SSMD Chapter 341

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Chapter 341 – Overnight Celebrity (3)

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Although the little qilin was somewhat wary of them, he was still not vigilant enough. Perhaps they could once more twist the situation in their favour…

“Little Apple, I heard that your master’s cook ran away. You’re not hungry are you? It would be better to stay in my palace for a few days. My imperial palace has everything one would need. Whatever you want to eat, we have it.” Le Xuan Emperor started to tempt it.

The little qilin’s eyes brightened, but it immediately shook its head. “No need. Master can give me a lot of delicious things to eat, not much of which are actually from our kitchen.”

For several days, Ning Xuemo had brought many meals from various restaurants, so it had recently ate a lot of flavorful snacks and felt quite satisfied.

“How could outside food be compared to the food within the Imperial Inner Court? We have the best cook, the best food from outside isn’t even comparable. Little Apple, there’s no harm in going to the imperial palace to try some.” The Chancellor also butted into the conversation.

The little qilin was somewhat excited, but it was also rather afraid of strangers. After all, its identity was that of a noble divine beast, and it didn’t wish to have much contact with humans.

It slanted its head to ponder. Suddenly, it seemed to have thought of an idea. Both eyes shined and sparkled. “Hey Emperor, if my master cures your son, you would be greatly indebted to her. You must invite her to eat a meal, right?”

Le Xuan Emperor was a bit flabbergasted, “….of course…”

Un! That’s it. You should express your thanks by making the imperial palace cook prepare the best dishes for us. At that time, my master and I will come together to enjoy it.” It felt it was very smart to think up of this great idea. The little qilin was beaming with a smile.

Le Xuan Emperor was unexpectedly speechless from Little Apple’s words. He coughed and said, “Little Apple, in the palace, there are not only many delicious dishes, but also many interesting things. One day is not enough to eat everything nor see all the fun things. Besides, your master can only stay in the palace for half a day at most if she’s even allowed into the palace…”

In fact, the little qilin wasn’t really interest in all those “fun” things. It prefered to eat good food.

It pondered for a moment and in the end, thought of another way. “Emperor, my master is giving you such a big grace, but you can’t even reward her with many delicious things?  It would be better for you to simply reward her with a cook then…”

“Little Apple, there’s too much delicious food in life, even if the imperial chef could cook everything, you won’t be able to eat them all.” The Chancellor argued.

“If we can’t eat everything, we can just doggy bag the leftovers.” The little qilin slanted its head. This was one of the new expressions it had learnt from Ning Xuemo.

All the present officials figured out the meaning of “doggy bag”. All of them couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Was there anyone who would “doggy bag” the food from an imperial banquet?

This little qilin was too naive.

The Chancellor explained to the little qilin why it couldn’t doggy bag the imperial feast leftovers. At the end, he bluntly made it clear to the little qilin, “Little Apple, even if the benevolence from the Emperor is vast and mighty and he allowed your master to bring back the food, those things still need to be warmed back to be delicious, and it could easily be spoiled. Isn’t it better for you to stay inside the palace and let the imperial kitchen make anything you want to eat?”

The little qilin immediately shook its head. “No! I can’t leave my master!” It absolutely didn’t want to change masters!

Everyone looked at each other as they didn’t think that this qilin had such loyalty.

Amongst them, someone with a serious expression spoke, “Young qilin, you should know that people who live under the Heaven are all subjects to a ruler. Since we are in the Vast Sky Empire, no matter who or what, they are all the imperial family’s possessions. Even your master is His Majesty’s subject, thus you are also too. His Majesty fancies you, which is your fortune. I believe that as long as His Majesty speaks, your master will certainly agree to send you to the palace. So, be obedient and offer yourself to the imperial family…”

The little qilin was stunned with widened eyes. His master would present him to someone else?! She didn’t want him anymore?!

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