Presenting Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person

Hello everyone! (Yes, this was the thing I was teasing in the volareTL discord channel. 😀 )

Many of us have read the charts that Deathblade and Lingson have published on Wuxiaworld, and one of the untranslated ones drew a lot of interest — #6 in the Traditional Fantasy category, Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person.

My friend QualiTea and I laughed and wondered what it was, but our interest was swiftly piqued when we started reading it. Both of us are Harry Potter fans, and since the novel is short and on going at 60 some chapters, we decided what the hey, let’s do it! Both of us have main novels to concentrate on, so have no worries about current release schedules! The chapters will be dual hosted on our blogs, but please find the most current releases on QualiTea. The chapters will be batch updated here, so check back every now and then if you’re the type to stockpile!

By the way, this undertaking is completely without editors. We try, but bear with us if you find the occasional typo!

By the way, I mentioned discord. Yes, volaretranslations has a discord channel! Set up by Kidyeon, you can find the link beneath the chatbox on the right! Come chat, laugh, but not poke me for more chapters… T_T