HPROP Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: A Housepet and a Few Preparations

Although Charles had decided to be honest with his parents, he was still on guard. His parents may have sincerely loved him, but Charles’ inferiority complex had kicked his fears into overdrive.

His right hand gripped at the tea and took two sips before prepping himself up with the pad on his left hand.

In these few years, although he hadn’t undertook any official magical training, Charles relied upon the matured thinking of his along with the fast-speed learning skill he had in order to supplement his learning. For example, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, making flowers bloom, or even controlling small animals, these were all applications of what he could do.

If David and Anna did take well to this announcement, then Charles would immediately set fire to the cotton in his hands and throw it at them. This would give him more than enough time to take the next step. On the plus side, the cotton would quickly burn out and wouldn’t cause any harm to his parents. Afterwards, he would rush to the door and grab the bag that had been charmed with the Extension Charm before running away.

With these preparations in mind, Charles began to speak up.

“Dad, mom. You should already know that I’ve an unusual gift. But you have to be prepared since this will be beyond what you can believe.”

Seeing Charles’ serious expression, David and Anna both glanced at each other once before nodding in reply to Charles.

Charles didn’t say another word and touched the dried up flower in the nearby vase and allowed the magic to flow into it.

In a mysterious display of magic, the dried up stem began to turn green before sprouting a green leaf. The stem began to grow longer and thicker before a flower bud could be seen sprouting at the top. In the next moment, the flower bud began to slowly bloom. Stopping the flow of magic, Charles presented the flower from the vase to David.

“This is too magical!” Anna’s hand had covered her mouth in shock while David had just stood there gobsmacked, “How did you do this?”

“Magic. This is the power of magic. I’ve only been able to do this much with it though.”

“Magic, thats a power only wizards and witches have!” Anna spoke out in shock.

“That’s right. As you can see, I am a wizard.” Charles explained. “But this power isn’t as evil as the books depicted. Instead, it gives far more to life than takes.”

“I didn’t think that our son would be a wizard. This has to be the most marvelous event in my entire life.” David gasped.

“Marvelous or not, you are still our precious child.” Anna hugged Charles before saying, “Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“I was afraid that you wouldn’t accept me!”

“I gave birth to you! How could there be anything I wouldn’t accept from you?”

Alright, fine. To argue with a woman was clearly a mistake.

“Hold on.” David held back his wife and spoke with a serious expression. “Who else knows about your magic?”

“I guarantee that you two are the first to know.” In the muggle world at least. Charles added the last part mentally.

“That’s not bad then.” Anna spoke.

Knowing that his initial fears about his parents were now unfounded, Charles let out a sigh in relief. After all, keeping this secret from the two people closest to him was extremely hard. Afterwards, Charles had given a brief explanation about the wizarding world and explained that the only people that knew about the wizarding world in England was Her Highness, the queen and the prime minister. The implications of this was more than enough for David and Anna to know how serious this secret was. Although it was clear to see, Charles had reminded them again and again.

Having too many insurances wasn’t a bad thing, right?

After earning his parent’s consent, Charles had happily started the next step to his plan.

The next thing he had done was to go to Flourish and Blotts to buy the second to seventh year textbooks for Hogwarts. He had made special note of the third year books and added along some books, but divination had not been one of them.

This wasn’t to say that he was looking down on it in contempt. In truth, Charles really wanted to learn. But he simply did not have what it took to be a prophet. Charles had been born of a civilian birth and did not have the blood of any prophets running in him. Furthermore, he felt that divination had a very imprecise nature to it. Charles had read that in Harry Potter, the strongest prophet within the series had been the professor of Divination in Hogwarts, Sybill Trelawney. But this person was completely useless half the time.

Trelawney’s prediction had been spot on in truth, labeling both Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort together in one prophecy. Half the time however, she had spent her time happily predicting the death of people (Inaccurately, mind you). In truth, that was all there was to it. The biggest question was–when in Merlin’s name would this person ever get serious?!

Forget it. Divination and all that was for those who cared about it.

Charles had taken all of the books on Legilimency and walked to the cauldron store, buying three (of the best) potion sets. Afterwards, he had went to Slugs & Jiggers Apothecary and bought every possible potion ingredient he could buy. Learning how to make potions was especially important and would need plenty of ingredients. Naturally, one didn’t need to mention that Charles had plenty of money.

After everything was prepared, Charles had decided to buy an owl. He had promised to Julie after all. And getting to know the future lady Longbottom wouldn’t be too bad either.

The Magical Menagerie was Diagon Alley’s specialized store for house pets, but the insides of the store was extremely cramped with a pet in every inch of it. The store had plenty of noise due to the fact of the all the many pets being stuffed in a single cage with all sorts of strange sounds.

A single witch sat behind the counter. By her side, a giant purple frog was drinking water while also eating several dead flies. Another jeweled tortoise could be seen shining by the window, a dark orange snake slowly lifted its head from its nest, and a white hare could be seen leaping around its cage endlessly with a banging sound. All sorts of cats could be seen grouped together along with another cage of cacophonous crows. There was also some sort of blue shaggy object in another corner.

At the counter, there were several black rats using their tails to play some sort of game.

“Do you have any owls?” Charles asked.

“Look over there”. The witch pointed towards a corner, “What type of owl do you want.”

“One second, how is that black cat?” Charles suddenly pointed a nearby cat.

Charles had planned on getting an owl at first, but seeing how martial-like and spirited this black cat was, he instantly grew fond of it. This was probably because of the fact that he had wanted such a cat in his past incarnation.

“You have good eyes, that is a purebred Bengal cat, an especially rare black one at that.”

“How much for it? I want it. Oh, I still want an owl still though.”

“What type of owl do you want?”

“Eh, do you have a black one?”

10 minutes later, Charles had a birdcage and the black cat perched on his shoulder as he left the Magical Menagerie.

After this would be buying a wand.

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