SSMD Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Silencing People (2)

Zhong Rushuang and company did not think too much about the other party’s intentions. Her group was only somewhat fearful of those boys accompanying the Ancestor. As for other children, they did not care about them at all.

Let alone fearing a child who spoke in a frail way and looked like a little doll. With the way she followed Number Two, it was clear that she was not one of the Ancestor’s servants. Since this was the case, what were they still afraid of?

One of the handsome youths even started joking around. “Number Two, you didn’t kidnap or swindle this little lady into marrying you as your little wife, right? With such an intelligent looking small face, her little hands must be as skilled.”

Number Two froze, unconsciously he wanted to retort immediately.

However, Ning Xuemo turned her head and glanced at these people with her eyes widened. She grumbled with her little voice. “Definitely not!” Although she denied it, her little face became red.

This was simply disguised acknowledgement!

All four of them looked at each other while laughing inside. This little girl was still so inexperienced…

Initially, Zhong Rushuang was still a bit suspicious and guarded against Ning Xuemo and Number Two, but at this moment, she completely let her guard down.


It did not take much time to roast everything, and all four of them shared the same thought. The food looks delicious, further stimulating their appetite.

The round faced young woman became impatient. She grabbed onto the hare and was about to eat it.

“Slow down.” Zhong Rushuang stopped her and pricked the meat with a silver needle which came out from nowhere. After she took out the needle, she observed that the needle was still as bright as before. This allowed her to be relieved. She gave back the hare to the round faced girl…

It was obvious that she was extremely paranoid. She did the same thing with all the food going to be eaten by her juniors, confirming that the food was harmless. Only then, would her heart be relieved.

Like a single wind that could destroy clouds, it also did not take much effort and time for all the roasted game to be completely eaten clean, only the bones remaining.

Zhong Rushuang got up and said, “Thank you for the food. We should go.” She sent a meaningful glance at the others in her group.

The other three also stood up and hastily bid farewell to Ning Xuemo and Number Two before walking into the depths of the jungle.

Ning Xuemo was still waving at them cordially as they left. “Big brothers and big sisters, take care! I hope you can soon find what you are looking for.”

‘Since when did that little girl become an enthusiastic boot licker?’

Number Two could not help but glance at her, just to discover the words she rapidly wrote on the ground: “Be careful of their sneak attack! Retreat to the thicket of brambles!”

Number Two was shocked! Misfortune befell them in the blink of an eye!

Four golden rays of light followed by four silhouettes suddenly attacked them!

Powerful like thunder and fast as lightning, the attacks were aimed at Ning Xuemo’s and Number Two’s vital points. It was clear that the attacks were meant to claim their lives. The ruthlessness of the attacks did not allow them any leeway to escape from death!

Fortunately, with Ning Xuemo’s warning Number Two had his guard up and flew back in retreat before plunging inside the cluster of brambles. His actions seemed as if he panicked and did not plan to escape that way.

With their combined force Zhong Rushuang did not expect that they could not reap the lives of two people at one fell swoop. When she lifted her head to locate her opponents, Ning Xuemo and Number Two were already on the thorns above the brambles, looking down on them.

The little girl appeared to be incredibly angry and asked them with widened eyes, “Why do you want to kill us?”

Since their sneak attack failed, Zhong Rushuang no longer hid her intentions and bluntly said, “Because you must die!”

They must obtain the crystal core inside the Flying Dragon Centipede.

However, they did not want to incur the wrath of Chang Kong Country’s imperial family. Thus, they must silence these two to spare themselves any future trouble.

The round faced young woman sneered, “At first, on account of you cooking for us, we were thinking about ending your misery quickly. We did not think that you two were so untactful, so don’t blame us for being ruthless!”

“Be sensitive, and stop struggling so pointlessly. Be obedient and accept your death!” One of the young men in white spoke as a complacent smile appeared on his face.

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