HPROP Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Two Years of Improvement

For the next series of days, Charles continued to practice Occlumency without fail. At the start, it had been disastrous, but as time went on, it had gotten easier and easier. After all, the unknown was what most feared, but after that, there could only be improvement.

As the days went on, Charles had frequently thanked Ollivanders within the body of his heart. His exquisitely crafted mahogany wand had been especially powerful in terms of Transfiguration. Furthermore, his near adult way of thinking and strong soul had allowed for his control of Transfiguration to be even stronger. After two years, Charles had been able to animate a statue and several flame related high level Transfiguration spells. Although he wasn’t able to cast the spell many times, it was still beyond what a seventh year student could do.

As for the spell improvement aspect, he hadn’t gone too perverse with it. At most, he had only been able to improve some spells to be even more handy.

For example, the shield charm was originally meant to conjure an invisible shield around the caster to protect them from any other spells. At the same time, it could even reflect several spells. After Charles had improved it, he could create a small protective screen in any direction, thus cutting back on the amount of magic needed since he could create it in any general direction. He could even condense the magic to form a shield half the height of the caster with a defensive ability several times stronger than the initial version. He could even cast the shield charm so that it could rotate around his body 360 degrees or use the rotational power of the shield charm to slide spells away from the caster. This version would increase the defensive ability even more, but this method would require three times the magic power. Furthermore, he wouldn’t be able to control where the spell would be deflected to and could possibly injure a friend.

And the Lumos Charm was originally meant as a source of illumination. It gave the tip of the wand the ability to give off light. After Charles was done with it, the charm was able to give off a fierce light instantaneously and cause the enemy to lose sight temporarily. This will be useful against the Basilisk. Charles had evaluated after improving it.

After improving these spells, Charles had also learned the Patronus Charm. After he had reached a certain level of Transfiguration, he had been able to transform his Patronus into a shield or even a sharp sword. In passing, his Patronus took on the form of a Swift. Amongst the birds, the Swift was one of the fastest flying birds. So naturally, Charles could draw support from the ridiculous flying speed of the Swift to become a life saving bullet in a way that seemed contrary to what the spell’s original purpose was.

And in these two years, Boggarts had posed no threat to Charles at all. Whenever Charles faced off against one, Charles could use his skill at Occlumency to create fake memories or emotions or even protect his memories to save himself from it being used against him. His skill at Occlumency was so advanced that it could be said to be like at the level of the Daoist priests. Borgin and Burkes’ endless supply of Boggarts had allowed for Charles to reach a level of proficiency with the Impedimenta Jinx and the Riddikulus Charm. The Impedimenta Jinx had been trained so well that Charles could freely manipulate its strength and blast radius.

Aside from this, Charles had also learned greatly in respect to his potion making ability. In a short amount of time. In a short amount of time, Charles had even been successful in his attempt to brew a bottle of Felix Felicis. This type of potion was capable of giving a person good luck. However, after that, every single attempt to brew another potion had been unsuccessful, making Charles feel regretful.

When it came to enchanted items, Charles had made no small bounds. Things like the Ton-Tongue Toffee and the other prank items had been easily recreated by Charles. Naturally, his goal wasn’t to create joke items. Charles had studied the Wizarding Articles and thus created his own items in order to deal with the issue every single underage wizard was subjected to–the Trace.

The Trace was of no importance to an adult wizard and was only meant to monitor the usage of magic of underage children before and during they were accepted into Hogwarts. This was meant to see if there was any flow in the magic in the area, then the Ministry of Magic would send a letter of warning. If there were multiple usage of magic in the area, then the Ministry of Magic would snap the magic wand and strip the right of the wizard to learn magic ever again.

But there was a very big limitation to this attempt at control. It was only able to detect that magic was being done and could not determine who had casted the magic. So in Book Two, Dobby had been able to use magic to frame Harry Potter. Because of this, if there was an underage wizard living with another wizard guardian, the Trace would not be able to determine who cast the spell. Because of his friendship with Borgin and Burkes, he had been able to learn that there was a way to hide from the Trace. The Ancient house of Malfoys had been able to erect a barrier to block the Trace.

So in summary, the Trace was a type of magic that was meant to deal with people like Charles; a person with no wizarding lineage, background, and was a muggleborn wizard in the Wizarding World. Or perhaps it was also for orphans like Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort with no home to return to. Naturally, the reasons behind the Trace made sense. They were there to prevent an underage wizard from using magic and having the muggles discover the existence of magic as well as protecting the underage wizard from the dangers of magic. In truth, there was logic behind the Trace, but only to those who could not control their magic. For Charles who was beyond the capabilities of a seventh year, the Trace was more of a hindrance!

The Trace was meant for the underage wizards as soon they entered schooling (Hogwarts protected them from the Trace), since Charles wasn’t in any school, he didn’t have to deal with the Trace. But when he did, the Trace would prove to be a huge problem to Charles. Charles would have to find a way to prevent this.

Fortunately, we have the omnipresent Mister Borgin and Burkes. From him, Charles had been able to obtain several information on how to create an anti-Trace ward. This type of ward would be able to be put up at any time. But because he had no Trace on him, Charles wouldn’t be able to tell if it worked or not. Thus, in the end, Charles had decided to put it up just in case.

Despite whether or not it work, one should always be prepared!

Writing to this point, there must definitely be a reader that’ll be annoyed with how omnipresent Mister Borgin and Burkes is. In everyone’s mind, Mister Borgin and Burkes is the most amazing black market salesman.

That’s correct, that is how I feel. But when it comes to Borgin’s ability to doing things, even he isn’t omnipresent. Otherwise, Charles wouldn’t need Hogwarts and could just rely on Borgin and Burkes for all his black market and ingredient needs to study magic.

Borgin and Burkes’ superiority laid within its resources!

What can be said is that Borgin’s ability to get resources was for the uncommon things and was only limited to a small amount of things. Scholarly things such as the research of the Philosopher’s Stone of Nicholas Flamel or several other books that had only one copy such as the series of books hidden away in Dumbledore’s office in Book 7 such as The Rise and Fall of Dark Arts. Borgin and Burkes had no way of obtaining materials such as that since they were priceless and very well hidden.

So despite of the dangers such as the Sorting Hat, and Lord Voldemort, Charles would brave these dangers for Hogwarts. There was another reason, as a time traveler, just how could he resist the magical world of Harry Potter!

Was this not the way to live recklessly?!

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