HPROP Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Improving Spells and Transfiguration

Nowadays, Charles had lived the next few days in comfort with the Polyjuice Potion being extremely helpful to him.

If he lacked books, he just needed a sip of Polyjuice Potion and a trip to Borgin and Burkes; if he lacked ingredients or materials, a second sip of Polyjuice Potion and trip to Borgin and Burkes was needed; and if he lacked any magical item, then another sip of Polyjuice Potion and another trip to Borgin and Burkes was all he needed.

Borgin and Burkes was truly universal in all his needs. As long as there was money, then any phoenix egg, unicorn blood, or young basilisk could be attained. With a godly tactic of obtaining such obscene goods, if this guy was said to the be the demon king, I’d believe it.

Because of Borgin’s uncanny ability to obtain any book or ingredient, Charles had been able to obtain a deeper understanding of magic to the point where Charles could even create several enchantments or even some magical items himself.

As for the study of spells, Charles had begun to place more importance on Transfiguration.

Everyone knew that Transfiguration spells change one thing into another. The specific incantation for a spell differed from what was being transfigured, but the harder it was to transfigure, the more power that was needed. Transfiguring a match to a needle didn’t require much strength, but transforming a man to an animal required an extraordinary amount of magic.

The ordinary wizard would rarely use Transfiguration in a duel since they relied mostly on the wand in their hands in order to cast all sorts of spells instead in accordance to the situation and timing. But when a wizard grew stronger, then Transfiguration spells would start to show themselves.

Naturally, against the average wizard, the everyday spell was more than enough. Even a “Stupefy” spell wasn’t that different in strength between a fifth year and an Auror. But because an Auror was a veteran of battle, their casting speed and timing was far faster than a fifth year.

Furthermore, what set Transfiguration spells apart from the regular spells was the imaginative factors that accounted for its strength.

Saying Transfiguration was so restrictive, was there a clear example? Yes!

Readers, take a look at Harry Potter and the details of duels between the high leveled wizards. One would realize that whether it was Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore, McGonagall, or Snape, they had all reached perfection with Transfiguration.

The most clear example was the battle during Year Five: Order of the Phoenix and the duel between McGonagall and Snape in Year Seven.

The Order of the Phoenix could be said to be the most spectacular and amazing book in the entire Harry Potter series. During the battle, two of the world’s strongest wizards had put on a spectacular duel and help clearly illustrate the reason why Lord Voldemort was “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, and why Dumbledore was the only one Voldemort feared.

In the first exchange, the two had rapidly fired off spell after spell in a flirtatious manner almost. The average wizard could only say that the spells fired off by them were far too powerful but yet they were able to easily control it.

Dumbledore had used Transfiguration to exploit the area around him by animating the statue within the atrium to fight Voldemort. But Voldemort hadn’t been weak either and used his spells to completely destroy the transfigured statue.

The first exchange between the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix had ended in a draw with no injuries on either side.

In the second exchange, Dumbledore had started his offense and began to pressure Voldemort with his powerful offense, but Voldemort had summoned a silver shield to protect himself. This was another application of Transfiguration that every reader should know about. In the end, Dumbledore had made use of Fawkes in order to his advantage and get a hand over Voldemort.

During Year Seven when Snape was attacked by Flitwick, it was the same pattern. Both sides had used spells and then Transfiguration to charm the items around them, this should be enough to demonstrate the powers of Transfiguration!

In his research of magic, Charles had realized the capabilities of Transfiguration didn’t stop there. Transfiguration could alter how a regular spell worked to a flexible degree. For example, the Hover Charm combined with Transfiguration could cause everything around the object to float. It was similar to the Shinra Tensei technique in Naruto even; a single repulsive force could be used to push everything away. It could also be used in a way similar to the Bansh? Ten’in technique in Naruto where objects could be attracted. However, this effect wasn’t like the Accio spell and could only slow down the speed of an object, so it was not yet suitable for battle.

But Charles could use it in a similar fashion to what the Jedi could do and use the Force on the throats.

There were many different applications, but Charles didn’t dare test them. Using the Hover charm and the Ventus Jinx together with the use of Transfiguration could give birth to an ultrasound or even infrasonic sound waves to attack the opponent. The idea behind this was because of its superiority in stealth and was still powerful. But, it was not that easy to control either. With one mistake, death could come to him just as easily as well.

But if he were to complete this, then it would become a powerful dark magic spell.

Sure enough, the combination of science and magic was truly far too overpowered.

But it was Occlumency that Charles had placed the most importance on. What is the fear of any time traveler? Their identities being revealed, of course! This held especially true in a world where there were many possibilities of some change happening, his own mind was an area that absolutely could not be breached by anyone else.

But there were many different ways in Harry Potter for a person to read the minds. Legilimency was the greatest example. If one were to come across a wizard that used Legilimency to read minds, one could dodge or use the shield charm to protect themselves. However, if there was no escape, then they could just use eye contact in order to use Legilimency to read one’s mind. And in Harry Potter, the two leaders on both sides were peeping toms that were both very controlling meaning it was even more dangerous for Charles and his memories. Fine then, if you two are peeping toms, then I’ll make sure to hide until you give up!

That wasn’t possible because of the Sorting Hat.

Only the devil knew whether or not the Sorting Hat used Legilimency or not. If it could, then all was lost! That was because every single new student at Hogwarts couldn’t avoid being Sorted and having their memories scanned!

In other words, unless Charles didn’t go to school and pretended to be a slightly different citizen or straightforwardly said that he was a genius, then he was facing the chance of exposure.

But if he were to do either of the two options, then Julie would have come knocking at Charles’ house and throw him to Hogwarts. Even then, as a time traveler, life at Hogwarts was something Charles wanted to experience!

Even if Charles said no, there was no way this author or the readers would say no!

So, Charles only chance was to obediently learn Occlumency.

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