SSMD Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 – So Fresh and Juicy, How Amazing!

That little thing still wanted to escape?! It wanted to avoid her?

‘I’m not letting you escape!’

Even though she could not bring herself to bite it, kissing it brought no psychological pressure to her.

She was not even polite about it. She tightened her hold, lowered her head and gave him a light peck on his pink and soft little mouth.

‘Soft! Very soft!’ His little mouth was as soft as tofu or jelly. If she were to suck on it, it seemed as though his lips would melt. Moreover, she could smell a faint unknown fragrance wafting…

In her previous world, Ning Xuemo was in contact with all kinds of people, except for children.

At first, she only wanted to demonstrate her sovereignty over it with a kiss, but sucking on those petals like lips made her unable to refrain from wanting to bite them!

But if she were to bite his lips, such a good looking little mouth would be gone and, without his mouth, such a beautiful child would no longer be beautiful…

Suddenly, she felt that it was criminal to ruin such a piece of art!

Then again, she was really hungry, but capturing this ginseng child just to satisfy her empty stomach…

Should she eat him or not?

Ning Xuemo sucked on his lips, intertwining with them for a while…

The little ginseng’s heart reacted to her “evil intentions”. His eyes glinted with a cold light and, even while he was still imprisoned in her arms, his little hand was forming a seal…

However, how clever was Ning Xuemo?

Since she treated him as ginseng child, naturally, she was wary of him trying to use any immortal skills.

So, his little hands were tightly restrained by her.

As a result, when he slightly moved his fingers earlier, they were restrained before he could complete his seal. Ning Xuemo was using her wrists to encircle him tighter around his body so she could grab his hands.

She was also not very big and could even be described as petite and exquisite. However, compared to her opponent’s hands, hers still felt mightier.

She could completely cover his hands with hers. In the end, the ginseng child could not complete his seal.

A cold light flashed through the little ginseng boy’s eyes as Ning Xuemo continued to lock lips with him while still hesitating on chewing a piece of him or not. Suddenly, she felt something cold slip between her lips and teeth. His tongue had entered her mouth and was licking the inside of her mouth…

Ning Xuemo got startled and subconsciously retreated her head and let go of the other’s lips.

She then glared at the boy in her arms. ‘This little -BEEP- can french kiss?!’


Wrong! That little ginseng was certainly not thinking about french kissing her. Rather, he was using his tongue to draw out a spell inside her mouth! In fact, just a moment ago, when her tongue touched his, her tongue became numbed for a moment. If she did not take the opportunity to quickly retreat earlier, perhaps her whole mouth would have been numbed and she would have suffocated in her own saliva.

‘Ah… That little ginseng child is very unresigned to be caught by me.’

It used all kinds of possible methods to escape from her. Unfortunately, she was not fooled by him. ‘Hehehe!’

Ning Xuemo held his hands more tightly and couldn’t avoid touching the red thread tied to his finger.

If it was a normal thread, the blood she smeared on it would have long been washed away in the water. However this was a Heaven Wild Silk which was unlike common silk. After it was dyed in blood, if it was not cleaned using a special method, the blood would adhere to the silk and keep that vivid color as if it was just recently dyed.

His tender little hands were white like a lotus root which made the red thread look even more conspicuous.

Ning Xuemo’s heart slightly trembled. She clearly remembered that the red thread wound around his waist. She didn’t how it ended up being tie to his finger at present.

‘Could it be that when tied on ginseng child, the red thread can change places?’

The thread changed places so that she could pinpoint his position better, which ended up on his pinky?

While Ning Xuemo was concerned about the thread on his finger, she held his hand into hers. Coincidentally, their two pinkies each attached to the red thread hooked together.

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