HPROP Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Occlumency and Fear

Occlumency was a type of magic that protected the mind and spirit from being attacked. It especially protected people against “Legilimency” and the “Imperius Curse” to a minor extent.

The basis of Occlumency allowed one to clear the mind of thought and emotion so that a Legilimens. A high level Occlumens would be able to defend themselves from having their emotions or memories from being read and could even create a fake memory to avoid having a Legilimens find out the truth from them. The strongest Occlumens was Snape and was one of the very few people that could trick Lord Voldemort’s attempts at Legilimency which had provided tremendous assistance to him. Dumbledore and Voldemort’s skill at Occlumency would naturally be just as strong.

In addition, Occlumency was a branch of magic in Harry Potter that didn’t require a wand to use, so knowledge about it had been hidden.

Then how would one learn Occlumency quickly then? The answer was to find a Legilimens and continue to use Occlumency to protect yourself from him. Whatever time you are able to prevent the Legilimens from reading your memories is when you fully mastered the art of Occlumency.

This method of learning would suit anyone else just fine, but Charles on the other hand…He was learning Occlumency to prevent anyone from reading his memories in the first place, so he could not use such a method to learn.

Then what method was there? After racking his brains for a solution, Charles finally came to a solution–Boggarts.

Boggarts were a magical being of the wizarding world that could transform at will. They were able to see into your heart and transform into what you feared the most. So Charles could use a Boggart to practice his Occlumency.

However, using a Boggart was very dangerous since you would have to face your absolute fear. If it weren’t for the threat that was the Sorting Hat, then Charles wouldn’t dare want to do this method!

But reality would always be so cruel!

What do I fear the most? Charles thought. Neville’s biggest fear had been Snape at that time, but Charles didn’t know what he feared the most at the moment. However, time waited for no one!

According to the books, he had to clear his mind and eliminate any distracting thoughts before he was ready for the next step with the wand.

With a shout of his wand, the wardrobe in front of him blew apart as a single figure came walking out.

“You are…” Seeing the figure walk out from the wardrobe, Charles’ voice began to shudder.

Out came a single high school student wearing the typical Chinese school uniform. He had a flattop haircut and wore glasses that barely covered his empty eyeholes.

This was the Charles from before he time traveled.

“Hated!” The figure spoke in front of him. “Powerless!” His voice had been quiet, but it had a certain allure to it.

“Completely unknown even when you die, that is what you are doomed to be.” He spoke.

“Just like cattle, fenced in by the railings.”

“Don’t say anymore!” Charles roared before using Occlumency that had initially been all but useless until now.

But it had no effect on the person in front of him who continued to speak, “You will never change. You already knew a long time ago that your low and petty life was already written down in ink.”

“Shut up!” Charles spoke.

The figure stalked towards Charles before bringing a hand to touch his face causing Charles to feel a sense of cold permeate his bones.

“That is what you are. Petty. Insignificant.”

“Stop!” Charles’ voice trembled.

“Do you believe in the trend? Let me tell you what the next trend is.” Both of his hands were now on Charles neck.

“Death!” Came his sudden shout as both hands began to press down on his neck, pressing Charles to the ground. “This is your only path, and this is where your only place will be.” The figure continued to speak.

As the figure’s voice began to increase in volume, Charles began to feel his vision start to blur. Am I going to die?He thought. I haven’t found out the nature of magic yet. I haven’t lived the life as a Hogwarts student. Am I really going to die like this? Absolutely not.

This one belief of survival had suddenly pushed apart the pressure that was coming from “himself”. With a grab, he lifted his wand!

“I won’t die! I’ll continue to live!” Charles raised his wand and immediately cried out with all his might, “Avada Kedavra!”

His wand burst into green light before the figure in front of him let out a cry and disappeared!

“Huuu!” Charles took in a deep breath as he laid back on the ground, his back a sweaty mess.

He had nearly died. Using a Boggart to practice Occlumency was dangerous!

Hold on, on average, a Boggart wouldn’t take the initiative to hurt someone! Charles suddenly thought. Was the book wrong? Charles thought back to the original book before letting out a bitter smile.

Originally, a Boggart would turn into the shape that you feared most and would act out on whatever scenario you feared. In the Year Three of the original books during Defense Against the Dark Arts, Hermione Granger had came across this situation. The boggart had transformed into Professor McGonagall and had informed Hermione that she had failed all her exams!

It looks like my biggest fear was having the old me kill the current me! I had wanted to use the “Riddikulus” spell to take care of the matter! Agh, my willpower is lacking.

But, my very first use of the Avada Kedavra has been so easily used, could I be destined to become a dark wizard?Charles shook his head. It seems that my hatred is very strong!

But most unfortunately, the Boggart had actually died. I’ll need to buy another one, blast! I’ll have to be tricked again by Borgin and Burkes! Blast it all!

The use of the Killing Curse had expended a lot of energy, leaving Charles to feel extremely weak. For the first time in forever, Charles could only think: It’s like my body is completely empty!

Killing oneself had made him feel extremely weak to the point of tears! Charles had laid back on the ground for two minutes before finally drinking a health recovery potion.

“Fu…that was definitely a blast of magical energy. Goddamn that Boggart.” This would need several days of rest, he might as well take a few days off! For once, Charles left the basement early and crawled to his room.

“I never would have thought that I feared myself the most, this is in accordance to what it means to be a main character!” (Author note: You’re already the main character.) Charles ridiculed.

In truth, Charles didn’t truly fear the old him completely. He feared a mediocre life where he was not in control of his own destiny. He feared of becoming trapped like livestock in reality. If I want to prevail, then what I need to hope most for is power!

After thinking for a while, his mind grew weary and his eyelids felt as if they weighed a ton. Soon, the sounds of snoring could be heard coming from Charles’ room!

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