SSMD Chapter 252

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Chapter 252 – Ah? What a Coincidence! (4)

The red clothed man’s eyes slowly opened, causing Ning Xuemo’s heart to skip a beat!

His eyes was a deep green like the green of a sea waves, billowing through time.

“Finally… I’m out. Ah~!” The man stretched his arms. Once again, he closed his eyes seemingly in response to something. Then, he softly exclaimed, “The outside air is truly refreshing!”

His voice was like a cool breeze, a flowing spring with flowers gently drifting on it. It even reminded her of a skylark’s mellow singing echoing inside a valley. The voice felt inexplicably gentle and soft and satisfying to the ears.

“We are the one who saved you!” The little qilin opened its mouth to take credit. This man’s voice was very gentle and extremely attractive, causing people to feel he was very easy to speak to.

“Ah? Is that so? Then that’s very good!” The man swept his gaze at the human and the beast. He slowly rose from the coffin and unhurriedly stepped out of it. His movements were graceful like a poem being recited. His red clothes were like the red clouds in the horizon. There was no winds blowing inside the hall, but his clothes were fluttering as if they were flying along with his movements.

“Will you reward us?” The little qilin asked.

This kind of man, warm like the spring wind in March, made people unable to feel any kind of enmity. Therefore, the little qilin smoothly mentioned his condition.

“Of course!” The red clothed man smiled and it was like flowers was in full bloom and the spring wind slowly picked up, “I can let you two choose how you want to die.”

The little qilin “…”

The little qilin widened its eyes, “You’re not making a mistake?! We saved you! Why do you want to kill us?!”

The red clothed man’s eyes, like spring water, fixed itself on the little qiling, “It’s because you saved me that I allow you to choose how you want to die. You can even choose a painless death. Otherwise, why would I waste so much time speaking nonsense with you?”

The little qilin “…”

It was mad with anger, “You! You’re biting the hand that feeds you! You degenerate! You even go as far as wanting to murder your benefactors!”

The red clothed man’s fingers, straight like spring onions, stretched as if he wanted to pat the qilin’s head. “Little thing, it may be saving grace at first, but later it will be used for murder eventually. Don’t tell me that I should let her hold on to that little favor until the time comes for her to threaten me with it?”

The little qilin didn’t dare to let him pat its head!

It jumped sideways, pulling a meter of distance between them in order to avoid his hand. However, it didn’t expected that without even seeming to move at all, the red clothed man’s arm suddenly appeared where the qilin jumped to and patted the top of its head.

The little qilin shivered. Such a delicate and soft palm was surprisingly as cold as ice!

Fortunately the man only lightly patted it. Besides causing the little qilin to quiver from the cold sensation, he didn’t harm it at all. He merely added a few more words which made the little qilin’s three views collapse!

It bent its body and assumed an attack posture. “I will definitely not let you kill us! Who’s killing who has yet to be determined!”

It revealed its nature by growling and revealed its teeth; the scales on its whole body completely standing still.

“Oh! Looks like you chose to fight me to the death. Good, that’s quite some backbone.” The red clothed man smiled as his fingers slowly bent…

“Are you the Devil Ancestor?” Ning Xuemo finally spoke, her tone cold and indifferent, as if him turning against them was not something unexpected.

The red clothed man’s sight landed on Ning Xuemo, measuring her, “Even though you are right in front of death’s door, you still request to know my identity?”

The corner of Ning Xuemo’s mouth slightly hooked, “I feel you’re the one who don’t know who you are.” Her gaze fell onto the crystal coffin, which was still intact. However, the lid was wrung off to the side and appeared to be damaged.

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