HPROP Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Conflict

“Look!’ Malfoy suddenly darted forward from the crowd and snatched at something hidden within the grass. “Isn’t this that stupid ball Longbottom’s gran sent him?”

Under the sunlight, the Remembrall glittered brightly. “See it you inferior wizard?” Malfoy pestered Charles.

“Give that here, Malfoy!” Harry suddenly spoke out loud righteously. Every single person had then stopped talking to watch.

Giving a nasty smile, Malfoy didn’t even notice the similarly nasty smirk Charles was giving now.

“Hm, I think I’ll leave it somewhere for him to find. Let that idiot try to find it–ah, I’ve got it–how about a tree?”

“Give it here!” Harry shouted, but Malfoy had leapt onto his broomstick and took off. For a first year, he had not been that bad at flying. Flying to one of the highest branches of the tree, he shouted out to Harry, “Come on then! See if you can get it, Potter!”

Harry grabbed his broom.

“Get down!” Hermione yelled. “Madam Hooch told us not to move–you’ll just give everyone else trouble!”

Harry ignored her. Mounting the broom, he took off with a mighty push and flew on up with ease. His outstanding and healthy talent for flying had caused all of the wizards and witches beneath to cry out in admiration.

Charles watched Harry fly up to confront the surprised Malfoy. He had been like an idiot floating in the sky.

“Give it here!” Harry called, “Or I’ll kick you down from that broom with my leg!”

“Oh, yeah?” Malfoy tried to sneer, but his face looked slightly worried.

Charles watched as Harry tilted his broomstick upwards, causing his broom to fly off like a rocket artillery at Malfoy. It had been fortunate for Malfoy that he only just dodged it.

Harry made a beautiful turn in midair and steadied himself. Underneath, several people had clapped and broke the silence.

“There’s none of your friends Crabbe and Goyle here to help you out, Malfoy!” Harry cried out in excitement.

The same thought had occurred to Malfoy as well, much to his worry.

“Catch it if you can then!” Malfoy shouted as he gave the glass ball a mighty throw.

Harry clutched his broomstick and came zooming down to the ground. His right hand extended forward –and from a foot from the ground, he had caught it! There had even been enough time for him to bring his broomstick straight too! Clutching the ball tightly, he hopped off his broomstick and gently onto the grass.

On the other side, Malfoy had originally planned on zooming back to the ground, but he had been unable to work his broomstick. Still in midair, no matter what he did, he didn’t move an inch. By now, Draco’s face had turned red.

On the ground, Charles smiled before continuing to stare straight at Draco’s broomstick. He began to recite a long incantation; this incantation was quite weak and took a long time to cast so that it was unfeasible to use in a duel. But its benefits were that it required no wand to cast, was covert and could be used without worry of being caught. Charles remembered that Quirrell had onced a similar incantation during a Quidditch match on Harry. Although Charles had decided to sacrifice power in an attempt to conserve his magic, it was not as strong as Quirrell’s version of the spell. But Quirrell had used his incantation on the magically-resistant Nimbus 2000 while Charles was using it on the second-hand broom of Malfoy. To be blunt, this antique item was nothing compared to the brooms of the Malfoy’s. So despite how weak his incantation was, it was more than enough for the broom.

As expected, when Charles began the incantation, Malfoy began to feel that his broomstick was starting to shake without his control. Furthermore, this vibration was growing stronger and stronger to the point where he had been unable to hold onto it. Tumbling from his broom, Malfoy flew off down towards the ground. He could only hold onto his head with both hands and let out a terrified shriek.

Ah, about time. Charles thought. A small punishment is all that’s needed. If he were to die here by accident, then there would no longer be that future ship between Harry and Draco. How dull that would be.

Focusing on the broom, Charles sent forth a burst of energy so that the broom would stabilized while Malfoy dropped 20 feet down. Just like Neville, Charles had used a cushioning charm so that no danger would befall him.

“Sorry, Mr Malfoy, it seems that your level of skill isn’t that far away from Neville’s.” Charles mocked.

But at this moment Draco had been recovering from his paralytic shock. And so he did not care for what Charles was saying.

“HARRY POTTER!” Professor McGonagall could be seen running towards them with her entire body trembling.

“You–you–in all my years of teaching at Hogwarts–I’ve never–” Professor McGonagall had been speechless. Her glasses flashed furiously on her nose, “–How dare you–you could of broken your neck–”

“It wasn’t his fault, professor–”

“Be quiet, Miss Patil.”

“But Malfoy–”

“That’ll be enough, Mr. Weasley. Potter, follow me, now! And Mr Crabbe and Mr Goyle, bring Mr Malfoy to the hospital wing.” Professor McGonagall began to stride back to the castle with Harry walking mechanically behind her.

“Potter’s going to be expelled!” Seeing the professor was gone, Pansy Parkinson jeered. The Slytherins began to laugh loudly while the Gryffindors began to grow angry.

“Don’t worry.” Charles spoke to the Gryffindors, “Justice is always fair to the people.”

“Miss Parkinson, I’ll bet a galleon that Potter won’t be expelled. How about it, afraid?”

“Why would I be afraid?” Parkinson spoke, “Slytherins, let’s take the bet!”

“Gryffindor won’t lose to the despicable Slytherin.” Ron spoke. “We’ll bet too.”

Seeing the indignant natures of both houses, Charles couldn’t help but smile to himself. He would earn some bits of money from this.

That night at dinner, news that Harry Potter had become a seeker had spread throughout the castle quickly. The bet that afternoon had caused every single one of the first years from Slytherin to look like they had swallowed a nasty pill and forked over a galleon each. Each Gryffindor that had taken part in the bet had been overjoyed with their victory over the Slytherins.

As for Malfoy who was in the hospital wing, everyone had thought that he had suffered from a broomstick malfunction. Ron had even been quite discontent with Charles “saving” of Malfoy. Only the bookworm Hermione had figured out Charles’ trick and pulled him aside later on. Under the reciting of the school rules, she had Charles obediently swear to her that he would not do the same thing again.

Thank God that the Hermione of now was compliant with the school rules. If this was fifth year, who knows how many unfair treaties he would have to sign.

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