PGC Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: A clever bribe Original and most updated translations are from volaretranslations.


Han Yunxi dropped the lantern in her hands again, so shocked that her face turned white. Wedding night? Your lordship? What was this guy trying to say?

Long Feiye rose to his feet, measuring her with one look before brushing past her to the bedroom, exactly like someone who owned the place. It took awhile for Han Yunxi to chase after him.

“You…you’re Long Feiye?”

“Impertinence!” Long Feiye replied coldly. There were few people in this world who dared called him by his full name. When he hurried back home, he hadn’t expected them to send Han Yunxi here. This place was his private quarters.

While Han Yunxi found it a bit unbelievable, she was still convinced of his identity. Now she was berating herself for being so foolish. What kind of assassin didn’t even bother with a face mask? What kind of killer carried such a lordly aura about them? There was vexation because things had suddenly gotten complicated. There was still poison inside this fellow’s body. Even if only a trace was left, there was still a risk of death. With this man as the duke, if he died–wouldn’t she be buried alive with him?

“You’re really Han Yunxi?” Long Feiye’s icy gaze seemed to bore right through her. There were too many suspicious details in regards to this woman. Plenty of people in this world wanted to kill him, though none had successfully planted agents by this side. Then again, if this woman really was an agent, he would’ve died just then. Han Yunxi’s face was full of depression as she allowed him to continue to stare. She couldn’t help but think that there was no way this man would see the truth about her time travel.

“Answer your lordship’s question,” said Long Feiye.

Han Yunxi sucked in a breath and walked over to lean against a pillar. “Duke of Qin, this question isn’t important. What’s crucial now is the poison in your body…actually, …I didn’t get rid of it all.”

“What did you say?” Long Feiye was surprised.

“There’s still some poison left in your body that I couldn’t draw out with my needles. You’ll need medicine to absorb the toxins, but I don’t have any of those kinds on hand. If you don’t believe me, then breathe deeply and see if that spot beneath your heart gives you a stabbing pain.” Han Yunxi spoke earnestly.

Long Feiye took a deep breath and did feel some pain. In an instant, his eyes were filled with killing intent. “You really are bold.”

“Duke of Qin, you have a poor choice of words. When I thought you were an assassin, you didn’t reveal your true identity. Even if I’d killed you then, it would’ve served you right.” Han Yunxi said in her defense.

Served him right?

Long Feiye turned his ice-cold stare on Han Yunxi’s eyes, but she wasn’t afraid. She merely gave a level look back and allowed him to gaze as he wished.

This woman had guts.

A flicker of admiration passed through his eyes, unnoticed by even himself, before he spoke in a cold tone. “Now you know. You should tell me which ingredients you’re missing, right?”

Han Yunxi couldn’t help but suspect what various kinds of unsavory things this man had done. Instead of finding a doctor to treat his poisons, he’d hidden himself away in these rooms. It seemed like he couldn’t afford to make his injury public. Although it was against her medical morals to take advantage of misfortune, this concerned her post-marriage life. She had to consider things carefully. Everyone knew that it was no guarantee she’d stay in the Duke of Qin’s house even if she got in. She was very clear on this point. In that case, she needed someone to depend on and the strongest pillar would be the lord of the household, Tianning Country’s all important member of the imperial family, the Duke of Qin, Long Feiye.

A crafty smile crept onto Han Yunxi’s features. “Your highness[1], actually…the medicine I gave you now can still hold back the poison for 10 days.”

“So?” Long Feiye stared at her as before, the pupils filled with endless ice.

Han Yunxi adopted an innocent, timid manner as she spoke pathetically. “Tomorrow when I serve tea to the grand imperial concubine and pay my respects in court, could your highness accompany me as well?”

The first day after the wedding, the bride had to serve tea to the elders in her new family. As long as this fellow agreed to go with her, then it’d mean he accepted her as his wangfei [1]. With his recognition, her life in the household would be much less difficult.

“And if his lordship isn’t willing?” Long Feiye asked coldly.

Han Yunxi lowered her head innocently. “Wangye’s[3] poison isn’t so rare, you can find any kind of imperial physician to treat it.”

“Tch, you’re very clever!” If he could find an imperial physician, why would Long Feiye waste his time here? This roundabout woman had managed to tactfully threaten him again.

Han Yunxi had a very pretty smile. “Thanks to your highness for his praise.”

Long Feiye couldn’t help but knit his brows, feeling somewhat helpless against her. There was no way to tell what he was thinking, but he finally waved her off. “Just watch your mouth. You may leave.”

Han Yunxi was thrilled. Success!

“Yes, many thanks to Your Highness Duke of Qin,” she excitedly retreated from the bedroom, even taking care to let down the curtains for Long Feiye.

Only…after she’d turned around to face the dark room, she realized that this was her wedding night. Where exactly was she supposed to go?


[1] Your highness (陛下) – dian xia, different from your lordship (本王/ben wang) in its a more formal way of address.

[2] wangfei (王妃) – his official wife in name and in title, his duchess to his duke, his married partner, etc. Higher status than any concubine.

[3] wangye (王爷) – male counterpart to wangfei.

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    OMG what a lovely treat for my birthday, multi-chapters update! *squeal in happiness * Thank you and also congrats for the one year anniversary!

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    Male lead is a complete douchebag. I honestly really hope that he falls in love first, that way Han Yunxi will make him a bit humble. By the way, Congrats Voltaretranslations! Thank you very much for your hardwork!

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  • someone who isnt an idiot

    She can leave and make a life for herself in some small village, shes not stupid, and theres no way in hell it would be worse than living in chez McKillyourself

    • Ruyi

      Hmm, but she has no money to get her anywhere and this is the capital city. It won’t be easy to leave unnoticed. Disobeying the emperor’s decree and running off wherever is a great way to paint a big target on your head.

      • someone who isnt an idiot

        She is smart though, and if she wanted to she could easily just paint it as the dic- i mean duke of qin was disobeying the emperors orders, as he has from the start done all he can to stop her from entering his estate
        Or she could use her superior medical knowledge and god damn space pocket to make a basic disguise, i doubt anyone would search for her, her family didnt want her, the dic- i mean duke of qin didnt want her either and the emperor would love an excuse to get rid of the dic- i mean duke of qin

        • Ruyi

          All right, so she escapes, but it’ll be hard to make a living for herself with no support whatsoever. I think Han Yunxi thinks in the long run that it makes sense to settle somewhere where she knows all the variables, rather than strike out on her own. She doesn’t even know martial arts–what happens if a rogue bandit gets to her before she poisons him? Then it’s all over.

          • someone who isnt an idiot

            She is literally the best doctor in the world in a place obsessed with doctors
            She has a space pocket
            And the risk of being attacked by bandits and dying is FAR lower then the risk of getting raped and assassinated in the dick of qins trashy abode

            • Ruyi

              She’s technically not a doctor, but a poisons specialist. She knows more about toxins than diseases. A space pocket is useful, but it’s not the answer to all her problems. As you read on, you’ll see the Duke of Qin’s house is quite safe…and heavily guarded. Also, she has a reputation as a useless good-for-nothing, another hurdle unless she gets faaaar away from the capital–which again, depends on her luck since she’s not rich enough to buy her way out. (Would she steal? Not if she wants to add to her crimes and get people chasing after her.) Why start from zero when you haven’t hit rock-bottom yet? It’s never too late to escape when things really get bad…but right now, she’s still getting her bearings. 🙂
              By the way, nice discussing with you. This is a little fun. ^-^

              • someone who isnt an idiot

                A random person that knows CPR is better than the quacks of ancient times at being a doctor
                Hiding your identity in a china based country wouldnt be hard either if you left the city as there are usually millions of people in every city
                Even if she couldnt work as a doctor she could become a merchant with the absurdly useful space pocket
                I doubt she would even have to do more than change her name considering there probably isnt anyone that cares enough about her to look for her if she went missing at the moment

                • Ruyi

                  All these are nice ideas for AUs. We might’ve gotten a very different story if Han Yunxi chose any of these options. As it is…her choices led her onto this path, where there’s plenty of interesting obstacles ahead.
                  Ah, that space pocket…currently has its own share of limitations. But that’s a tale for another chapter. ^-^