Winri!). Also come to chase me offline whenever I spend too much time chatting, but no nagging allowed!

You feel like partying with us?

In addition, I’m here to do the usual beg and plead for everyone to add volaretranslations to their list of safe sites for Adblocker. Honest to goodness I don’t have pop up/out/under ads and I ban NSFW ads from displaying, so you wouldn’t be getting a nasty surprise any time at all. Ad earnings are in for the month of March and let’s just say, everyone loves Adblock. 😀 Please consider turning it off for at least the homepage so that your views go towards server costs, website maintenance, and editor fees! (The last item is particularly important, the chapters would make so much less sense without them. I’ve been known to mix up character names once in a while… XD)

  • LtBeefy

    Ok, I use adblock plus, and IDK how to turn it off or how to make it to allow ads on certain sites.
    Does anyone know how to do either of those things for adblock plus? I mean I read on a bunch of other translation sites and I would love to take my adblock off for them also just haven’t been able to figure it out.

    • Kidyeon

      Click the APB button, and click “disable for this site”. It will turn grey, and then you just need to reload the page.