HPROP Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Theory of Magic

“Blasted London, it’s cloudy again.” January 1st, 1988. Charles started the day off with another complaint. “Let me think what’s going to happen this year.” As he spoke, he began to apply toothpaste to his brush and brush his teeth.

“January 1st– America and Canada sign a bilateral trade agreement. January 2nd–American president Reagan and Canada’s prime minister Mulroney sign a free trade agreement. Damn it, after all the research in magic and cooking, I’ve completely forgotten about the important things. The American stock market’s definitely going to rise up in price, I have to go call John to help.”

To freshen things, John is David’s hired hand to help Charles as a business partner. Of course, he was said to be David’s partner on the surface.

After breakfast and the third time at begging, David had finally gave in to Charles moneymaking scheme. As an aside, because of Charles special nature and maturity, David and Anna hadn’t asked for him to attend primary school. So, Charles had remained in his home until an opportunity came up; occasionally, he would ask David or Anna to help fund some things. At first, the two parents had been unwilling to do so, but after Charles’ uncanny ability to “predict” things without fail, they had begun to see Charles opinion with even more weight. After all, a single investment had been enough to make up for a months worth of David’s wages. And if it was Microsoft or Apple, no one would be suspicious. If it weren’t for the fact that both David and Anna both loved doing what they did, they would have let Charles earn all the money.

“What’s going to be for dinner?” After being vexed at breakfast, Charles began to think, “Tonight is New Years, we should dumplings! Although it’s not what’s usually tradition.”

After making certain of his plans, Charles walked into the cellar to study magic again.

Opening up a notebook first where a series of neat markings could be seen with multiple red markings throughout the writing. There were some areas where it was written in red: Insufficient amount of data and information to validate experiment theory. There had been other areas where the red pen had crossed out. Thank god for his high school teacher’s habits being beaten into him. Even in this strange new world, he was able to make use of his summarizations efficiently.

This was a collection of all the conjectures Charles had. As he flipped through it, he began to read, “Using a different way to weave magic for Transfiguration spells has resulted in the 112th failure. With a new combination of spell weaving, there is a significant sign of progress where Transfiguration has already changed how some spells worked…”

This was the life of Charles. He was frantic, happy, and full of vigor here. Sometimes, he would wish that it would become sunset faster–bah, that wasn’t right. Sometimes, he would think back when he was in high school in the other world. At that time, he hadn’t been excited in naval warfare like his classmates. Here, he was more interested in formulas and how businesses worked behind the scenes. In terms of formulas he wanted to know more about what it contained and what their applications were. Of course, many other people would only see their own understanding of the formula increase, but Charles was a lively thinker. He would be able to make use of many different applications. In physics, he had been able to understand the pattern one step at a time. He would break it down to the most basic set of formulas before finally coming to a conclusion. However, Charles’s most pathetic step was during the information gathering step (In physics, each process is categorized into sub-steps) and was often ridiculed by his high school physics teacher.

As for the problem, it was a simple word! That is–laziness!

My….%&@*&!^#. Saying it’s because of laziness, this is just a sign of the author’s public bragging! He’s just pretending to be a super smart person! That must be what some readers are saying.

But this author isn’t just writing blindly or trying to act super smart. The true reason to being lazy has a very traditional meaning behind it. The meaning is quite pure as well…meaning to be lazy in moving the pen.

Being lazy in moving the pen means being more active moving the brain!

Thinking in general required a deep analysis. Working on a small problem would require some algebra and then working it out on scratch paper, but that was inconvenient. Think about invigorating it was not to write it! In physics, Charles had always reached the answer at a fast speed. Of course, if there was an advantage, it was considered cheating, but the downside to this was that Charles’ step by step procedure in question solving was in shambles. (When one could get the right answer, who would be in the mood to write out the steps!) So even compared to his classmates, there had been no major advantage to this.

Now that he had these habits still, they were quite in handy and allowed for Charles to spend his day happily instead of being “forced” to research magic in order to stand against Lord Voldemort.

Research had shown that almonds contained a large amount of DHHA that helped supplement the mind–sorry! Wrong paper. Research had shown that magic was essentially a supernatural force that resonated with the natural world through an unknown reason. Through the process of magic, they were able to create all sorts of miracles!

If just magic was enough to cause miracles, then what use were spells? Well, one had to start with the history of curses.

The origin of the earliest curses had came from an hieroglyphics of the past. The hieroglyphics were based off of animals. Furthermore, these magical hieroglyphics contained a special conduit of magic that came to be after magic was infused while it was being written. The end result of that was magical phenomenons. How big and accurate these hieroglyphics were written were determinants in how much magic could be contained in it.

Later on, people came to understand how to imitate these hieroglyphics and discharge magic naturally. After that, wizards and witches were able to imitate the shouting of animals and use their voice to assist in forming a magical loop. This was the start of curses and their incantations.

But man and animals aren’t the same race in the end. So when incantation creation came to be, they simplified the hieroglyphics and incantations for human usage.

Next, wands came into creation. To the wizards, the creation of the wand was a historically significant event that was no less important than apemen creating fire. Using a wand to cast was very simple and the high amount of magic within it resonated with the natural world. At the same time, the spells could be cast through this carrier. For example, if one were to cast the Avada Kedavra without a wand, then the first person to come in contact with this curse would not be the enemy, but the caster himself. It’d be quite hard imagining someone using their finger to cast spells and still continue to be able to live, wouldn’t that just be a mother’s fancy then?!

The very first form of a wand had been a tree branch. It resonated with the natural world at a negligible level, and its ability to transmit magic was very lackluster. In the end, it was barely enough to cast spells. Later on, people managed to realize that they could add in magical things to empower it, such as the hair of a unicorn. Wandmakers continued to perfect the craft, eventually creating the best weapon in the hand of the wizarding race. With this, wizards and witches could subjugate the other magical races without a problem.

But with the rise of muggles, it became a fact that they were stronger than the wizarding race. Against such an overwhelming number of muggles, the wizarding race would be finished! So the wizarding race was forced to hide and form the wizarding world apart from the muggles. The benefit for the higher echelons of both world would be something that would be discussed later…

Over the long course of time, wizards had created countless of strong spells. But these spells were often buried by the sands of time. Those magic that were too strong in killing, had a huge price to pay, affected the heart or were hard to control became todays dark magic.

When people said the magic of this world was weak, Charles wouldn’t snort his nose in disagreement, but he wouldn’t agree with them either. After the creation and development of spells, they had already been simplified to the most fitting form for humans to use. With this simplification, it was easier to learn and easier to control.

If there are anyone that disagree, don’t complain just me yet and let me make my final conclusions. All online gamers know that the damage a player outports isn’t dependent on a single move of their class, but the damage per second. In Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort’s destructive might was equivalent to DNDs’s 9th level spell from a sorcerer, how could this not be considered legendary?! However, when it came to a measurement of time, Lord Voldemort would be able to wandlessly cast roughly 30 to 50 Avada Kedavras in 30 seconds (Don’t tell me Voldemort’s power isn’t that strong, before he stole the cup of Helga Hufflepuff, he managed to kill a large amount of people without breaking a sweat), in this same time, how many times would a necromancer be able to cast “Finger of Death”? Haha! I estimate not many.

So I declare, this author isn’t belittling DND. DND’s strong point in its magic lies with the arrangement and rhythm. If Lord Voldemort were to pick a fight with a 9th level warlock, as long as the warlock wasn’t brain dead and fought Voldemort from anywhere but the front, Voldemort’s chances of winning was practically zero.

Every world has their own advantages! Charles thought.

They closed his book and sat back on his chair before whacking his own head.

“Agh! It’s already 1988, haha, I’m finally free!’ Charles let out a happy shout, “Those dumplings…eh…I’ll make their preferred flavors then for them!”

“It’s time to make some dumplings!”

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